Off the Grid: Rogue Galaxy

DualShockers writes: "Rogue Galaxy is one of those new IPs you expect might not even cross people's minds, especially since it was released fairly soon after the last major Final Fantasy title. In many "best RPGs on the PS2? lists I fail to see this title, yet it was so much fun that I couldn't put it down for weeks, clocking in close to 100 hours..."

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Tomarcus3625d ago

When I worked at Target, this game was on clearance for like 10 dollars. Then next day, when I went in to buy it, GONE... I want to try this game.

Relientk773625d ago

This is a very underrated PS2 RPG game

if I had to make a greatest list of RPGS on the PS2 this would def be on it

and Grandia 2 also

AzarVC3624d ago

Great, another game to add to my PS2 "to buy" list. Hahaha.