ModNation Racers Producer Dan Sochan Interview -

Gamervision writes:
"Earlier this week, I got a chance to play one of the PS3's big 2010 exclusives, ModNation Racers. I was pleased with the fun, balanced kart racing, and surprised at how quick and simple it was to make a track of my own. I also spoke with producer Dan Sochan of United Front Games, who gave even more details about racing, power-ups, level creation, and what we can expect from the community once the game launches."

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Sevir044740d ago

I cant wait to get into the beta ^^

MajestieBeast4740d ago

If they can get that mario kart feel then i am hooked cant wait for the 18th.

DARKrage344740d ago

Mario Kart to the MAX with ModNation!!!

Woot! I'm really, really pumped for this!