Sony's PR Problems in 2009

Martin Gaston of TheGameReviews writes: "It's been a good year for Sony. The PS3 Slim has been well received both critically and commercially, and the happy side effect of the new design means the silly Spider-Man font has been consigned to the basement with the rest of Ken 'Krazy' Kutaragi's ideas. There have also been some cracking first-party titles and, even better, the third-party developers have started to get used to the mighty machine's complex infrastructure, meaning games are no longer generally worse than their 360 counterparts. It might actually be the year of the PS3 after all. But, at the same time, the company has had a terrible time with keeping its exciting developments to itself under lock and key. Even professional mouthpiece Jack Tretton made fun of Sony's inability to keep a secret during his E3 presentation. He was, of course, referring to the leaked announcement of the PSP Go, leaked amusingly by none other than Sony's own Qore gaming show. After months of poorly handled denials, persistent rumours and unyielding speculation, it was almost too fitting for Sony's PR department for it ultimately drop the ball on its big announcement on the big stage."

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SlamVanderhuge3622d ago

Can't believe that they've bumbled that system so bad. Really hope that they can turn it around in '09

timzone3622d ago

I live in New Zealand which is part of the Sony European area. In NZ the PSPgo comes out at $362US. Anyway I got one a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get some official Sony accessories. Opps, none at any stores. While I could import these, I thought I would try Sony before I went down this road. Below is their reply

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your recent email.

In response to your enquiry we would like to advise you that as the PSPgo has only recently been released accessories are still be developed for the console. Therefore if you are experiencing any issues finding accessories through retailer we would suggest to check back at a later date.


PlayStation Support Centre

REF: ZW02574598


The definition of............

'you simply don't know'
Ignorance,as it were.

In between attempts to derail at least take the time to understand why.?