Quartermann: PaRappa 3? Silent Hill 5 by a US Studio?

As the newest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly -- the BioShock one, if you haven't noticed all the love on 1UP this week -- hits shelves, the deliciously promiscuous Quartermann has dipped into his sorting hat and come out with a few juicy rumors for you to chew on:

# Looks like PaRappa the Rapper 3 is headed to PlayStation 3, none of those ported PSP nonsense
# Silent Hill 5 is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, but like its PSP kid brother, it's by a US team
# Electronic Arts isn't happy just controlling the NFL -- they want the MLB and NBA, too

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Rhezin4739d ago

HAHAHA oh yah baby silent hill 5 coming to tree sixteh

ApocalypseShadow4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

happy about competition?

they either buy you or try to ruin you or both.

The_Firestarter4739d ago

All I'm waiting for is Silent Hill 5! >:] I was playing SH3 yesterday, and it got me excited thinking about SH5! It's most likely play better, look better, and SCARE ME BETTER!!! Yessss, I love Silent Hill! WOOT WOOT!

ITR4739d ago

It'll either be EA or Ubisoft.

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