PS3s Instock for $550

PS3s for $550 but hurry only limited quanitys and one for myself!

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BIadestarX4737d ago

So, now this site will become a form of advertising for retail stores to push consoles? How is this news! Is this the new level of famboysm? Soon will will see ads for other consoles.

Lord Anubis4737d ago

:| sharing a good deal with fellow gamers is now consider fanboyism :|

WilliamRLBaker4737d ago

but posting whats basically an AD on the frontpage is not news.

BIadestarX4737d ago

I am all for telling people where there is a good deal. But how is this news? Couldnt this be posted on any PS3 article as a comment.. I am sure it would have the same effect... let's hope tomorrow another retailer does not sell PS3 for 548.99 or we are going to have more of these so call breaking news.

weekapaugh4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

i just bought 7 million PS3's, looks like sales are tied now. But that credit card bill is gonna suck.

drtysouf214737d ago

more of these deals going on. Which is a good thing!

Lord Anubis4737d ago

Are you kidding me its the greatest thing. I remember reading some blogs reporting on the special deals (time limited) from stores. For example I had reserved Driver 3 for PS2 for its full price untill I was told I could get it for 30 dollars at fryz, I canceled the reservation and bought it for much less than the entry price, the same day it was released.

There are other blogs that report on such good deals, but beware, because if you share a good deal you will be label a fanboy.... :|

TOM4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

turns up a company by that name but it sells phones.

Couldn't find them or any company by that name in NY(the site says they are located there)filed with the BBB.I'm not saying they arent ligit,htere is just no record of how good of sevice they provide.

Not sure a $50 savings is worth the risk.

And I agree,this isn't the place for adds.This is nowhere close to news.Might want to get this site under control guys.

original seed4737d ago

now let go see if the have an Xbox 360 on sale somewhere so i can submit a NEWS story. Cmon

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