Gran Turismo 5 gets targeted for 'Summer 2010' release

While it hasn't quite reached Duke Nukem Forever status, Polyphony Digital's full-fledged Gran Turismo follow-up for PlayStation 3 is a long-time coming. But according to SCEA Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, the wait is nearly over.

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DasBunker3622d ago

good.. that will give me time to catch up on old games and enjoy the ones that are coming out that are equally awesome..

WildArmed3622d ago

well as long as it doesn't reach the dev cycle of Too Human i dont mind.
Next year would be a great time to throw it in.
They have every genre covered then with exclusives alone.
Throw in multiplats and we got one of the best years of gaming

PoSTedUP3622d ago

I'm dissapointed... oh well, better later then never.

Shadow Flare3622d ago

Well something had to move from march. There was no way GOW3, GT5 and FF13 were all going to release in march. There's alot of games to play anyway. I'd be worried if I felt GT5 was being delayed for problematic reasons but I know this is going to be the best racing game i've ever played. This just means weather, night will definitely be included, damage may be even better on all vehicles, and hopefully now they'll include that 'world's best driving road' track from top gear

ABizzel13622d ago

Thank goodness, that's one less game I have to worry about rushing out to go get in the first 1/4 of the year.

That being said, GT5 better be off the charts, and loaded with content. We've had GT HD Concept at PS3 launch, GT5:P, and now another demo for Christmas, and now we have to wait at least another 6 months before we get to play the retail release. I want a track editor, car customization, full damage on EVERY car (that also affect car handling), and everything else.

I have high expectations for you GT5 don't let me down.

Saaking3622d ago

Can't wait for the king to arrive.

sikbeta3622d ago

Better come out fast cuz I don't want to wait so long to play THIS AWESOME GAME

Yamuachi-san, you are taking the Perfectionism too serious /jk

UltimateIdiot9113622d ago

Yes, some breathing room for my wallet and chance for the game to be closer to my birthday. Now I don't have to sacrifice getting WKC or MAG depending on the situation. Also gives me time to rack up some more gc.

mikeslemonade3622d ago

Gran Turismo 3 also had a summmer release. I'd say this is a perfect time for a game to come out just like how successful MGS4 was in the summer. This game is Game of The Year.

PS3Freak3622d ago

For F*** sakes, why don't they just delay it some more! I know it'll benefit from all the delays, but damn i just want to play it!

Willio3622d ago

Sorry but if the game doesn't come out during the winter quarter, its not going to be considered GOTY material according to the VGA's. Case and point, stupid ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 nominated before the game released, LEFT4DEAD 2 nominated after a week the game released.

Suitable choices that should have replaced it: Killzone 2 and possibly Forza 3.

Furthermore, whoever wins GOTY also wins Studio of the year because its the EXACT SAME studios that represents GOTY. VGA's have gone downhill.

In my opinion, Guerilla studios should win because they made the graphical leap from the infamous trailer that ALL journalists dogged on to "Ok, I won't mention the graphics anymore but lets start with the control's now and not mention how innovative the control and cover scheme it really is."

beardpapa3622d ago

Summer now? March would've been better. But hey guys... if you're really itching for a racing game.... give F3 a try. It's cheaper nowadays anyway. I'm not being a fanboy here but seriously, Summer is June and that's 6 months away. You'll make back $39.99 in an hour or two of work anyways. So if you're itching for a racer, get something to play for the meantime.

rockleex3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Most people assumed the March Japanese release date would mean March release for NA and EU as well.

I better not hear anyone say that its been "delayed" despite the Japanese March release date still holding true. This is also the first time a western release date was slightly hinted at.

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swiftshot933622d ago

Summer? Damn thats a huge game for Summer.

IzKyD13313622d ago

I was thinking the same for MGS4 and look how well that did

WildArmed3622d ago

It's good to give giants their space.
GoW3/FF13 march, GT5 summer, halo reach near Nov (guessing here).
Man 2010 isn't gonna let down for a second! Action packed all year!

rareairtone3620d ago

but i thought they said spring at tgs man

blue7xx73622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Why do they keep delaying it didn't the guy who makes GT say last year it was already done it was just a matter of Sony to chose when it was coming out. It's been in development for what now 5-6 years. Well I guess if they make it better that's what matters.

kaveti66163622d ago

They're adding more stuff to it. They're trying to reach a level of perfection with the damage modeling system.

ultimolu3622d ago

Um, did it have a release date in the first place?

xTruthx3622d ago

You got to look at the positives, better game + more time to gather money! because 2010 will drain your money!

TheBand1t3622d ago

It never had a release date. They said they COULD release it at any time, but instead they chose to polish and tweak.

cereal_killa3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

blue7xx7 why don't you read the article instead of just the title like every other mindless moron on here.... The March release is for Japan and there was never a release date for NA/EU and it's good because the first half of the year was full enough as it is they need to spread some of these games throughout the year so we all wont be selling our kids (joke) to be able to buys games.

"When asked if there would be any difference between the Japanese version set for release in March and the North American version many months later, he was also non-committal, saying simply they hadn't yet revealed the full feature list. Details, he told me, would be coming soon."

Oh and BTW I'm not sure if they have a release Date for Halo reach yet but you can almost confirm that they will be releasing it most likely at the same time as GT5 to try and steal the spotlight from Sony.

stb3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

this only game so much

blue7xx73622d ago

@cereal_killa Why dont you stop being a moron and stop assuming peole haven't read the article which I have. Wow with stupid responses like that I wonder how in the world do you have so many bubbles for comments. Anyways I just want this game already it seems like I have been waiting forever for it. Is it so bad that I want to play it already wow and what does Halo reach have to do with any of this wow just wow man.

PS3Freak3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

They may not have had an offical release date, but they kept throwing out dates all the time. 2009, holiday 2009(november something), March 2010, now summer 2010.

If they don't have an offical date, they shouldn't give everyone ifs and buts, to get their hopes up.

Either way i can't freaking wait for this game. It's gonna be amazing just like every other GT(except the psp version).

cereal_killa3622d ago


Dont tell me you read it because it tells you right in the article that the release date was for JAPAN only and the reason I brought Halo reach in yes it was off topic but they did the same thing earlier with Halo wars releasing it the same time that Killzone 2 came out so I see them doing that same thing again because unlike Killzone the GT series is a huge seller better than Halo and Gears combined in total sales so bringing in a well know huge selling game at the same time would put all the attention on HALO and little on GT5 so all the little Muppets and joke journalist will do nothing but release HALO is this and that articles.

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PirateThom3622d ago

Summer makes sense though.

Sony have God of War for March in the Western world, I doubt it appeals to Japanese tastes and there's no point in Sony releasing both games the same month.

Hey, that's what I said ages ago!

raztad3622d ago

A Q1 release would be the ultimate nonsense considering how overbooked Q1 already is with the amount of multiplatforms + MAG+Heavy R+ WKC+ FFXIII+ GoW3+Yakuza 3

ABizzel13622d ago


You know FF13 is included in the multiplat category. LOL. I know, it's weird not to play FF on a PS console after so long, and more than likely the PS3 version will be the preferred version.

As far as PS3 exclusives go I can relax a little more knowing GT5 slipped to Summer for US. GOW3, Yakuza 3, and Heavy Rain are the buys, the others are rentals to test them out first.

stb3622d ago

@4.2 said:( You know FF13 is included in the multiplat category. LOL. I know, it's weird not to play FF on a PS console after so long, and more than likely the PS3 version will be the preferred version.)

And that xbox version is way inferior to the ps as well, guessing so ffx3 is another exclusive for ps(or at least the full game experience is exclusive to ps3) lol.

Saaking3622d ago

FFXIII is to PS3 what MW2 was for the 360 (if that makes any sense).

PS3Freak3622d ago

I agree Saaking. It's pretty much the same thing, except a little more extreme in FFXIIIs favour.

oldskoolgamer3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

TBH im not surprised cause it just seems like as far as i can remember GT games usually come out in the summer time so i was kind of expecting this, especially since GOW3,FF13 and Yakuza3 all releasing march it just makes sense to me for Sony to spread the proverbial wealth around because you have to sell units all year not just 1 month. 1 more thing is this kind of tells me that if TLG comes out 2010 it will probably be a Nov. release to get the holidays started

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Serjikal_Strike3622d ago

cuz this last summers game releases sucked ...I need a good summer title and this will do the trick!

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