Sony's First-Party Woes Continue

The November NPD sales report was missing one interesting title when Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time failed to make the Top 10.

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Parapraxis3629d ago

I guess Sony should have pulled a Forza 3 with this and UC2 huh, at least then we wouldn't get these lame "articles".

Dragun6193629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time isn't meant to be system seller game where the moment it comes out it should be breaking records or at be in the NPD's top ten selling games.

No, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time is a game that Insomniac has created for those that have long supported the series in which it will eventually sell over a million over time. The same thing happened to R&C Tools of Destruction as it started off with slow sales but had soon picked up eventually surpassing the 1.5 million mark.

If anything that you have to worry about the game, is that its the final entry the R&C:Future series, and I have to say I have enjoyed it from the beginning to the end, It is indeed a great game that was out matched by COD:MW2 and AC2. It is the day and age where mature/teen games have pretty been the mindset of kids,teens and adults alike.

Saaking3629d ago

What woes? They're selling enough to make even better sequels. How is that bad? Seriously, the games may not sell as much as Halo, but I sure as hell enjoy them a lot more.

Kamikaze1353629d ago

Seems like a sorry excuse for an argument to me. First the PS3 doesn't have games, now the PS3 has a lot of AAA games, but they don't sell fast enough. Next thing you know, the PS3 will have too many good games that are selling extremely well and it'll be a bad thing, lol.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I wasn't aware Insomniac was first-party...

Parapraxis3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

BTW "pull a Forza 3" means, you make a claim that you've sold more than you actually have.

174 k in Oct (released on October 27th, 2009)
...Didn't make the top 20 in Nov less than 315k for sure in Nov for North America, and most likely around 100k since that's the average numbers for the games in position 11 - 20.
That works out to a little less than 489k AT BEST in North America so far, but more likely around 275k.

And they are supposed to have sold 1 million globally?
20 days ago it sold 1 million worldwide:
Then 3 days ago it passed 1 million globally.

So are we to believe that Forza 3 sold better outside of North America where the user base is smaller?

Aclay3629d ago

Even Insomniac themselves have already come out and said: "Ratchet games are long burners... not chart toppers": and it was never even expected to be in NPD charts, especially not in holiday season sales charts.

A Crack in Time is the fastest Ratchet title according to Insomniac: so I don't see how performing BETTER than previous versions is a bad thing. Every game isn't meant to fly off shelves, plain and simple.

hazeblaze3629d ago

This is a shame actually... Insomniac has put out two of THE best platform titles this generation and no one is buying them!!! I own both of course... So Sony fans can only blame themselves when they lose another of Sony's top devs when it comes to exclusives. Oh well... I'd rather see them make money than starve for staying loyal.

heroicjanitor3629d ago

Each genre does well but they don't have one genre that completely destroys all others(shooters on 360 are ridiculously popular, although ms is trying to change that with natal). I mean uncharted 2 and mw2 sold well on ps3, but it's not like the 360 where forza didn't sell well and mw2 sold 4 million or something in just one country...

Anon19743629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Whaddya mean that in a month that saw the release of Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's creed 2, Bioware's hotly anticipated Dragon Age, Left for Dead 2 and the sequel to one of the most successful franchise in history, Super Mario that Ratchet and Clank didn't sell as well in comparison. That's scandalous!

Seriously. In August Wolfenstein made this list with half the sales that Ratchet and Clank has now. Look at the time of year and look what it's up against. And in a month this game has sold close to what Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and bolts has sold since it was launched.

Sony's first-party woes? In what world is almost 400,000 sold in a month and a half something to worry about? 90% of games don't break 1 million in their entire lifespan. It's already outsold roughly 75% of 360 games released. Pull your head out of your ass, examiner.

SilentNegotiator3629d ago

Most people read things in a completely literal way, not considering any factors.

Jaces3629d ago

Well then, spin always seemed to be the best at it.

SaiyanFury3629d ago

R&C is a series supported by it's fans, me included. Calling it a failure in lieu of huge games like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed II, and many others when it sold over 400,000 copies in a little over a month? R&C was never meant as a system seller, but another game in a great and award winning series to cater to it's fans. Insomniac knows this and continues to make games for the fans they know they have. Yeah Sony has so many first-party woes. That's why Sony exclusives are continuously some of the greatest in the industry. Yeah Sony's first-party studios and games are in real trouble. Pardon me while I go back to this years MANY exclusives and try to find the time to finish them all off. But remember, even with all of these great games, Sony's still in trouble.


Milky3629d ago

first week sales doubled tools of destruction sales, that game went on to sell 1.5 million+

vhero3629d ago

Man why do people on N4g post like NPD/US are the only place on the planet? So ignorant it makes me crazy! You see sony fanboys constantly posting EVERY week that 360 and its games still not selling well in Japan? No! You think just because one kids game didn't hit the top 10 in its second month (when there was a LOT of big games released) in a country where MS pump a LOT into advertising and Nintendo have a strangehold bother Sony so much? I doubt it..

Elven63629d ago

Parapraxis: Forza did chart in Europe, it sold pretty ok in Japan as well. Roughly 400-500k in North America (Canada, US), 50-60 in Japan (thanks to the special edition) and the rest could have been made up in Europe.

Europe is a huge market and one that really helps with game sales, they don't get enough credit as they should for that kind of stuff. Forza 3 could have easily moved 1 million in the first month (that was the number given), you really can't lie that heavily to investors, it's called fraud.

On topic: The writer didn't even give an exact sales figure, he just assumed. The Ratchet games have never been big sellers like say Killzone 2 or God of War, that doesn't mean they sell bad, I think almost all of them have moved past 1 million unit sold.

Jake11113629d ago

The PS3 has WAY too many good games now. I loved the first rachet and clank but didnt buy the second----YET!


Demons Souls.

These games are amazing... I hardly have time to play them let alone purchase another game yet.

So its simple. The ps3 has too many awesome exclusives at this point to purchase anything until next year (or whatever I get for christmans :) :)


The sales are distributed accross awesome games which makes it look like certain games are selling low. But in reality, there are so many awesome games on the PS3 to share my hard earned dollars with...

raztad3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Nobody was expecting R&C top the charts. I have the game, it's brilliant and like ToD it will sell one million + on lifetime. Too bad for those missing out a really good platforming game.

Where are the woes claims when something similar happens to xbox games? Forza 3? The balad of Gay Tony? dont they ring a bell?

I see the returning of "teh doomz and teh gloomz" articles because the last NPD, but the media will be proven wrong yet again.

IdleLeeSiuLung3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Racing games sell as good in Europe as shooters do in the US. So it is entirely possible that Forza 3 sold 500k in Europe and elsewhere.

That is among the reasons why PS3 and GT franchise is so big in Europe.

I didn't expect R&C to do well at all. This is the type of game that would probably sell really well on the Wii, not on the PS3. On the other hand, I was expecting the jaw dropping gorgeous Uncharted 2 too.

syanara3629d ago

I wouldnt describe this as first party woes rather then the decline of an overly milked franchise. I love ratchet and Clank series ive played them from the start but I gotta say the series has been so overdone, more so than halo.

ultimolu3629d ago

Well written response to this article Darkride.

Again, there's this mentality of games having to sell five million day one to be great games. No, the gameplay isn't to be considered. The sales overtime isn't to be considered either.

The media loves playing sales these days.

zeeshan3629d ago

Great games sell well right? So basically, Mass Effect 1 on 360 should have already pulled a Halo right? or would have sold like 5 million till now? No, it sold 2 million AND add the fact that there are more 360 users in US than PS3, it makes the ME sales look even more miserable. Does that make a game suck? No! Did that make Bioware from making a big sequel NO. Stop playing sales all the time. Mark my words, all SONY PS3 Exclusives will sell millions of copies. It'll take some time but it'll sell in millions.

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SixTwoTwo3629d ago

But you know what, has Sony's first party ever been known for sales? Outside of Gran Turismo what titles has Sony made that light up sales charts. SOTC and Extermination were two of my favorite PS2 games and they didn't sell like hotcakes.

Parapraxis3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

LOL, there are many games that have had huge numbers on The PS1/PS2 and even PS3.
Start here and scroll down:

Some Sony games don't do amazing numbers right away, but most of their games have very long legs.

SixTwoTwo3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

As in a game done by Sony. The only Sony games I see on that list that sold gangbusters are, again, Gran Turismo and Crash Bandicoot.

I'm not talking **** about their games I'm just noting that Sony has never been known as a publisher whose games light up the sales charts with games like COD, Halo, Madden, GTA etc.

Parapraxis3629d ago

Motorstorm & Uncharted 1 both have done good numbers.

SixTwoTwo3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Motorstorm was bundled in the NA and Uncharted was bundled in the EU IIRC. But even then you can't compare their numbers with Gran Turismo or GTA. They aren't even in the same league.

Look at the sales numbers for Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I don't even know if its cracked a million yet. I love the franchise but the first games success was directly related to it being bundled.

Halo3 MLG Pro3629d ago

Very true. Their are zero games on the ps3 that have absolutely racked up the sales numbers up like games on the 360 or Wii. Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are the type of games that should sell like crazy but it didn't. Just proves my point that most ps3 owners are in it just for the bluray player.

cyborg69713629d ago

Not only the blu ray but free MP browser and superior hardware.

Parapraxis3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Sorry, but NO Halo.
Do me a favour, go here: and add up all the sales of any "HALO" game on both XBOX and 360 and post the grand total in your next comment.
And do the same with "Gran Turismo" games on PS platforms.

Sorry bud, but even a huge seller like Halo doesn't come close to the GT series.
And don't worry, Uncharted 1 did 2.6ml, Uncharted 2 will do Gears numbers ;)

SixTwoTwo3629d ago

Or maybe PS3 owners just have a wider variety of tastes in games unlike the herd mentality of the Xbox crowd. Every 360 owner I know has the same ****ing games lol. Halo, L4D, COD, Madden, Gears.

The Great Melon3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )


Thank you. I am glad someone said it. The wide range of games is why I am more attracted to the Sony brand. I love all three of my console and have tons of games for each, but I find it hard to keep up with the number games Sony puts out. They seem to know my tastes.

I love the Ratchet and Clank series, but I have bought other games this fall and will wait a few months before I pick up a Crack in Time. Insomniac will get my money eventually, I just need to spread my purchases out over the year though.

SixTwoTwo3629d ago

And just to clarify I'm not saying those are the only games on the 360 because they do have an excellent selection, its just from my experience those are games 360 owners tend to own.

BWS19823629d ago

you're obnoxiously delusional and foolish. Please either go play your Halo or stick to the Open Zone where your babble should be. You have issues.

Sarcasm3629d ago

"Halo, L4D, COD, Madden, Gears. "

lol that's hilariously true. Sprinkle some Forza in there and you've got the typical X360 line up.

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blue7xx73629d ago

I know it sucks it's such a great game it has sold poorly. But ratchet and clank games usually have long legs so im not worried it will do good in the long run.

mastiffchild3629d ago

This is BS of the smelliest order! Insomniac were asked about these "slow" sales and replied that ACIT was, in fact, selling faster than previous ratchets and much faster than TOD which has now reached nearly 1.75 million(IIRC). Just because of it's genre R&C tends to be a game that people pick up, in many cases, after they've bought their usual genre-their FPS six in COD or sports with Madden or FIFA meaning that like every other Ratchet title this will do good numbers for pretty much any game and great numbers for a PS platformer.

The same BS was spread about TOD and LBP but with one over the million and a half mark and the other over 2.5 as a new IP by now the moans have ceased-history indicates that ACiT will eventually top the sales on TOD as it's alreafy selling more quickly and there's also more PS3s about now.

Honestly, a lot of 360 games sell much slower than this-Viva, Nuts and Bolts, Ninja Blade etc, etc-if you look outside of the shooters the numbers are rarely anything mindblowing and Sony exclusives(as this isn't a first party title anyway)tend top spread the sales more evenly, imo.

This is just someone who picked their dacts carefully to create a dalse impression or doesn't know their series history or both. And , MLG, if PS3 owners are "only in it for the BR" why have games outsold their 360 counterparts on occasion recently? With a smaller, supposedly, install base why would these PS3 owners who hate games so much buy more SF4,FIFA,RE5 or Tombraider:Underworld copies than 360 owners managed? Is it because they have a long PS pedigree, 360 fans only really turn up for shooters, a nit of column a and a bit of column b OR did those daft PS3owners just mistake the games for BR movie cases?

I don't pretend to know all the answrs about this generation of gaming but this article is just silly and some of the comments have been laughable in the amount of hate and ignorance they show. The sequels keep coming for these games that didn't sell-mystererious that, isn't it? Apparently GG must be so upset with the 2million they sold of KZ2 that they immediately jumped into KZ3! Same with Resistance2 and 3. So, now the current Ratchet's selling faster than before and we're meant to imagine it will somehow sell fewer copies than TOD(which was a success for Insom)with a bigger install base?

If the games weren't profitable they wouldn't get made. The way people can ignore the obvious amazes me sometimes. Not that I don't think ACiT deserves more people to play it, I do as it's a great, great game, but it's not gonna be a dailure whatever happens, imo, an d will end up sellng more than TOD did.

Sarcasm3629d ago


Jesus man, you keep writing novels and nobody's going to read them. I commend you for making a thorough point, but it's a waste of your energy every time because most people will just glance right over it like I just did. Just being honest here.

Mc1873629d ago

Mastiff Childs Walls o type are the only one's I ill bother with , because they make sense.

kws10653629d ago

This game is not even "1st Party." Insomniac. remember?

Examiner...I see...One site that I am never gonna even click it.

Saaking3629d ago

Sales, Sales, Sales.

You know what, I'd rather have all the amazing games that Sony's first party has been delivering than only ONE game that sells a lot.

3629d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3629d ago

LOL when the PS3 is ahead the droids say "take that bots" when the PS3 is last it's "sales sales sales" droids are such hypocrites. To bad droids cant see the reality that sales = a healthy system. No sales = failure and devs run away.