Uncharted 2 sales weak in November

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves released to extraordinary hype and to great critical acclaim. Sporting not only impressive graphics, storyline, action, and fun online multiplayer, the game has a little bit of everything for every gamer. Sadly, the game isn't performing as well on the retail shelves as it should be.

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Parapraxis3628d ago

It's sold 1.85m+ in two months, bugger off, PLEASE.

Darkstorn3628d ago

It's a shame it didn't sell more, but it WILL be GOTY.
I'm just disappointed at how many more people bought MW2 on PS3 than UC2.

Saaking3628d ago

I'm sure ND is more than happy with these sales and I'm sure all those who purchased it are also extremely satisfies so it's a Win-Win. No need for hate just becuase it's a PS3 exclusive. Sales =/= quality, FACT.

masterofpwnage3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

i know right they make it seem like it sold like shiit.
i mean let see 2million (its almost there why not) x uncharteds price which is 60 = 120 million dollars

thats good to me one game produced that much money

kalebgray923628d ago

i hate it when ppl judge a game on only america's stats... if it is an fps.... i will sell regardless in america

Dragun6193628d ago

Well, its pretty obvious why many PS3 owners haven't picked it up yet. COD:MW2 was a juggernaut for all consoles.

Don't worry though, after Uncharted 2 wins GOTY awards from critics alike(Hopefully it gets GOTY especially in this years VGAs), PS3 owners will see how great this game must be, and will begin to slowly pick it up again! :D

YoungKiller253628d ago

I BOUGHT THE GAME DAY ONE thats all that matters

this is the best looking game this gen


I still cant beleive this games textures are so good

if you want some cool U2 wallpapers please PM me i have some
awesome ones

eagle213628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

november was crowded with titles and not making top 10 doesn't mean it sold weak. :)

Skip_Bayless3628d ago

Game sales don't matter. PS2 never had an exclusive that sold over 10 million and it has over 120 million systems sold. Halo 1, 2, and 3 have each sold over 10 million and both the xbox and xbox 360 respectively haven't sold more than 35 million.

Darkstorn3628d ago

I'd actually argue that Killzone 2 has better graphics from a technical standpoint. There's just so much going on in that game, from sparks flying everywhere to the breath coming out of the mouths of the Helghast.

cyberwaffles3628d ago

don't worry ND, you'll get a sale from me soon

YoungKiller253628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

of course you could argue that point but U2 just is very immersive so i like it better than K2

but K2 Definitely has more things going on environmentally and backgrounds so it takes alot to run but U2's character models are the best by far

Christopher3628d ago

Everything was weak in November since that's when MW2 came out. Heck, even AC2 sales were affected and didn't break the number sold for the first game.

Anon19743628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Back when Uncharted 2 launched I wrote an article saying this would happen. When the games media can't attack a PS3 game for it's quality, it's only a matter of time before they bash it because it didn't sell like Halo. The article was called "Uncharted 2: Start the sales bashing!"

It's pathetic. The examiner is attacking Uncharted 2 sales for just being shy of the 2 million mark? Do they have any idea how rare it is for a game to sell this much? Uncharted 2 has now outsold 95% of the 360's library. How's that for some perspective?

What's up with the examiner? First they bash Ratchet and Clank for not selling as much as Modern Warfare 2 and Super Mario Brothers, then they turn their sights on Uncharted 2 trying to make an issue where there isn't one.
Jack holes....

eagle213628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Gran Turismo 3 14.89 million
Gran Turismo 4 10.76 million
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 17.33 million on ps2 alone (21 million
with other platforms)

I just had to be technical sorry. But I totally agree with you man. UNCHARTED 2 is awesome and will continue to sell. :)

Skip_Bayless3628d ago

Well yea it's been what 10 years since GT3 and 6 years since GT4. San Andreas is not an exclusive. Of course the maddens and gtas sell 10 million+. Game sales don't matter plain and simple. As long as you buy the system the company will keep selling and making more systems.

homer4793628d ago

Forza 3 didn't even chart in the Top 20 for November in US NPD and it was release on Oct 27. Hardly sold in Oct only 175K. 360 Fanboys were like its only 4-5 days in Oct. Well its nowhere in Novembers NPD charts.

Cold 20003628d ago

Its funny how the PS3 crowd prefered to buy multiplats such as Assasins Creed 2 and MW2 rather than the fantastic UC2.

Oh well I guess multiplats rule on the PS3 :)

ico923628d ago

yeah man kinda like the 360 crowd with forza 3

Commander TK3628d ago

"this is the best looking game this gen"

I assume that u haven't played MGS4.

Cold 20003628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Nah I meant like with L4D2 for instance ;)

And if I said that its because Sony fanboys on N4G always act like multiplats dont count, they almost despise them. Its always the "exclusives is all I need" talk.

So Im happy to see once again for the umpteenth time that the Sony fanboys on N4G are really a nothimg more than a isolated sect on the web :)

Pillage053628d ago

I don't get it, how are those weak sales? There's a lot of developers out there that only dream about those kind of figures in 2 months.

siyrobbo3627d ago

uncharted 1 didnt sell that well straight off the bat, but it went on to sell millons

games of this calibre have legs

JoySticksFTW3627d ago

I actually agree with Dragun619 on this.

As great as the Uncharted franchise is, it's not as popular as CoD yet.

While I personally love Uncharted 2 and bought it Day One, a few of my friends put UC2 on their "to be bought later" list, snatched up COD:MW2, and jumped right into the multiplayer

I know one guy that heard the hype surrounding Demon's Souls and picked that up instead! Can't blame him; it's an amazing experience.

UC2 will sell just fine (it already is anyways) after people get their fix of whatever game has their attention at the moment.

Even if it's not every PS3 owner's number one pick, it's a lot of people's next pick to be played.

It's typical of how PS3 exclusives sell anyhow. Not Halo Lottery type figures on Day One; but more like long term, steady numbers that add up over time

beardpapa3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

wasn't there an article or something that said Forza sold 1 mil+ ? I could've sworn I read an article about that somewhere on n4g maybe the past week. Wouldn't that make it hit at least the top 20 in NPDs?

sikbeta3627d ago

People, buy this game is amazing, yes better than MW2

ultimolu3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

No, you got it wrong man! A game has to sell five million in one day to be considered a success! That's the creed these days! It cannot sell overtime! Heaven forbid gamers are excited about it, that means they should be buying the game like crazy!

And Soda, Naughty Dog is first party. It's not coming over to the 360 so please dear, don't hurt your brain trying to dream up the impossible.

Alvadr3627d ago

Uncharted 2 cant compete with the long running franchises like COD backed by evil Activision... but it sold well. 1.5m in 2 months is good. We all know that PS3 games keep selling over time. Infamous just reached 1mil 7months after release.

zeeshan3627d ago

It did well but it could have done better. It should do better. It was never going to pull a MW2 but it's an amazing game that deserves everybody's attention. GOTY material indeed!

n4gno3627d ago

"So Im happy to see once again for the umpteenth time that the Sony fanboys on N4G are really a nothimg more than a isolated sect on the web :) "

The only sect in videogame today is the delusional fanbox patrol, always in denial, always lying to themself and others (with the help of biased medias) talking about sales in america (some weeks only) ignoring the world (and the truth), and talking of one or two bad multiplatform port (ignoring the orthers, and best exclusives impossible technicly on xbox) for dammage control : because the fact make them really stupid (ps3 sold more than xbox worlwide in 2009, and has the better games, and more : metacritic can't lie, even with some pooor ridiculous scores from biased edge, etc) :)

Light Yagami3627d ago

Very disappointing sales.

DigitalAnalog3627d ago


It's been awhile since I've heard a good comment, as of yet, you have been given an extra chance for a response.

@Cold 2000:

You're a bad troll but I'll have to agree with you with the ACII and MW2 response.

-End statement

The Dude3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Ouch... If it were any other month I would understand, but its poor sales this holiday season shows it has no legs.

LeonSKennedy4Life3627d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 is gorgeous.

Uncharted 2 looks MILES better though. Come on, man.

That's not even funny.

Lifendz3627d ago

sales to quality. Be a gamer and not a boardroom exec.

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Tinted Eyes3628d ago

That makes 2 stories in a day about Uncharted sales even though in its second month, yet I'm not seeing any on Forza's

Media bias against the PS3 is hilarious.

SixTwoTwo3628d ago

or Borderlands, or Brutal Legend, etc. If a game doesn't do COD numbers then I guess its a failure lol.

Saaking3628d ago

Since UC2 has basically destroyed everything this year in terms of quality and overall achievements, the media has to find one way or another to put it down. How do they do it? Well, they ignore the fact that the game has sold 1.5 million+ and state that for some reason that's not good enough (even though ND themselves said they were satisfied).

colonel1793628d ago

they should make a game called Teh Salez!.. It seems it's the only thing gamers are interested in these days.. maybe if a game like that comes out, they actually PLAY..

iceman063628d ago

NOPE!!! They would come on here and argue about the sales numbers on the game Teh Salez!!!*LOL*

Bigpappy3628d ago

They determine wether or not a publisher will continue to support the game. It is the stat that says wether or not gamers truly had interest in what was produced. It is way more important than some website's review. If a game averages 2/10 and sells 12mil copies it will more like have a sequel than a game which got 10/10 and sold 160K. But reviews are good publicity. So when a game gets 10's and high 9's from the so call bias media, that is a big boost and the game needs to outsell lower score game to live up to the hype.

execution173627d ago

lol bubbles for the good laugh

pippoppow3627d ago

Media bias this gen is atrocious. Uncharted two cost around 20mil to make. I'm not sure about the break down of a games' sales profit distribution but I'm sure out of the $60 a game sells for, around $40 is profit. So 1.8mil*40=72mil. 72mil in profits-20mil in production costs=52mil in profits= success. So I'd say that most games that sell at least a mil is considered a sales success. Anything else is gravy. Also many games on the PS3 have long legs so in a couple of years it will most likely be over 3mil.

Sales are important only to a certain point. 1mil being good enough for 100% profit and a sequel for most companies. Quality is much more important to buyers of any product than popularity.

Look at media in general and you'll see that the best don't always sell as well as inferior products. For music, are The Black Eye Peas and Lil Wayne the cream of the crop because they sell amazingly well? Or are Hollywood summer blockbusters the epitome of film making?

This gen with all the PS3 smear tactics, sales=quality arguments, inconsistency in reviews and false information in general is annoying. As a gamer, game quality and preference are by far the most important.

Light Yagami3627d ago

Uncharted 2 was hyped as one of the games to own this year for the PS3. It did poor.

DigitalAnalog3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Imagine what the media would say when Uncharted 3 becomes bigger AND better than the previous (Uncharted 2 = teh-sales-flopz). Shouldn't it be logical that a poor selling game shouldn't continue nor would it have the funding to make it better?

Sigh, only SONY can pull off such miracles.

-End Statement

Obama3627d ago

Selling 2 million is poor? What makes Forza then? Absolute Crap?

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ngg123453628d ago

I mean this game isn't halo or gears of war. It isn't a franchise game. The sales should diminish over time. Sony will be happy if the game reaches 800k by holiday season which is around twice as much as the original uncharted.

Parapraxis3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I hope you mean in Just the US, and don't forget NPD doesn't track Wal-mart or Amazon, 2 of the most popular places to buy games.

ngg123453628d ago

Please don't get all defensive. Uncharted 2 sales were meant to be poor same with forza 3.

rhood0223628d ago

Except the game has done about 1.8 million WORLDWIDE.

Saaking3628d ago

Poor sales? The game has sold 1.4 million+. How is that poor. Do you realize that 99% of all games ever made never even reach 1 million sold? wth is the problem with you?

GiantEnemyCrab3628d ago

"Poor sales? The game has sold 1.4 million+. How is that poor. Do you realize that 99% of all games ever made never even reach 1 million sold?"

Exactly. Since when is 1mil+ a bad thing or a flop? And in a 2 month span of time. Many games barely see 500k in their lifetime.

cereal_killa3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

'Exactly. Since when is 1mil+ a bad thing or a flop? And in a 2 month span of time. Many games barely see 500k in their lifetime."

GEC the rules change faster than you change your underwear "if it doesn't sell 2 mil in 1 day flop" oh wait "if it doesn't do 2mil in a week Flop" now wait "if it doesn't sell 1 mil in a week flop" no no no "if it sells a 1mil but not in the same time as this game flop"

ND said they expect 2.5mil life time so if they already have 1/2 of that in less than 2 months I'm sure both Sony and ND are happy with what they sold so far this is nothing but another flame bait title to get hits and throw more fire on the fanboy fire.

Oh and BTW GEC I wasn't referring to you as in your rules change like your underwear I was referring to the fanboys and the rules.

siyrobbo3627d ago

1 million + is good great even for 2 months sales, but if ever a game deserved a 4 million+ opening month, its uncharted 2

Come on PS3 owners, what are you waiting for?

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Bungie3628d ago

what's Uncharted 2 ??!

3628d ago
PlayStation X3628d ago

A game you'll never on xbox?

LtSkittles3628d ago

"A game you'll never on Xbox."


YoungKiller253628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

the best looking game this Generation

This is my screenshot i just took in U2 its captured in 1080(p) i dont know how to use Photobucket so its alot less then that here

Trebius3628d ago

If you look at the 360's game sales, there's PlENTY that dont sell over 1mil, but those arent flops right? :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3627d ago

Un...Unch...Uncharte...Unchart ed What? Whats that?

xcox3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

GOTY 2009 b!tches, you know it's coming XDDD

a game that defines this gen and that your POS couldn't run even at half the graphics settings, hahahaha

who knows, maybe MS will pay $200M of your money for a port on xbox1080 in 2025?
hopefully by then you won't have to swap disc anymore, lol

Snake Raiser3627d ago

Hey I have to say as a fan of uncharted one ! have not yet bought this game. I am waiting for a price drop. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to buy every game as soon as it comes out for $60. I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way and sales should be strong for the game years from now when we see its overall sales.

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Parapraxis3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

So...where's the Forza 3 article?
174 k in Oct (released on October 27th, 2009)
...Didn't make the top 20 in Nov

So..yeah... weak sales?

SnukaTheMan3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

You can guess its all about making sony look bad right?

[email protected]@Sarcasm clearly does not register with people on this website....roflmao.

Parapraxis3628d ago

From the other article where apparently Insomniac is now a 1st party dev and R&C ACIT didn't "deliver":

further elaboration on the Forza 3 conundrum. Forza 3 sold less than 315k for sure in Nov for North America, and most likely around 100k since that's the average numbers for the games in position 11 - 20.
That works out to a little less than 489k AT BEST in North America so far, but more likely around 275k.

And they are supposed to have sold 1 million globally?
20 days ago it sold 1 million worldwide:
Then 3 days ago it passed 1 million globally.

So are we to believe that Forza 3 sold better outside of North America where the user base is smaller?

ReBurn3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

What the heck do Forza 3 or Ratchet and Clank have to do with Uncharted 2? Why are you trolling for a flamewar?

The article is pure flamebait trolling and I guess you fell for it. Congratulations.