Koku Gamer - College Lacrosse 2010 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Most people have probably never heard of Inside Lacrosse's CL2010, and for good reason. Mainly because it's an Xbox Live Indie Game and those don't get much of any press, second because it's not a great game. This is my first experience with lacrosse as a sport in any fashion and to be honest I am probably not the audience this game was going for. If you are into lacrosse I would say you could probably get around this game a bit easier in the beginning, but the real problems will never go away."

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RedDeadLB3631d ago

Thank god bad games are rare..

Ziriux3631d ago

Lol, their nothing short of rare on the Wii. :)

Ziriux3631d ago

... than you play it and think it's the most horrid game ever created.

cb8103631d ago

Who knew? Is there a video game for rugby or cricket? I'd try em all!