SHIFT: Source-Engine maxed out - First InGame vid released

PC Games published the very first InGame Trailer and HD screenshots of SHIFT, the upcoming Half-Life 2 Total Conversion.

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cyguration3632d ago

Pretty cool, actually. Too bad the advertisements kept blocking the video =/

tdrules3631d ago

how do you not have adblockplus?

masterg3630d ago

If everybody used adblockplus, non of the free gaming sites we visit would exist.

TABSF3631d ago

Source engine is not maxed out.

Just look at HL2 E2, L4D2 or portal on PC the games look amazing.

devilhunterx3631d ago

keep telling yourself that. :)

dirthurts3631d ago

They just have to keep pushing it. I just wish it made use of bump maps. I love bump maps.

quadalupeupe3630d ago

The tv show Pimp my ride where they take a crappy car and start throwing things ontop of it to make it look nice

The original Quake engine was good for its time but its ancient now which the Source engine and Modern Warfare engine are

They are both based off old technology during the Quake 1/2 era and they've managed to add enhancements to keep it looking Alright

Letros3631d ago

This is why PC gaming is awesome, mod making inspires not only gamers but companies to create new games.

Blaster_Master3631d ago

Half life mods are nothing more then a broke mans dev kit. Its like riding a moped. Its fun until normal people start laughing at you.

AnttiApina3631d ago

You clearly haven't played mods. Hidden Source, Zombie Panic Source are a few to be named. Plus those total conversion mods like... dare I say... Black Mesa Source?

So yeah, keep telling that yourself that mods are nothing.

ilikecookies3631d ago

at 3, HoN FTW I <3 pebbles.

chak_3631d ago

neat another mod for hl2 !

My fav still remains research & developpement

Blaster_Master3631d ago

Of all the pc games ever created, you guys like Half Life the best?! Wow.

GrandDragon3631d ago

What makes Half Life so amazing?!!

Seriously that game put me off when I first glanced at the characters, they were so uninspiring. The dude with the glasses and that girl...

It was dreary

chak_3631d ago

sure halo ODST is so much better.

oh wait..

any gamer simply can't deny HL serie. You might not like it, but it's one of the best game ever

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The story is too old to be commented.