Anuman really want to bring franshises to Sony

Anuman Interactive is now an "official publisher" for Sony PlayStation platforms.

TakeitGame tried to know wath is the goal of the company with this new status. The goal is simple: "bring Anuman franshises to PS3, PSP and PSN".

Will there be an Still Life, PS3 edition? We hope so.

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Skyreno3625d ago

Thats Awesome !!! can't wait too see what games they bring and what stuff they can do with PS3 :) Good Luck On them

WildArmed3625d ago

what games have they made before? I've never heard of the company/publisher =/
I'm assuming Still Life is a game?
any good game from them so far?

ironman_943625d ago

Anuman has a lot of low-budget-and-good adventure games. Last week they bought Microids and his also low-budget-and-good franshises.

Visit they official website and you will find (and possibly buy) games like Still Life, Syberia, Return to Mysterious Island, Europa Universalis and so many others...

BlackIceJoe3625d ago

I so would like a new Syberia game. I think if it can come out on the PS3 that would be great. I love Adventure games so the more that come out the better. Plus if the point and click Adventure games come out on the PSP too that would be great. I so think the PSP needs Adventure games. Because I love them. So if Anuman brings games to the PSP and PS3 systems that will be great.