God of War brand retains popularity amongst consumers

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

PS3 exclusives have fallen into a trend of under performing on the sales charts, a trend continued with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which failed to chart in the top 20 software titles in the month of November. Many analysts have begun to question whether highly acclaimed Sony franchises such as God of War and Gran Turismo can break that trend.

However, it appears that the God of War brand does remains popular in the eye of the average Joe.

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-Alpha3633d ago

but GoW on PS2 sold about 2 million to 3 million copies and that was at the end of the PS2 cycle. Not that that is bad, but with a smaller install base with the PS3, I wonder how GoW3 will do.

This is where I expect advertisements to play a huge role and considering how Sony's ads are so much more effective I expect great sales for GoW3

wxer3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

i think Sony did a great move with GOW:C and that GOW3 demo

i mean the demo made a big BUZZ
and GOW:C was the final nail in the coffin
now PPL are blood thirsty for GOW3

@#1 don't forget that the PS2 was heavily moded and im sure that GOW on the PS2 was heavily pirated too

RememberThe3573633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

How well did Mad World sell on the Wii? The install base is much bigger then the PS3. The PS2 base was a very diverse consumer group. GOW is not the type pf game for everyone. It is my personal favorite series but there are a lot of people who can't handle it's brutality.

I can gurantee that GOW3 will sell more then GOW 1 and 2. By how much? No clue. But I do know that it will be bigger, much bigger.

GOW came out and no one really knew what to do with it. Then When GOW2 came out, the next generation had already begun and we all know how f'ed Sony was when the PS3 launched.

GOW is not a huge series, it is a great series. Don't expect 10 million people to go out and buy GOW3, but expect that most people who buy it, love it.

Darkstorn3632d ago

It's a shame to see PS3 games under performing at retail, but once Uncharted 2 wins GOTY, and people realize that the PS3 has the best lineup of exclusives (MGS4, UC2, GoW III, GT5 etc.), Sony will sell more consoles and add to the install base. Hopefully that will get some sales up.

thebudgetgamer3632d ago

as loong as i'm the one that makes the purchase.

rockleex3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Gran Turismo 5.

By the way, even GT5P sold pretty well for a "demo". It sold almost 4 million right?


Also, MGS4 sold 3 million in one month, and 4 million in its lifetime... as I remember.

NATAL-FTW3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

PS3: God of War
Wii: Zelda
360: Gears of War

If the VGA shows footage of the new Zelda I will literally I will slap my willy silly.

sikbeta3632d ago

This game will be EPIC no matter what, sales don't make a game better

raztad3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

UC2 underperforming? Nope, I dont think so.

Just in NA game sold 700K+ the first month. MW2 on the other has sold 1.8 m on the PS3. Thats not a bad ratio at all considering how huge COD:MW2 is.

I'm sure lifetime UC2 will do rather well, close to 4m, I guess right now it must be close to 2m. If anything Sony must advertise this game more out of the internet. It was really easy to see MW2 ads everywhere (displaying a big xbox), but you know ads are expensive and Sony has to many games under its belt.

The same is valid for GoW. Game quality is warranted but only a massive publicity can get sky - high sales.

I'm begining to think that Sony as a publisher is more than happy having their games to sell 1-2m the first couples of months and perform well lifetime just on word of mouth and fanbase support.

travelguy2k3632d ago

But it would be nice if the best games sold more.

This generation and even a bit last generation, Some of the best games did not sell that well. (ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and even GOW series). It seems to be all about the marketing. It does not even matter how good the game is anymore.

I myself get caught up in the hype for games. I think I have 2 games still in the wrapper that i have never even played. I guess I am a sucker for the hype/marketing machine.

Noctis Aftermath3632d ago

I'd like to know how UC2 has undersold, the first one sold alot worse, if you expect a new IP to sell halo numbers you need your head examined.

stb3632d ago

@#1 don't forget that the PS2 was heavily moded and im sure that GOW on the PS2 was heavily pirated too


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unrealgamer583633d ago

ok hasn't uc2 reached a million over?

WildArmed3633d ago

i thought it did. I may be wrong, but i thought U2 hit the 1mil mark in the first week of its launch

Obama3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I thought it's at 2 million + worldwide a while ago already. In any case, sales don't make a game great. We often see how some crap games sell but great games don't.

GOW3 will be the most epic action next year. I will eat my head if it got worse reviews than DI, which won't happen anyways.

TheTruth20093633d ago

The God of War Collection charted in the Top 20 of Software Sales for the Month of November 2009.

Therefore, the "Average Joe" cares about Kratos.

Ooooooookkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy .....



Next. :-)

Man_of_the_year3633d ago

Absolutely true. The average gamer doesn't give a rats A$$ about the GoW collection. The only ones that care about it are the ones that are fans and owned the 1st and or 2nd game on the PS2. Just like my brother, and my friends. Just like the average consumer didn't care about UC2, KZ2, Resistance 1, Resistance 2 (which sold less than the fist), LBP and so many other games. But now it's the GoW franchise that is going to show that the average consumer is going to run out there and purchase mass amounts of GoW 3. LOL. Ya right. I am looking forward to Dante's Inferno more than GoW 3 and now my brother who is a big GoW fan thinks that Dante's Inferno is an Awesome game.

Sorry Nick @ PS3Center, your biased views are once again biased and blinded by fanboyism.

cyborg69713632d ago

Your both the biggest losers on this site. That is what the title of the article should be.

Man_of_the_year3632d ago

WOW cyborg6971. Way to refute my comments and apply a logical counter. Just another typical Sony Fanboy exhibiting typical Sony fanboy traits. Attack the person rather than proving them wrong with some kind of proof, link, or source.

I guess with your comment, you are rolling over with your fanboy tail between your legs and your comment "Your both the biggest losers on this site. That is what the title of the article should be." is just a way of saying "you guys are right since i chose to call you losers rather than counter your comment with some kind of mature factual response".


Sarevok3632d ago

tis tis... man of the year.
So you think DI is awesome and your waiting for the awesomeness?
Why wait I got a copy DI right here! (hands you a copy of God Of War 2)

see what I did? xP

Mo0eY3632d ago

Lol at TheFlute and Fan of the Rear. These two should get married thus causing no procreation and therefore no next generation bots. It's a win-win for everyone.

ssipmraw3632d ago

you know its funny when bots resort to multiplatform games in order to compare them to sony exclusives. especially when the multiplats are in ps3 lead development aka Dante's inferno

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The Iron Sheik3632d ago

Let's see, Truth & Man of the year both obsess over games sales numbers for a console they hate, so they can gloat about their console manufactured by a company they don't even work for. M$ has never paid them but here they are every day doing their PR work for them for free.

I'd say cyborg6971 was dead on in his assesment of you two as losers

Mr Ventura your thoughts on these 2 bots?

BX813632d ago

The fact that you put the effort to look up this clip and add it puts you in the same category!

PirateThom3632d ago

Yes, Youtube is a lot of effort....

AngelorD3632d ago

I assure you 90% of the people who played the first 2 games didn't even buy them. And now they're gonna have to buy it.

And don't tell me i'm exaggerating cause you know it's true!

Sevir043632d ago

in fact.. GOW 2 came out around March of 07 during the 360's best years i add and still showed some impressive number, 3 days to sell 2 million. In fact, Jack said that GOD OF WAR 2, will outclass any game on next gen platforms for that month, and it did. 2 million in 3 days. So i think to say the least GOW3 will certainly be the big seller of the 3. If it's marketed right and it will The game will get amazing pre orders probably will crack MGS4 type mumbers

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