Keighley: Biggest Spike VGA Reveal Has Yet to Come

Halo Reach. UFC 2010 Undisputed. Tron. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Electronic Art's Medal of Honor reboot.

That's only five of the games that will make their world premiere at the Spike 2009 Video Game Awards, which airs on Spike TV this Saturday. But according to GameTrailers TV host and VGA producer Geoff Keighley, you haven't seen anything yet. He promises "more than 12" exclusives, including all new footage of Ruffian's Crackdown 2, a new Star Wars title, and at least two games Spike can't even hint at.

"We definitely have some pretty major surprises still to come," he tells Destructoid. "Essentially, the biggest thing in the show hasn't even been announced yet."

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Maddens Raiders3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

mug screams MS pawn.

On topic

can't wait to see what the big reveal is. hope it's worth the hype.

Government Cheese3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Hope its Grand Theft Auto V.. and that it will actually be fun like San andreas and Vice city were! And not save all the good stuff for DLC a year and a half later that only a third of the fans get to even play...

TOO PAWNED3623d ago

So more or less he confirmed Gears 3....he didn't deny it like he did Dead Space 2. So if MS ends up having Gears 3, Reach and Crackdown 2, they stole the show.

kaveti66163623d ago

Another article on this site claims that STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT III is STILL in the works, but under a new title called FORCES OF CORRUPTION or something close to that. The article says that an actor working on a project for LucasArts confirmed this. I cannot verify the validity of the article, but I think it's a good bit of info.

Simon_Brezhnev3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

probably a M$ exclusive but i hopes its a Sony franchise that hasn't hit the PS3 yet. Now that i think about it i bets its that damn Natal crap.

Mista T3623d ago

maybe Eight Days will be officially announced?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3623d ago

If it's a Half-Life announcement, I am going to be like this...

Kal11383623d ago

The actor the guy got the e-mail from mentioned that Battlefront III turned into Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, which doesn't make any sense. Empire at War is a 2006 Star Wars RTS and Forces of Corruption is it's expansion. No sense at all.

Bnet3433623d ago

Epic has been quiet for a while now, there has to be some Gears 3 teaser I'm guessing.

Noctis Aftermath3623d ago

While i am interested in what new IPs there will be, i doubt any of the games will be JRPGs and thats what i am really craving it play right now.

Government Cheese3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

So to clear it up, Empire at war: forces of corruption was originally titled Battlefront III (for whatever reason I don't know). However they later changed it to empire at war: forces of corruption. And now the REAL Battlefront III is being made, which the casting director confirmed. (he worked on both empire at war and battlefront III)

HOWEVER, they already stated a few weeks ago that there will be a new Star Wars game at the VGAs, therefore it has technically been 'revealed', sort of, so the star wars game can't be what this article is hinting at. And even so, the Star Wars game is actually rumored to be 'Star Wars Legends'.

ZombieNinjaPanda3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )


Forces of Corruption is the Expansion pack to Star Wars Empire at War the PC RTS game.


But, if it is Star Wars Battlefront 3, I will piss myself with excitement and anticipation.

4Sh0w3623d ago

I say its "Tetris HD Remix"...what's bigger than that?

siyrobbo3623d ago

Essentially, the biggest thing in the show hasn't even been announced yet

New Wii Zelda, wouldnt get much bigger than that

morganfell3623d ago

Get ready for 2K's unknown game - Duke Nukem being made by Gearbox.

ABizzel13623d ago

Well I guess it may be worth watching this year after all. They need to make the event for gamers. They talk about how they want to appeal to the mainstream crowd (the diversity I agree with), which is bull. This event is ONCE A YEAR. You can dedicate 2 - 3 hours out of 365 days to a simple gaming event that doesn't have to be for everyone. Be fair with the votes for the categories, nominate games that deserve awards (Killzone and inFamous), and take out people who don't belong there and replace them with industry professionals or a top name in the business.

Now I think The VGA's should be more like a games expo or convention. The award ceremony should be held (performances are OK, but stop booking unknown and third rate talent, get someone worth seeing). And do what you're doing this year show, first time footage of games to come next year, whether it's gameplay, a trailer, or a teaser trailer. This would make the awards better.

bnaked3623d ago

Damn, i'm restricted, because i have called the sony motion controller a dildo.. lol

whatever, it will be Agent..

stonecold13623d ago

gtav ps3 exclusive back home on the ps3 brand

Government Cheese3623d ago

But GTA V ps3 exclusive isn't likely. And Playstation isn't the home of GTA, it got started back on the PC... and its never even been exclusive to Playstation, nor has Rockstar as a developer...

SilentNegotiator3623d ago

Battlefront 3, Half-Life 3, and 8 days, Gex 4 :)

Agent, Reach (In 720p w/2xAA)

NecrumSlavery3623d ago

Well he's talking about some sh"tty sequel to an xbox 360.

We all wish it was PS3's Kingdom Hearts III

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Rampaged Death3623d ago

Ok it has to be FF VII remake, Goldeneye remake or Shenmue 3.

silvacrest3623d ago

shenmue 3 PS3 exclusive would be epic

i say PS3 exclusive because of yakuza franchise and because i want it to take full advantage of BD

MajestieBeast3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Bet its a Sony exclusive or its zelda maybe gta V cause on the 360 there is nothing bigger then halo.

narked3623d ago

please God let it be HALF LIFE

jesuisankit3623d ago

I agreee we had enough of Gears, Killzones, etc... I want my HL Episode 3 :)

narked3623d ago

dont we all want our episode 3 ? i just spent the last 3 weeks playing through HL1 till HL2:Ep2 ... they never get old =)

please valve give us the xmas present we all want :)

trancefreak3623d ago

I cant wait for half life its time baby for some more gordon freeMan

MagicAccent3623d ago

Bah, I don't want Half Life 2: Episode 3.. I want Half Life 3! :(

narked3623d ago

half life 3 would be better, but at this point i just want a half life title. tired of waiting

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3623d ago
Hellsvacancy3623d ago

Itll b the new Hannah Montana game

SuperStrokey11233623d ago

Prehaps they will change it to Mylie cyrus to drive those sales even more

BYE3623d ago

I'd rather have a new Barbie or My Little Pony Game.