Early Reports Of FFXIII Game Play

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Drakol just sent me an email after playing some of the test build of FFXIII on the PS3.

'This game truly utilizes
ALL that the PS3 has to offer, and I mean that this game is pushing the
limits of the PS3 like no other PS3 title.'"

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Pennywise4740d ago

'This game truly utilizes
ALL that the PS3 has to offer, and I mean that this game is pushing the
limits of the PS3 like no other PS3 title.'"

^ SO with this statement... How does the 360 version play? Has anyone had the chance to see it?

Mr_Bun4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

If the 360 didn't hold the PS3 version back, who gives a s**t how it played on the 360. If you own both consoles, you'd be a fool NOT to pick it up for the PS3

Godmars2904740d ago

The thing is, if Burnout Paradise is any example, porting from PS3 to 360 isn't as negative a thing as porting to the PS3 from the 360. Its just that there are so few PS3-1st build titles.

oli4740d ago

i just want the game!!!!!! and im even debating if i should get a japanese copy....... only a couple of weeks 4 the japanese version!! ^.^ this game is gonna b siiickk!!

raztad4740d ago

I dont believe it. Hardly FFXIII looks better than UC2. I think someone, or hasnt played UC2 or is a blind sucker for FF.

No to mention that the rumored GoW3 final build is a huge leap over the already amazing demo.

Harry_Manback4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

...I highly doubt FFXIII "fully utilizes ALL that the PS3 has to offer." I mean, c'mon!
Although, I would LOVE to be proven otherwise!

Blaze9294740d ago

Believe it or not, but don't pass judgment until YOU have the game playing inside of YOUR PS3.



You're comparing a finished game to a game in which you have only seen early builds. That's smart. Public hasnt even seen the final build of FF13 yet.

slave_2D_controller4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I dont believe it either. NO Multi-Plat game is pushing the PS3. In fact, I've yet to see any Multi Plat game that even surpasses Uncharted1, let alone KZ2 or Uncharted2. Nice try though.

Still, FF13 should be a solid ip, so...

Edit- @Blaze929. They also said the game could only be done on the PS3. SE statements are utter BS in my eyes.

Christopher4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I'm calling the 'pushing the PS3 like no other game' comment BS.

FF games are nice looking, but they don't push the technology. You want a game that pushed technology, get UC2 or KZ2. FF did some nice work, but I highly doubt it went as far as those two games did.

@AridSpider below: I can see your point, but when you use the comment 'using the technology to its fullest' it's in terms to the latest developments made with it. Uncharted 2 was out in November and they really pushed the heck out of the PS3, fully utilizing the cell processors at 100%. Now, the FF team may be pushing the hardware, but it's extremely unlikely that they're doing it at a level that Naughty Dog did, otherwise Sony would be the ones making these sort of comments and not a random reviewer guy. Any game that fully utilizes the game's technology and can prove it in gameplay/graphics/audio/functi onality will be heavily marketed by Sony. And that's just not the case here, which makes his statement highly circumspect, let alone a random source of such information.

vhero4740d ago

bitbag = the same people who work with HHG lets wait for a somebody who knows something about gaming like IGN eh?

AridSpider4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Funny how no one had a problem with that statement until a 360 version was announced.

I say just wait and see. Maybe they are using all of it's power in different ways. Just beucase they are doing so doesn't mean the game has to look like Uncharted 2 - two completely different games. How can Final Fantasy look like Uncharted 2's theme, vibe and vibrant look?

slave_2D_controller4740d ago

Your making the correct call my friend, Its TOTAL BS

nycredude4740d ago

I don't give a shiat about what the tech is doing right now. Square has alway made great looking cgi. CGI is easy to make look good. What I want to know is if the game is any good cause every freaking game Square has made this gen sucked ass!

4740d ago
Perjoss4740d ago

It's very cool that you can get it on 360 for those that do not own a ps3. But the ps3 version is the one to get I think, unless you dont have a HDTV or a nice sound system. I'm thinking people with SDTV and crappy sound will not really notice the compression on audio and video.

Yarite4740d ago

"1.4 -
I dont believe it. Hardly FFXIII looks better than UC2. I think someone, or hasnt played UC2 or is a blind sucker for FF."

I'm sorry but just because a game will probably have higher res textures then another game doesn't make it look better.

Art-style and color scheme plays a bigger role.

I know you probably view EVERYTHING with your fanboy contact lenses in place but is it THAT far of a stretch for you to think that some people would think that this is the nicest looking game they have seen?

In-game locations

I know my friends do even tho they have played the likes of Uncharted and MGS4.

The game is going for a completely different style of visuals to Western games since it's Japanese and pretty much all Japanese games (minus Crapcoms) don't heavily use shaders.

Simon_Brezhnev4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

i really doubt its pushing it to the max . GoW3 will probably be the best graphics on consoles next year next to heavy rain

Vivi4740d ago

"I think someone, or hasnt played UC2 or is a blind sucker for FF."

Yeah so maybe he hasn't played Uncharted 2?

No one in Japan gives a crap about western games so for all Japanese PS3 gamers this will be the best looking game they have seen.

Same for Western gamers, Uncharted 2 has only sold 1million worldwide.... FFXIII will sell way more since it's a much bigger game. Uncharted 2 is only big on the internetz.

Many gamers will probably view it as the best game they have seen PS3 or 360. Nothing you can do about that.

raztad4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )


I'm just putting UC2 as the benchmark, which makes sense to me as the best looking game on any console.

I havent seen the final build but I find highly unlikely it to be leaps and bounds above the demo.

As I said I dont believe it. This is just a comment from someone and no proof whatsoever, it's up to you to believe these advanced "impressions" if you feel very smart.


I'm not saying game looks bad or something. That would be ridiculous but I dont think this is true:

"This game truly utilizes
ALL that the PS3 has to offer, and I mean that this game is pushing the
limits of the PS3 like no other PS3 title."



I agree with you. If you skip the technically most advanced games is easy to be blew away when a good looking game appears. Good for those guys, but that doesnt mean the above quote is true.

Immortal Kaim4740d ago

Why are you comparing the graphics of an open world RPG to a linear 3rd person action-adventure game..Of course the two are not going to look the same, FF has a much larger world to depict and explore than Uncharted 2.

4740d ago
NeoBasch4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Completely agreed. It's ridiculous to think people are already dismissing Uncharted 2 when it still looks better than just about every game released thus far. Matter of fact, the only game that I really feel matches it is POSSIBLY Heavy Rain. It still needs a bit touching up before it reaches that level, but it's extremely close.

Sure, we have yet to see the final build of FFXIII, but I highly doubt it has improved considerably since. And no, the art style doesn't make up for it. U2 had an amazing art style as well. In fact, I would say U2 does one better. I mean, just take a look at the crazy concept art. Anybody that says Japanese art is always better should never be taken seriously. What a joke.

Quit wishing this game to be something it's not. The same thing happened to FFXII. If you want a multiplatform game that truly pushes both systems despite the differences in which they operate, you should have picked up Dead Space. It deserved the sales, but was neglected by the "hardcore" gaming crowd. Ridiculous. Don't tell me you care about multiplatform games pushing hardware when you failed to pick up one of the greatest games of the past decade.

@ Immortal Kaim

Funny as U2 only needed to load once to stream all those textures in 720p goodness complete with IN-GAME rendered cutscenes. Among Thieves is a marvel per minute with a framerate that never stutters. The complex technology at use behind U2 is simply astonishing. If you're going to call out U2, get your facts straight. Among Thieves utilized every aspect of the SPU to keep the game running at all times no matter what you did.

Yarite4740d ago

Yawn Uncharted 2 art? I just see locations based of areas in real life and areas I have seen in documentaries years before the game released.

A game which locations purely crafted from the mind of an artist is much more appealing. Looking at this magazine which shows an in-game location and playable battles makes me think wow.

The crazy location design, the lighting and the amazing effects.

(Look at the small image at the top where you can get a small idea at how amazingly crafted this location is)

This is real video-game art.

Not this generic looking village stolen from some town based somewhere in the world. Not like you actually get to explore the village in the game anyway. Set paths dictated by events in the game (mostly corridor shooting).

ultimolu4740d ago

Who cares? I want the game for my PS3.

iamtehpwn4740d ago

It doesn't use the Ps3 100%, but it does make Great use of Ps3. The game is going to be on a 50gb bluray disc, so clearly the Playstation 3 version wasn't TOO gimped if it still requires that much storage. With that said, the game was developed as a Ps3 exclusive.
This is why the PS3 version features many technical aspects such as No installation, practically no load times, Unlockable XMB themes, 50gb Bluray disc, etc.

With that said, I didn't mind preordering to get my copy of Final Fantasy XIII next weekend. What I'd be worried about is if you have an Xbox360 and you play to purchase this game, you maybe getting a gimped version of this game that was ported in about 1 and a half year's time, that we've only seen running once. And that Square has yet to confirm the number of discs in the box.

4740d ago
raztad4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )


It's new for me FFXIII is an open world game. Are you sure about that? FF so far has been a serie of pretty linear RPGs. I doubt FFXIII is gonna be any different.

@Guys above

I'm sure FFXIII is a damn fine looking game. If gameplay matches its visuals it should be a must buy for any PS3 owner, not point in arguing about which art-style looks better. We already have UC2, lets enjoy FFXIII.

Foliage4740d ago

If this were true, the 360 build will be very different from the PS3. The 360 just doesn't have the hardware to hold up to the power of the PS3. Everyone who isn't an xbot or dating their sister knows that.

acedoh4740d ago

for this game and Gran Turismo are what I am most looking forward to... I havne't played a captivating story like FFX or FFVII in many years. I am really hoping this game can get me hooked with an amazing story...

rockleex4740d ago

The only parts in FFXIII that would have a larger world to depict would be the World Map... if there is one.

FFXIII is not FFXI. Its not open world. Its a linear RPG, not like Oblivion or Dragon Age.

At best, it would display huge cities like Uncharted 2 did.

Uncharted 2 also had you traveling throughout an entire city WITHOUT ANY LOADING. All while maintaining graphics that won't be beaten on any other console for at least two years, like what Uncharted 1 did.

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Hated Greatness4740d ago

Bu-bu-bu-but I thought the Xbox 360 version was holding the game back?

Smh @ fanboys.

Mr_Bun4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Let it was a legit fear and until proven otherwise, still is!

Wasn't witty enough to be typed once nevermind twice....ironic how "Hated Greatness" calls out "fanboys"

Pennywise4740d ago

Same comment on bitbag and N4G. Come Original.

Hated Greatness4740d ago

I used the same comment because it is a true one. Going multiplatform will NOT hurt the game. It will simply allow more people that want to play FF to play it. Allowing more people to play a game is always a good thing.

To be honest, I could not care less about Final Fantasy.

Godmars2904740d ago

We still don't know what will be in the Western version of the game. If Square will give an FU to West FF/PS3 fans and make a 1-1 360 version instead of the actual JP PS3 one. Using standardizing as an excuse.

4740d ago
Christopher4740d ago

I see where you're coming from and I'm not going to call you a fanboy because your comments don't seem as such. But, and it's a big but, I gotta disagree with you on a title 'losing' something when going multiplatform.

You can definitely port a game like Uncharted 2 to the Xbox 360, but there are going to be a lot of changes made to it since a lot of the physics, lighting, and AI isn't going to be able to be processed as quickly. And, when doing a multiplatform game, you program for the lowest common denominator. That means if it was a multiplatform from the get-go... PS3 users would lose out and would never have seen some of the elements of the game that were tailored specifically for the console on which it is currently available.

Another example: Bioshock. Their goal was to make it a 1:1 copy of the game rather than taking any time to take advantage of any PS3 advantages in lighting and physics management. Why? Because they didn't want to [email protected] on those who had already bought it on the 360.

Multiplatform games, while oftentimes better games, do typically lose out a lot in certain areas that are strengths for one of the platforms.

Pennywise4740d ago

If you don't care about the game, then quit commenting all over the interwebs about it.

Ocelot5254740d ago

this does NOT use the full power of the PS3,
just look at the screenshots: no anisitropic filtering, low number of polygons on screen, underwhelming shaders,...

Perkel4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

@ Hated

"I used the same comment because it is a true one. Going multiplatform will NOT hurt the game. "

so it definitely upgrade game ?
No, staying exclusive to one console/platform RESULT ALWAYS in better quality.

If Killzone 2 was multi it wouldn't be even close to tech they achieved being exclusive to ps3.

Releasing game as multi is good thing to poeple who don't have ps3 but for people with PS3 it's a issue with worse quality of game itself after going multi.

It's like x360 HALO will go multi and becouse of that there will be no split screen or there will be worse for eg graphic..

Don't be an as*hole and be multi-console user it's far better to industry and yourself. You will be playin all games with better quality .. It's win win situation for industry and yourself, don't you think ?

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Fishy Fingers4740d ago

Who is Drakol? Can someone tell me please.

Because unless he has some development understanding/history I cant really take his statement to seriously, while I'm sure they've got the best out of the PS3 that they can, Eastern developers have really lacked to push any console this generation compared to their Western counterparts.

This will be my first FF game, I hope I picked a good place to start.

Mr_Bun4740d ago

A lot of people seem to be in the same situation as you with regards to this FF version being your first.

Fishy Fingers4740d ago

I've always been scared off by the turn based combat, admittedly, I never helped myself, I've watched a few friends (seasoned FF players) and they fly through the menus so quickly to a new comer it can be intimidating.

tordavis4740d ago

He's our Japanese Gaming Editor. He's always knee deep into JRPG's. I trust his opinion on this.

Noctis Aftermath4740d ago

Maybe he is just comparing the graphics to other JRPGs and not western games(Uncharted 2 specifically), cause that is the ONLY way his statement can be correct, Whilst final fantasy 13 looks really good, it's not uncharted 2 good, try to downplay uncharted 2 and you only show your ignorance.

Yes i know jrpgs don't need to be the best looking to be awesome and chances are i will play FF13 alot more then i have played Uncharted 2, but don't say it looks better then it unless you are talking about the CG footage which is just a no brainer.

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TheColbertinator4740d ago

I'm skeptical of Square Enix from their track record in the past 2 years but FFXIII looks decent enough

bot slayer4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Drakol just sent me an email after playing some of the final test build of FFXIII on the PS3. Here’s his reaction:

Today I was able to play the test build for Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3. Oh
man, I can NOT describe just how fAcking beautiful this game is! Aside from
the cheesy JRPG feel and the way some of the characters act, the
environment, music and battles are on a EPIC scale. This game truly utilizes
ALL that the PS3 has to offer, and I mean that this game is pushing the
limits of the PS3 like no other PS3 title. I’ll keep ya posted on more, but
only within boundaries of what I can say.


Early Reports Of FFXIII Game Play ON BETABOX1.5: I True SUB-SD


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