God of War 3 & Dante's Inferno Comparison Video

The release of Dante's Inferno's demo raised awareness to some gamers and said that the game somehow is similar to God of War 3. We here at Just Push Start managed to compare both demos that are on the PlayStation 3 and this is what we came up with…

Did you noticed something? Same intro perhaps?

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Kamikaze1353627d ago

I know Dante's Inferno rips off of GoW3's gameplay style, but this video makes no sense,lol.

Sunny_D3626d ago

Yeah I know. I'd say it's going to be not as fun in DI to use a scythe to kill enemies as it will be with the BLADES OF CHAOS! They should have shown how DI rips off GOW3 with the large monster you get to control just like you control the gasp* the cyclops in GOW3.

ABizzel13626d ago

Thanks to poor video Dante's Inferno looks much better than it really does. Gameplay wise they are similar, but different. God of War is just the better game hands down, it's weird you can just feel it's better.

Dante's Inferno is a good option for 360 gamers who want GOW, but if you own a PS3 GOW is without a doubt the way to go as sales and reviews on the PS3 will show. The only reason to buy Dante's Inferno on the PS3 is to have something until GOW3 comes out.

bpac1234567893626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

To be honest I don't care what anyone says. God of War 3 will be better than Dante's inferno in every way possible graphics, gameplay, presentation, music, voice acting, ext. I'd put that on anything.

Edit: it's tiring trying to stay neutral. I have other things to spend my money on than video games, so I only buy "good" games not cheap knock offs. I might rent Dante's inferno but with God of War 3, Gran turismo 5, final fantasy 13, Mag, Heavy rain, bioshock, and other games all coming out in a 3 month time period there's no way in hell Ill consider buying it.

Hisiru3626d ago

Poor Dante's Inferno. I will probably buy this game because it seems to be a good game but it won't touch GOW3

Mista T3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

it looks a lot like god of war so what... who doesnt want more god of war????

Ju3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Dante's Inferno has "God of War" written all over the place. Combos are copied, "magic" use "L1", its essentially the same game. Even health and "magic" bar is the same (health is green, they managed to change the color for the "magic").

Anyhow, I liked the DI demo a lot. Nice gameplay . I am almost to say, I liked the gameplay more than that in the GoW3 demo. A little bit more 'hack-n-slash' than in GoW, and a bit more fluid how they chain the action. I actually got stuck at GoW3 demo at that damn cyclops - no, what's its name - not a cyclops, but where I gotta shoot that god of his wagon. That's stupid. You need to wait for the right moment to release that arrow. Not fun...or I am just to stupid to fire at the right moment.

But visually, Dante doesn't light a candle against GoW3, it's almost like a complete new generation in between these two games! I expected way more from DI. I hope, they put real high res videos into the final game, because some cut scenes look just terrible in DI. For the benefit of the doubt, I'd assume it's just the demo though and they couldn't pack all high res assets into a downloadable demo (at least i hope so). GoW3 almost looks like DI's cut scenes (at least the character models do).

DI should be $10 cheaper, I might get both - more or less depends on my wallet TBH.

ABizzel13626d ago

To the people who keep saying who doesn't want more God of War.

Yes well all want more God of War, but Dante's Inferno is not as good as God of War which is the problem. If you're going to copy someone, you better make sure you're as close to the level of detail they put into their project, or why bother you'll be labeled as a decent clone which is what Dante's Inferno is. A decent God of War clone.

God of War is great, Dante is decent

SilentNegotiator3626d ago

I can hardly see either video...

Chubear3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Why the hell would I spend 60bucks on an imitation of an older version of the real thing coming only a month later? That's like buying a Nercedes Enz in China over a Mercedes Benz in Germany because the Enz ships to NA 5weeks faster.

DI looks like a well made game and I'm interested in the story arc and universe but it is at best a drought summer rental for me.

Somnipotent3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

That monster is not a cyclops... it's a Chimera . And you have to wait until Helios circles around Perses and just before the front of the cross bow sights.

Saaking3626d ago

The two games shouldn't even be compared. GOWIII is PS3 exclusive so you KNOW it WILL win any comparison with any other game.

Chubear3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Rent it, buy it used or at a very reduced price but not full price for the love of all things gaming.

If developers start thinking it's ok to blatantly rip games and give different skins, our gaming experiences are going to go down the crapper. There is no way we just support something as blatant as this.
Conan wasn't a great game but it was decent and had obvious influence from GoW... but it didn't copy n' paste GoW.

Every gamer can think for themselves but there's no way I ca justify supporting a game like this when games like Heavy Rain, a true original new IP, are coming out the same time and that game has been getting a bashing from the same people who are looking at supporting DI. Crazy, the gaming community have gone frackin' bonkers.

IT'S THE SAME FRIKGEN GAME!. You can get the original (two games - GoW1 AND 2) for cheaper for than this one game for crying out loud. WOW! There's no way the PS3 base should even consider buying this thing full price. For the love of gaming don't do it.

I don't care if it's by the same developers that did Dead Space. DI is a well made game like Dead Space was but Dead Space was not some copy n' paste IP. Support Dead Space type game development not DI type development. Just say no!

DarK-SilV3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I am buying the game and its not a complete rib off ,gameplay wise I agree, other than that its a different game , unique about the game is the story, I just hate it when Xbot hate on Ps3 titles by using multiplatform games and Ps3 fanboys hating on multiplatform because of a Ps3 titles

GOW will be a better game and I am buying both

Zack Sawyer3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

If everybody thought like you then we would have no games to play, competition is a good thing as it makes the developers up their game and try to come out on top of the opposition.

Call of Duty & Medal of Honour is a good example of where the original creators split off, copied the gameplay of MoH, but to me improved it. Perhaps some people still prefer MoH though.

Dante's Inferno might be clone but that doesnt mean PS3 owner cant buy it and enjoy it, maybe some people might like it more than GoW if that is allowed these days. Plus 360 users who wont have the chance to play GoW might like to at least have something similar seeing as how they constantly reminded of how great it is.

But your right, the gaming community has gone bonkers. We should only ever buy sequels of well established franchises.

hay3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Dear god. This video isn't comparison at all. It's just first minutes of both games. It's plain dumb. There were more identical and similar elements further the demo but it appears that someone just wanted cheap clicks.

While I agree Dante's Inferno is incredible rip-off of GoW, despite boring Death boss fight, it's fun as... Hell. And well, it's just more of GoW in different setting. Sold!

FACTUAL evidence3626d ago

This site is retarded...three words..'Hack AND SLASH!'

Timesplitter143626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

To me, after playing the 2 demos, they both look just as awesome.

They both have their strenghts.

Baka-akaB3626d ago


let's get real here ... it is a complete and blatant rip off , few things not straight from gow seems to come from castlevania .
Wich pisses me off for other reasons than console wars or some zealous adoration toward Gow .

I'm pissed because DI is only good .. only decent ... only a pale imitation of something already great in itself .
Wich is maddening because the idea itself was pretty good , the source material is awesome and ripe for at least a sequel or trilogy , with the whole divine comedy series of works from Dante Alighieri .

Just imagine for a second that Dead space , from the same team , was , instead of how great it turned out to be , a blatant 99% copy of resident evil 4 in space . Imagine that instead of getting inspired and having it's own tone , gameplay and style , it was just a shallow and technically inferior and less polished copy of something you already played .
And keep imagining that you know for certain they could have strived for far better .

i'm sorry but their greed , lack of commitment and faith in the project shows itself already in the look of the Hero alone .
With some many tasteful art from the 14 and 15 century around , gorgeous and unique looking italian designs and armors .. and with the recent exemple of the quite inspired Assassin creed 2 ... what did they do ?

They went for some shirtless d00d because duh Kratos is often with bare chest , and Conan , and wow they are so badass !! And let's give the d00d some helmet so he would look dark age!! And woaaaahhh him sewing a cross on his own skin is sooooo badass ! Totally rad d00d !!!

Again maddening knowing the game is still decent , and how much potential is wasted here .

See darksiders by all account doesnt seems to be original at all ... it's often refered to as a zelda clone ...
Almot all games are clones , differences is they at least got their own angle and feel . So far DI looks like a dlc pack to Gow 1-2 collection , and with kratos swapped for a less interesting guy .

So while again , despite what could seems as venom from my end , i still found it was a decent , even good game to play ... i completely understand's people unwillingness to reward such plagiarism .
Seriously the game deserves a chance to come on it's own and better in some sequel ... but if it sells millions ... what's preventing them and other to skips being inspired by other games and ideas , but to just copy and suck everything as long as not illegal ?

TruthBTold3626d ago

I love GOW and I also love everything thing based on religion and the dark ages and Dante has that for me.

kws10653626d ago

It can live up with that. Actually, Being called GOW 2.5 is very honorable lol

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Blackmoses3627d ago

still pissed my voucher for the demo in my God of War Collections game doesn't work...Sony better be hooking me up quick!!!

Fishy Fingers3626d ago

Have you contacted them? I'm sure if you can validate your purchase (receipt) they'll set you right. I was lucky enough to get a code from an N4G user :) Goes around, comes around.

Karum3626d ago

God of War 3 isn't as close to being released as Dante's Inferno is but after playing both demos I believe that the GOW3 demo runs smoother than Dante's Inferno in terms of the controls, they just feel tighter and more polished as does the overall gameplay.

I love the DI demo and I'll be buying the game when it releases but there simply is no comparison between the two.

Both games are shaping up to be good games though and I can't wait to play them both.

zodiac9093626d ago

man are f*cking retarded? hyou must have never played god of war to say that "there is no comparison" this game "echos" god of war every 3 seconds!

ABizzel13626d ago


God of War comes out a month after Dante's Inferno. I would say that's pretty close.

Karum3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I'm not retarded no, but I think you may fail horribly at comprehension.

Just so there is no confusion, God of War > Dante's Inferno.


Actually it's 2 months after it but that's neither here not there. The demo we have for GOW3 is the E3 build, which is maybe even older than July. The demo for DI will be much closer to the final product and would be much more representative of the final code, much more so than GOW3's demo.

ultimolu3626d ago

I agree about the controls in DI. But pulling combos off was still fun. :P

I just don't think we should compare the two games.

Karum3626d ago

The combos were cool and they are a lot of fun, DI I think will be a fun game. I just think there is no comparison between it and the superior GOW, based solely on the demos.

ABizzel13626d ago

@ Karum

Dante's Inferno comes out February 5th, God of War comes out March 31st (Gamestop says April, but Gamefly and GOW developers say March). It's over a month and closer to 2 months, but still it's the month after.

And E3 this year was in June (before my birthday) so the God of War demo was either built in May or June so I'm sure it's far beyond that by now.

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Obama3626d ago

DI looks like a ps2 game in some areas. Take a look at Dante's wife body on the ground; it looks horrible.

kaveti66163626d ago

All I saw was Dante walking over to a boob on the ground. Where was the wife?

TruthBTold3626d ago

Huh? I must have missed the rest of the screen... I do remember another boob but no body.

supremacy3626d ago

before, this is ea's attempt to get another franchise they cant buy nor steal just like they have done with multiple me too games in the past.

look just like twisted metal and granturismo, god of war is the king of its genre/realm. nuff said.

and i sure hope i don't have to hear about anymore comparisons because despite how similar these games may appear to be, the reality is and will always be this. god of war is god of war and nothing should be compared to it anything else should be looked and treated as a second attempt not a rival.

this is how i felt about twisted metal and vigilante 8 this is how i feel about granturismo and forza and this is the same feeling i got for these 2 games.

i mean halo is halo and mario is mario these games, iconic games should be left alone period.

i say come out with something entirely different so the gaming industry can remain fresh.

Ju3626d ago

I don't agree.

Even though I think you're right that DI is a GoW clone. But GoW is GoW, and will always be.

But I am actually surprised how well DI clones GoW. The story is completely different, which just shows, you can pack a complex story into a complete different theme.

DI doesn't really take away from GoW, IMO, it just adds on. GoW will never break away from the "Gods" (and Greek theme - its so cemented into that story), I see it as a good thing, that somebody transforms the successful GoW gameplay and broadens the "genre' with a complete different back story, if you will (some religious groups will have some troubles with DI, me thinks).

I hope both will be successful.

Chubear3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Yes, the story might be in a different universe and I'm interested in seeing the art displayed in this universe but even the story is GoW light.

Dante goes to Hell (Hades) to fight for and hope to rescue his slain wife (same as GoW) and I've recently found out that there are many bosses that are also blatantly ripped from GoW1,2&CoO.

Like in DI you'll face a huge fat ugly chick with druppy breasts and you'll fight her similar to how you fought the ones in GoW; you'll fight a giant demon in the exact same way you fought the giant statue in the beginning of GoW2 and Zeus and you'll even go inside one of them like in GoW2.

If you think the demo was a copy n' paste of GoW1,2,CoO&3 then you ain't seen nothing yet.

Ju3626d ago

Oh, I think it is a copy-n-paste game, no doubt about that. I was actually surprised how close they came with their copy. GoW is better, no doubt about that, either. Visually it doesn't even come close.

But I am not worried about GoW. It's simply in another league. But DI seams to be fun. I like the "christian mystery" back story (almost more than the Greek Mythology in GoW). I'd have rather hoped, EA would have delivered better visuals, though.

I don't care if it's "political correct" to rip off GoW, but the game itself is more then just a cheap shot. Seams to be a good quality for a multiplatform game, and they put some effort in to "cloning" it (who ever made it @ EA seams to be a huge GoW fan). Enjoyable to play, IMO. Liked it more than Bayonetta, tbh - even though I like that chick, too. But that gameplay is too much DMC for me.

BTW: Good for 360 only gamers. That's the closest they'll get to GoW.