Has the Xbox 360 Already Weathered The Storm of the PS3's Recent Momentum?

If we were to look a month or two into the past, we would remember seeing the PS3 as a raging storm that was ready to beat down the house that Microsoft built (the Xbox 360). The now infamous price cut of the PS3 came alongside the release of several key exclusive titles (most notable among them being Uncharted 2, a game that was hyped up the ass and sucked up to by virtually every critic in the free world, touting it as "the perfect game")

However, after seeing November's NPD numbers, it looks as if the Xbox 360 is already starting to reassert its superiority in the HD console market.

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TheTruth20093624d ago

But it only echoes what we've (the XBOX360 supporters on this site) have been saying for a couple of months.

The surge would be temporary, and then the PS3 will return to its rightful place in this generation...



"Playstation is sooooooooooooooo 1990's, man."

Beverly Hills 90210!
Boy Meets World!
Family Matters!
The Macarena!
Limp Bizkit!

Ahhhh..... The good ol' days. :-)


xTruthx3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Says the guy playing a game at 640p on a system that has no wifi, web browser, weather channel or blu ray integrated. Now that's next gen!

Srry but this was 2 e z for me!! I like both consoles :)!!!

Man_of_the_year3624d ago

LOL i can't believe in your counter argument you used a game that plays at 640p LOL (Maybe you should check out GTA4 again on the PS3 and compare it to the 360 which is in a Higher resolution) along with some other games. Also funny how that 640p game also sold more than any other game on the PS3. Hell it sold more than 3 of the highest selling PS3 exclusive's put together. LOL. And also you used "Weather Channel" LOL oh my god that is so damn funny. Weather Channel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Classic. "Now that's next gen" LOL. OH damn please stop, i am going to piss my pants...LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i sensing a tad of sarcasm in that comment.

xTruthx3623d ago

Dude you really need help... how much LOL's and HAHAHA's can u put on a comment.... I forgot you played sales and not games

Ninji3624d ago

"However, after seeing November's NPD numbers, it looks as if the Xbox 360 is already starting to reassert its superiority in the HD console market."


"However, after seeing November's NPD numbers, it looks as if North America is the only place in the world."

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Black Friday was Sony's Hail Mary, and getting outsold by the 360 means that they fumbled the ball.

They have very little left at this point, and Natal is going to be a system selling beast in 2010.

Accepting this reality will lead to less disappointment in the future for the diehard Sony fans.

JonnyBigBoss3624d ago

Awesome post Ninji. You're the man.

Max Power3624d ago

that many people whole NPD numbers on a high pedestal, but I recently found out that Amazon and Wal*Mart aren't included in those numbers.

Lou-Cipher3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Microsoft still has Two more Huge Storms to sit through. (and several small to medium storms to sit through)

When FF13 releases in Japan exclusively on PS3, and when Gran Turismo 5 lands in 2010. (and it is the biggest system seller on any HD console)

I think people forget that Gran Turismo is a much more popular franchise than Halo or Gears.

People also seem to forget that Sony has 20 + 1st & 2nd Party Game Developers making games exclusively For the PS3. Microsoft will always have a big title to release, but they will never be able to match the amount of AAA franchises that Sony can have on any given year.

There is still plenty more PlayStation Storms that Microsoft will have to stand in.

The Quality is only increasing on the PS3, whereas the quality on the 360 has been free falling since 2007.

Parapraxis3624d ago

Short answer: No.
Long answer:

WildArmed3623d ago

actually with 360s getting cheaper for black friday, ps3 held its 299$ price point.
It's subjective what you want to read out of those NPD numbers.
But it's great to hear both ps3 n 360 did so well in Nov

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windmill1453624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Weather the storm? LOL, banning 1 million players right before MW2 release, bundle xbox with one of the most anticipated games ever(MW2), releasing a $99 xbox arcade bundle at walmart. Yeah MS did everything they could to counter the storm and yet ps3 sales still doubled from last year.
So my point, its still WAY to early to tell if the "STORM" is over.

NotSoSilentBob3624d ago

It might have sold more for 1 month but they amount that it sold still doesn't make it even with the 600k-1mill that were banned so they have not made it back to the pre-banning numbers.

ballsofsteel3624d ago

okay getting outsold by 100K means getting dominated? if this was last year is the PS3 was getting outsold 3-1 i could say you would have a point but how is MS reasserting their authority when they only outsold the by 100k. and as someone else said above this is only North america. PS3 more than likely out sold 360 world wide for the month.

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