Loot Ninja Review: Tony Hawk RIDE

Loot Ninja writes: "Tony Hawk has taken skateboarding games to the next level with RIDE. It's too bad that level is crappy, small, poorly laid out, and lacks imagination or creativity in every possible facet. If you are a fan of skateboarding games, like me, you know that the Tony Hawk series was great early on, and even the T.H.U.G. releases were good, but the franchise got a little tired in the Project 8 and Proving Ground releases. Then SKATE and SKATE 2 came along and revolutionized the way we think about skateboarding games. They opened our minds about skating in the truest sense of the sport's freedom and it's creativity. Tony Hawk RIDE takes all the great concepts of those classic skateboarding games, throws them out the window, and goes one step further with the new controller. Unfortunately, that step also takes you straight back to the game store to get your money back. Now, if only there was a receipt for your wasted time. Hit the jump for more details."

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