Halo 3 - it's big, but not THAT big

Bungie is pretty amused by the misinterpretation of the artwork; there'll be more info in tonight's Weekly Update, but for now, you should understand that one of the discs is a DVD and the other is a 360 executable - sort of like the discs that come with magazines like the Official Xbox Magazine. They're labeled the way they are because they have to go through test - but they are NOT both game discs.

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Sangheili854737d ago

Well thats good. All those fanboys just couldn't help but talk crap.

Why can't we all just get along...or grow up i mean ether way

MADGameR4737d ago

Halo 3 IS big but not that big. I am no fanboy, I am just a gamer. I like all games. The only people who is going to make a huge deal out of it are the Halo 3 fans aka 360 fans. This is how it goes.... MS ''Ladies and gentleman... I am proud to bring you...Halo 3!'' *Catholic hymn* X Box 360 fans ''OMG! This beats GOD!!! F-ing AMAZING!!!!!'' Gamers ''wow this is going to be great!'' haters ''bah, this Halo 3 sucks anal beeds''. I say Halo 3 is going to be great but not as good as 360 fans will think it is, is'nt that good enough for you? There is no fanboy finger to point. I am just a gamer with opinions. Not everyone has to say Halo 3 is so amazing this and that. A whole lot of people have their own opinions. Halo 2 was'nt that great, it was just overhyped. Halo 2 only sold 2.5M, while a REALLY amazing game ''Resident Evil 4'' sold over 3M. That tells something here, RE4 wiped out Halo 2 in sales. So, you think Halo 2 was the king? No, RE4 was so great it was put on 4 platforms. Halo 1 I recognize as the greatest Halo so far. Will Halo 3 be the biggest sell? Yes for awhile, but one game will pwn it in sales. Resident Evil 5!

closedxxx4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

RE4 was indeed an awesome game, and I believe it was a better all around game than Halo 2. And the fact that it looked as good as it did on the GC is amazing in itself... But... HALO 2 sold 5 million copies... And that's on a SINGLE platform. If HALO 2 had been multi platform it would have tripled RE4s sales. Don't want to believe it? Look it up-

gta_cb4734d ago

got to say its not just Xbox360fanboys which will make a big thing of this, i can also see SonyFanboys saying stuff like

"oh well i spose Xbots will just have to stick with crappy graphics as there is little space etc etc etc"

what we have to do is ignore them/take there bubbles away so they can do as less flaming as possible.

eques judicii4737d ago

hmmm... halo 1 and 2 redone in the halo 3 engine!!!

hey, a guy can dream can't he?


Looks like another 8 hour experience like Gears, man you xbots make me laugh "welcome to the next generation" NOT!!

God of Gaming4737d ago

Yea that motorstorm was a marathon of a game

PS360PCROCKS4737d ago

8 hours? More like 14 for me...your ridiculous...maybe other than you I like to explore and screw around. My goal is not to run to the finish line as fast as possible.

Mike134nl4737d ago

forgetting about xbox live are we.

WilliamRLBaker4736d ago

motor storm, and Resistance were marathons all right.

so was Gow2 (beat it in 7 hours on hardest dificulty).

gta_cb4734d ago

once again canon making fanboy comments! i wish someone could take his last bubble away! =(

i agree with xbox360rocks it also took longer then 7 hours, especially with looking around for ammo, cog tags, playing tacticly rather then "rushing to the finish line" and yeh as stated above, your forgetting about XboxLIVE, i dont wanna know how many hours i have spent online lol, i know its a lot. i have had this game for about ... 4 nearly 5 months now, and i still play on it with mates etc every day, great game, i would give it 10/10

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ApocalypseShadow4737d ago

then i'll give them would make the game last.

we shall see.

Sphinx4737d ago

That had me worried for a sec... not that having to change the disc once through playing the entire campaign would really be all that terrible anyway. I just wasn't looking forward to having to hear all the fuktards screaming things like, "man you xbots make me laugh 'welcome to the next generation' NOT!!"

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The story is too old to be commented.