Dead Space 2 New Details

BLPGaming's GamingFeud writes, "The latest issue of GameInfromer magazine gave some new details about Dead Space 2. The locations in Dead Space 2 are now much larger. You'll be playing in Sprawl, a space station built by one of Saturn's moon shards. Isaac Clarke the games main character is getting upgraded as well."

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Blackmoses3628d ago

I haven't even finished the first one...
I need to stop buying games before I finish my previous ones. Well, I guess that's what winters for....can't go out do anything in a foot of snow.

Ace Killa 083628d ago

cant wait for this game!!! nothing wrong with a good old sci-fi horror game, especially where i can cut of the limbs of my enemies... or give them the mean version of Issac's Curb Stomp

Evildoomnerd3628d ago

Dead Space made me so paranoid while playing, I couldn't keep my finger off the aim button, and I dismembered nearly every human corpse I came across...just to be sure. I'd sacrifice myself for the glory of the Marker if they make a collector's edition for Dead Space 2.

Jaces3628d ago

"There will be times where you will feel more powerful than the enemy" and "You won't have the feeling of being vulnerable anymore" last but not least "You'll get to strategically dismember your friends".

They just took away everything I loved about Dead Space....great. And multiplayer...really? This is turning into RE5. Bullshit.

Saaking3628d ago

Does EVERYTHING need multiplayer these days?

Syaz13628d ago

made me a fan of the horror genre of games. i cant wait for the sequel. it's no 3 among my favourites. about the multiplayer, some of you may have doubts. i always keep telling myself not to judge it before the end product comes out. we always judge things too early, just like the negative reception on the dark knight due to heath ledger even though we haven't seen the full thing.

Ace Killa 083628d ago

multiplayer is not needed, but it is a free addition to this game IMO. comparing this to RE5 is a wrong comparison also, they SO FAR have not mention any DLC as multiplayer and i hope they do not...EVA!!

also @ 1.2 i'm with you on that buddy, i open every door aiming in the middle expecting the next creepy enemy to pop up then suddenly... a giant tentacle grabs you. that is how a game makes you seriously say "Oh Sh*t"

raztad3628d ago


To feel powerful means DS Horror genre ----> DS Action genre.

It's key on horror movies/games to feel vulnerable.

I would like to be proven wrong, but considering DS didnt sell that well across all platforms perhaps EA is considering a slight shift in genre to make the game more appealing for the masses.

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CrashFallen3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

played the demo for the first game and it was toooooo scary lmao, i think if i buy this one i might pop in the disc 3 minutes later im on the bed shivering with the game inside the cabinet.....

Saaking3628d ago

You should really try playing the first one. It's an awesome game and I think you can probably handle it. Definitely worth a try.

The_Devil_Hunter3628d ago

Man, not that Im hating on it, ( I LOOOOOVE DS1) but did this game really need online play. Only some ppl are able to pull it out U2 for example, but hopefully this game does it well too I'm wishing them the best of luck with the game. Can't wait.

Chnswdchldrn3628d ago

Haven't we already seen this information?

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The story is too old to be commented.