Bayonetta street date broken in Germany ?

It appears that Bayonetta has broken its street date, getting sold about 3 weeks before the official launch.

Update: Apparently it got released early in Germany .SEGA delivered the game early to retailers and allowed them to sell the game.

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3622d ago
Blackmoses3622d ago

I mean what's the difference between this and Devil May Cry? Other than the main protagonist being a half way dressed female with a bad hip?

Endless_X3622d ago

It seems the PAL version is going to be released earlier than expected. Several German retailers are listing the game for next week (Dec 16).

IQUITN4G3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I just didn't get this game either.In fact i referred to it as typical Japanese trash about a week ago

It is however the best game i think i have ever played

Forget what you don't like in the style of everything over the top and after a good 4 or 5 play throughs of the demo, it all of a sudden becomes very clear how great this game this is

I'd actually say this is my most fun experience i have ever had in a game so far and i really cannot stress how much i despise this genre

Most people don't get it straight away but at least a few have the sense to play it some more and realize the ignorance

DMC this is not

rpgenius4203621d ago

Yeah this is already available for download too. Looks good may give it a go.


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