Sci-fi author and Crysis 2 writer Peter Watts beaten, arrested at US border

Peter Watts, a Canadian citizen, was subject to a beating and arrest by U.S. border guards on Tuesday when he was detained by the aforementioned authorities at the U.S.-Canada border. On top of the beating and pepper spraying that he received, he was additionally charged with "assaulting a federal officer", a felony rap that carries a mandatory 2 year sentence in a federal prison, if convicted.

Peter Watts, who has previously worked on Homeworld 2, is currently serving as a writer and art consultant on Crysis 2 and is the author of the Hugo-award-nominated science fiction novel, Blindsight.

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Pandamobile3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

What the Christ?

What did he do to provoke the boarder-nazi? And I say 'Boarder-nazi' because there's nothing worse than a US boarder guard. They're horrible people.

StillGray3633d ago

For serious, I feel really bad for Peter. I hope he manages to fight his way through this. A 2 year sentence in a pound-me-in-the-ass federal prison is no joke.

Government Cheese3633d ago

I think its too early, and not enough evidence yet to start 'picking sides' in this case.

StillGray3633d ago

Fully agreed. But with that being said, without the public's support, he'll essentially lose his livelihood to pay off his legal fees.

kaveti66163633d ago

Border guards are not saints, but I want to know more about the story before I put the blame on them. I think, or want to believe, that Watts must have done something serious to provoke them, although a beating and pepper spray would be excessive no matter what. If it's true that Border patrol randomly stops people and beats them down and arrests them just for fun, then I have no inclination to leave my state by car anytime soon.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3633d ago

His first mistake appears to be that he questioned authority.

You never question authority in Amerika, you just show your papers and keep your eyes on the ground.

Seriously, the world is not like it used to be, folks.
Big Brother is here and dark days are on the horizon...

Megaton3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

While I've never crossed either of the US borders myself, I've witnessed and received the business end of American law enforcement gone wild, so it wouldn't surprise me the least bit to find out these guys just went off on him for little/no reason.

I'm with Government Cheese for now, need more info.

Winter47th3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Welcome to America. We hope you *Falcon Punch* enjoy your stay.

gaffyh3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Ok now that is f***ed up! Just because he asked a question? I hope those border guards are locked up for what they did. They essentially ruined a man's life over a simple question, WOW.

Darkstorn3633d ago

Geez, he must have said something really bad. Those border guards have done terrible things; think of what would have happened had he been at the Mexican border...

Darkstorn3633d ago

The United States may not enjoy the social freedoms of the Western European countries, but that doesn't mean we are comparable to the Soviet Union.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

The entire world is moving towards a very sinister system of governance.

It is happening right in front of our eyes, yet most people are so wrapped up in everyday nonsense that they can't even see it.

Soon enough, however, it will be on display for all to see.

orakga3633d ago

Really?? You guys must not watch the news.

Nearly every WEEK, there's a report of law enforcement officers tazing and beating people without sufficient justification. Yes, sometimes people will ANNOY them, but the way they punish that annoyance is WAY beyond acceptable.

Just google "police violence video", watch the videos, then come back here and tell us if you STILL think you need more info.

My favorite (you know what I mean) is the one where a cop pulls over a car FOR NO REASON, then when the driver (a middle-aged woman) gets out of the car to ask the police officer what's wrong (apparently that's punishable by death nowadays), he tazes her IN FRONT OF HER KID WHO IS SCREAMING "MOMMY~! MOMMY!!!".

I don't need any more info. The border security people [email protected] up and that's the end of the story here.

socomnick3633d ago

Wait for all the details to come in then pick a side.

All im saying is he didn't get his ass beat and pepper sprayed for nothing, he must have provoked the ass whooping.

ecb3633d ago

isn't there some sci fi writer that writes for video games, but is also racist or sexist or something? i only ask because if its this guy, maybe he said something hateful to piss the gaurds off.

orakga3633d ago

Seriously, do you guys NOT watch the news?

EVEN when there are VIDEOS of wrongdoing, these people get away clean (with maybe 2-week suspensions) JUST BECAUSE they are part of the authority.

I bet you all my bubbles that this is what happened:

(Dude gets off car)
- Dude: "What seems to be the problem here?"
- BG: "Sir, stay in the car!"
- Dude: "Well can you at least tell me what's going on?"
- BG: "I said get back in the car!"
- Dude: "Come on, can you at least tell me why you're doing this?"
- Dude: "But I didn't do anything wrong!! Tell me what I did wrong!!"
- BG: "Aite, you asked for it..."
(BGs proceed to beat the [email protected] out of Dude)

Also I bet you that the dude DID NOT throw a single punch at any of the officers during the incident, which is essentially what this case hinges upon.

These cops (and that's what they really are, but in a different branch of government) will file outrageous accusations against these innocent people just to put them on the defensive. This way, the people have to SOMEHOW prove their innocence (a near-impossible feat) BEFORE even being able to file a complaint against the officers.

For god's sake, educate yourselves on current events for once and you'll see that this is NOT a time to play semantics.

The BGs are guilty as hell, and I'll wage all my bubbles on it. Anyone who's willing to take up this bet, step the [email protected] up, or kindly shut up.

The BS Police3633d ago

You are well within your right to question authority, rememebr those with authority only have that authority to uphold the law, not break it.

They also have no right to abuse that authority.

Perjoss3633d ago

maybe the guard is a hardcore PC gamer and is a little upset about the Crysis sequel having consoles as lead platform.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3633d ago

You misread my post, my friend.

We don't disagree. ;)

Pandamobile3632d ago

What the hell makes you think that the console are the lead platform for Crysis 2? If that were the case, we might as well be playing Far Cry 1.

There's multiple teams working on Crysis 2. They've got the engine dev and PC dev teams together, and then a separate team, formerly Free Radical Designs helping scale back the console versions. (map sizes, texture resolutions, shader quality, geometry, etc all has to be scaled way back to get it to run well on the 360 and PS3.)

Sub4Dis3632d ago

nobody with a capable pc has any reason to even consider crysis on console. guaranteed this game on medium settings will be miles ahead of the console version.

on topic: i see all these ppl getting disagrees for basically saying people in authoritative positions are corrupt. are you kidding? are ppl really naive enough to believe that government is good and ppl in positions of authority can be trusted? we don't know the whole story, but i seriously doubt anyone would be dumb enough to assault a group of guards. plus you hear about this stuff happening all the time. hell, i have a friend who went to jail for "aggravated assault" because a cop slammed his head against the roof of a police car as he was getting into the back of it. he was handcuffed and got charged for aggravated assault. and for those that don't know, that means you used a weapon.

deshon093632d ago

i guess you have never be to russia because this is child play compared to what they do

rockleex3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Because she kicked her shoes toward him. A regular guy would spend time in jail if he reacted the same to his girlfriend.

Cop shoots (and kills) black guy in the back of head FOR NO REASON.

You're NEVER supposed to shoot someone unless they appear to be pulling out a weapon on you, or they clearly have a weapon and are trying to kill you.

This black guy was being held down by multiple officers, there's no reason for the cop to even pull out his gun in the first place.

The purpose of a cop is to serve and protect the citizens... but who protects the citizens from a cop?

3631d ago
3631d ago
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Sano643633d ago

Who knows Pandamobile but this article is very one sided we are only getting his side of the story. We dont know what really happned. I bet the whole thing is on tape.

And yes I am American and I have family in Canada and have crossed the border a number of times. And I dont find all the boarer gards to be "horrible people"

Pandamobile3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Whereabouts do you cross? It's a terrible experience going from Windsor to Detroit and Sarnia to Port Huron (where this happened)

orakga3633d ago

Just because YOU never had a bad experience, doesn't prove that these incidents don't occur. Like I mentioned somewhere else, go google this. There are enough videos out there that prove this stuff happens ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Feral Gamer3632d ago

I think Detroit says it all. That's the anus of the US

The Lazy One3632d ago

very rarely will police attack people if they aren't justified. They just have too much at stake. This website is incredibly one sided. For an area that should have plenty of cameras, it should be pretty obvious who is in the right and who is in the wrong quickly.

PS: I was beaten by police too <_< >_>... I'm poor, here's my pay-pal account...

not the least suspicious way to ask for money.

rockleex3632d ago


Especially when you have clear evidence that they have no justification for their actions, yet they still get away with NO PENALTIES whatsoever.

This has not happened just once or twice. Its a common occurrence. Cops know they have the government on their side.

Not all cops are bad. But you can be sure that those cops who ARE bad, know very well that they're backed by the government. Just like those soldiers that get away with raping women.

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Xi3633d ago

pepper spray is usually more then enough, a beating is usually more then enough, a beating and pepper spray seems excessive.

I bet he'll lose just because he's not an american.

INehalemEXI3633d ago

They probably will give him probation or something doubt he will have to serve 2 years in the pen. Unless he has some serious priors.

StillGray3633d ago

I do not think he has any priors. He's a marine biologist and a science fiction writer, heh.

snipermk03633d ago

I'm from Canada and I do believe that the Canadians get the short end of the stick. In literally EVERYTHING!

INehalemEXI3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

They will most likely end up dropping the felony charge but he would have to deal with misdameanor charges. Fines, some jail time etc. They always throw a bunch of charges up against you and then try to make you take a deal for lessor charges. They know dang well excessive force was used.

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evilmonkey5013633d ago

Will Canada kick his butt back to the u.s. ?

S4NDM4N3633d ago

I hate traveling to the US. I'm Persian and it drives me nuts. I missed two flights a few years ago because they would fingerprint my parents and question them and stuff.

Never taking an American airline company or traveling to the US by plane.

Borders always causes problems for us too.

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