Amazon discounts Modern Warfare Wii to $35

Infatuated Gamer: Amazon is selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition on the Nintendo Wii for $34.78 as part of their "Deal of the Day" promotion.

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tunaks13625d ago

i dunno why but im enjoying this more then MW2
i never though id say that.

asdr3wsfas3624d ago

Cause you can actually aim like a beast ;) I skipped MW2 for this. Headshots are why I play FPS, not killstreak perks.

I love that you can play with the wiizapper or crossfire lightgun like an actual gun. Precision ADS (wii only feature) makes the ADS aim like a rail shooter. Standard just determines the velocity of turning, precision is shoot where you point. Amazing.

It just feels more active and immersive when you aim to shoot or shake the nunchuck to reload. Controller gaming is very still and immobile. Here I'm shaking my arms wildly to reload and aim and pointing to shoot. Which is why I skipped MW2 for ps3 and PC.

My FC for COD MWii is 0395 9729 8161. Pm me yours if you wanna play sometime. I'm busy with law school finals till like Fri but I'll be on most of this weekend (when I'm not making up for neglecting my gf).

For 35 dollars this game is a MUST buy.