Pachter: We Were Wrong

Analyst Michael Pachter was wrong, and he knows it. He and other analysts believed that 2009 would be a significantly better year than it turned out to be. However, recent NPD data shows that they were wrong. Dead wrong. As we reported yesterday, the gaming industry took a substantial hit, contracting 7.6% last month alone.

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jack who3627d ago

when was he ever right?

zag3627d ago

It's because he bases ALL his data on the US market and the US market is the only one in the gutter and will be for years to come.

So what else could you expect from these people.

cyguration3627d ago

Not only wrong but despised as well...way to go analysts.

Shadow Flare3627d ago

I honestly, honestly do not know how pachter keeps his job. It almost angers me that he hasn't been fired. Considering the amount of people unemployed at the moment, this clown seems to slip under the radar. A mentally crippled monkey could make more accurate predictions then him

Megaton3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

It does anger me that he keeps his job while being so colossally incorrect. It's not like it happens once in awhile. It's pretty much guaranteed that when he predicts something, the opposite will happen.

Your average N4G user is correct way more often than he is.

lowcarb3627d ago

"Your average N4G user is correct way more often than he is"

Not the one's that were claiming ps3 would out sell 360 in November.

Anon19743627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Have you actually looked at Pachter's track record? Any of you? The guy is right far more often then he's wrong. I simply don't understand the hate that people have for this guy. He's just an analyst, simply doing his job and doing it far better then a helluva lot of other game industry analysts.

Even when he seems way off base or sometimes his timings off, history has a way of turning around and proving Pachter right.

There are plenty of sites that examine his track record. Before you jump all over the guy, maybe some of could use to actually look up his track record and verify how often he's correct.

And remember, his main job is to value company's stocks. He's not employed to make predictions for fanboys to jump all over. He's paid to make evaluate sales and industry trends to make calls on the valuation of stocks. That's his job. You want to jump all over Pachter, take a look at his stock reports for a company and say "Hey, you were wrong on this," not the timing of a PS3 price cut. Those type of predictions are only secondary musings to his main job, advising investors.

A poster above said "It does anger me that he keeps his job while being so colossally incorrect."
Tell you what. You show me that stock report where he was "colossally incorrect". Show me his valuation of Take Two and explain why it's wrong. Show me his reports on EA or Ubisoft and explain to me how his stock predictions and company valuations, were off. That's what he's paid to do. Has he not done this job adequately? Do any of you even know? I'm guessing not, because these reports aren't just made available to anyone who wants to view them. You have to be an investment firm partnered with Webbush or you have to be paying for these reports. They don't give em out for free.

Those hammering on Pachter don't have even an inkling as to what this guy's job is. I doubt any one of you has actually read, in full, and comprehended one of his reports - and if you did I'd like to know what brokerage house you worked for and hear your take on if his reports was accurate or not.

sikbeta3627d ago

Patcher, do us a favor, just shut up, resign and disappear

Solidus187-SCMilk3627d ago

Dont worry, I have a feeling that 2010 will be a huge year for the games industry. WIth all the amazing games coming out it should be a huge year for sales.

solar3627d ago

this is my analysis. same as the last oh, 10 years of gaming. PC gaming is Dead! DEAD i tell you!!


rockleex3626d ago

The PS3 did outsell the 360 in November worldwide.


badz1493626d ago

as far as NA numbers plus the Japan numbers go, PS3 outsold 360 in November!

and didn't this pachter guy being rubbing false and stupid predictions all over our face one after another at least once a month but just NOW somehow he's admitting that he's wrong?

OMG, pachter is wrong again! this is news! - NOT!

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jonathanyeong3627d ago

Well lets hope he's right about the Q1 sales.

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samoon3627d ago

Seriously who gives these guys their jobs??

"MW2 is gonna sell millions of copies" No $HIT sherlock.

And when they screw up, its perfectly fine, they can just continue making more stupid assumptions...

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The story is too old to be commented.