Square Enix: Wii HD would be 'boring'

CC: Square Enix developer Akitoshi Kawazu has said that a HD enabled Wii would be 'boring', if HD was the only new feature to the console.

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ruleroftekken3629d ago

I agree. I don't want 'Cooking Mama' in HD. We want proper hardcore games. If you want some casual games, move onto Nintendo's handhelds!

_insane_gamer_3629d ago

Agreed. I reckon if you check every home with a Wii in, about 50% of homes will have either a PS3, 360 or PSP in them as well. The Wii is bought as a family gift.

Maddens Raiders3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

""If the only difference really in the Wii 2 is only SD to HD would, that would be really quite boring"

uhhh no this is the part where you come in and make a stellar HDwii game dumbass. /s

mjolliffe3629d ago

It doesn't look like they would want to support Wii HD.

Baka-akaB3629d ago

They already did a stellar FF crystal chronicle not so long ago and it's under performing in sales ...

Square maybe to blame for lots of bad things , but certainly not the lack of hardcore game interest on wii .

They are quite right to think that going HD now without any other added value would be of no interest to them ...

SpoonyRedMage3629d ago

Yer Baka it's sad about Crystal Bearers' performance in Japan[:(] but it had many things going against it and I think porting Echoes of Time to the Wii damaged the CC brand name. But oddly when you consider it the 120K sales of the EoT port may have covered Crystal Bearers dev costs.:S I'm hoping it does alright in the long run anyway.:(

Kawazu is also talking as a developer here, not as an exec, Kawazu likes weird innovations which is why he thinks it would be boring.

sikbeta3629d ago

wiiHD, people still thinking about that?

Why Nintendo will make a HD console with the current GC 2.0, sorry wii still selling well...

asdr3wsfas3629d ago

"Agreed. I reckon if you check every home with a Wii in, about 50% of homes will have either a PS3, 360 or PSP in them as well. The Wii is bought as a family gift."

I have both. The wii was bought to game. The ps3 was bought as a blueray player.

MEsoJD3629d ago

way to busy making money on the wii right now. LOL and when they come out with the next version. They'll do what they do with gameboy.

Noctis Aftermath3629d ago

Well if 3rd party devs already find it hard to sell games on the Wii, why would they want to make games in HD which requires higher costs and longer development times.

rockleex3628d ago

Would be PHENOMINAL!!!

But I should stop giving Nintendo ideas.




Anyways, I hope Sony is able to deliver 3D HD motion-controlled head-tracking gaming soon! ^_^

ChickeyCantor3628d ago

" I don't want 'Cooking Mama' in HD. We want proper hardcore games."

THIS, got nothing to do with the statement said.
He only implied that a Nintendo console adding nothing but HD is boring.

Reggie already said that their next console is not just a HD upgrade.

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dpdvxkpizbnwg3629d ago

I'm just fed up of Nintendo now. I had a Wii, fot rid of it. Never regret it.

dkblackhawk503629d ago

It would be nice if they had HD at the beginning but since they didn't, it really isn't needed now.

SpoonyRedMage3629d ago

I agree and Akitoshi Kawazu is the man, an underappreciated visionary in my opinion.

asdr3wsfas3629d ago

With HD we'd get the same old boring developers thinking in the same ways they have for years. "We could add this in GTA if we had this much more horsepower..."

I'm bored of sandbox! Make a new game instead of updating old ones with trivial features you can get with more processing power!

lightningsax3629d ago

He's right about this, and I think Nintendo also knows it, hence their denial of a "Wii HD." The next system they're doing has to involve more than updated graphics - If your typical new-Wii(2?) game plays like your typical original Wii game, count me out.

...although I'd like to see what happens to the BIT.TRIP series with a graphics overhaul!

mjolliffe3629d ago

I praise Kawazu and Square Enix. I love my Wii as it is and *probably* wouldn't bother getting a HD version.

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The story is too old to be commented.