PS3 Owners: "Give Us Backwards Compatibility Back!"

The poll which GameStooge has been running since August has shown what Sony gamers want most: restoration of PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility.

Of course, that's not going to happen, since Sony would rather you either buy a PS2 or perhaps buy PS2 games from the PlayStation Store, or have you buy stuff like God of War Collection with "HD graphics!" when the original PS3 upscaled games, making God of War 2, for example, look gorgeous.

It isn't just PlayStation 3 owners – all gamers want backwards compat. Xbox 360 owners like being able to play Halo 2 or Knights of the Old Republic, for instance, while Wii owners? They can play all GameCube games right from the start (though maybe there's a reason for that.)

$100 PS3 price drop did it for me: 9%
Restore PS2 back compat: 32%
Drop game prices by $10: 24%
Give PS4 release date: 12%
Another PS3 price cut: 15%
Drop PSP Go price by $100: 8%

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Mr_Bun3633d ago

Anyone else notice the PS2 disc is upside down in the tray? Who took this picture, my grandmother?

Pennywise3633d ago

O M G. Yeah I want to wait until my next gen system plays last gen games... then I will buy it.


Mr_Bun3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

In all honesty, if they added b/c emulation and added PS2 games to the online store, I would pick up a few games I missed out on last gen (SOTC is one of them).

I'm just tired of hearing people complain about this topic when we all had the opportunity to own a b/c PS3. I picked up the 40gig model while it was still possible to buy a b/c machine because it wasn't worth paying extra (at least not for me) just so I didn't have to flip over to VIDEO 2.

JonahFalcon3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

That's a demo photo with a fake disc in it. It was an image distributed by Sony.

@Mr Bun: You'd pay for something that was free at launch?

@Pennywise: Play Persona 4 yet?

Mr_Bun3633d ago

I would be paying for games that I didn't already own...I think you misunderstood my comment...Or I am misunderstanding yours

Pennywise3633d ago

Jonah, No I haven't played it yet. I have too many PS3 games to play. I haven't even played bioshock yet.

But, if I wanted to play P4... I would pop it in my 60gig and play it. Current gen is keeping me busy. That game should of been for the PS3 anyways...

IdleLeeSiuLung3633d ago

... and no there wasn't really a choice, when you literally have to pay out of your nose for a PS3 with BC at $500-600.

Consumers want reasonably priced products with the features they want. Sony got reasonably priced, and now many of us want BC! Doubt Sony will listen though.

AKNAA3633d ago

used it once to test out FFX for about 20mins. then never used it again...

After playing the GOW collection, I don't think I'll settle for upscaled ps2 games anymore. I prefer full HD remakes at 60FPS.

Saaking3633d ago

You by a PS3 to play PS3 games okay? If you were to cheap to purchase one of the original Ps3s (which had EVERYTHING) then you wouldn't be complaining.

I mean look at this:

People complain if a console has everything, but has a high price

Sony takes some stuff out to lower the price and people complain about the removed stuff.

WTF do you want?!? You can't have both!

Kattleox3633d ago

I bought a launch 60GB bundle with Gengi and another Sixaxis for $700. I never had a PS2 so b/c was a big deal to me, since all of a sudden I could play Final Fantasy XII, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, SotC, etc. Two of my friends just bought PS3 slims on black friday, so they spent $299, got 60GB more space than me, Dark Night, Arkham Asylum and inFamous but they dont have backwards compatability.

Now I realize that switching between video sources can be annoying to some, but we have to realize that they could have spend a ton of money for b/c at launch like I did, but instead they got two GOOD games, a good BD movie, 60 extra gigs, and SAVED $400 in the process.

FOUR. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. PS2s are $99 now anyway, so if you REALLY want to play PS2 games don't complain about a loss of b/c. Save yourself a ton of money like my friends did and just buy both. (but I still love my 60GB :) )

Hisiru3633d ago

I have a ps2 for ps2 games, it's not that expensive...

velcry3633d ago

I was sad at the beginning too, because I couldn't play my PS2 library on my PS3, and I felt that it was such a waste since I had spent years collecting my PS2 games.

And I was outraged too, when the reports suggested that Sony could have put BC in, but took it out when they changed their strategy to focusing on PS3 games instead.

But now? Now when March 2010 looms over the horizon?

Between work, family, girlfriend and my PS3, I don't even have time to finish playing ALL the PS3 games I want to play. Heck, I just bought Red Faction, and am playing it side by side with Dragon Age.

If Sony had $10 to spend, and they could either spend it on BC or on new games / improving the PS3 firmware / paying Kevin Butler for his awesome commercials, I say please, kill the BC.

Sarick3633d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Why can't we have both?

It's not as complex a problem as everyone complains about.

Simple solution is stop making the basic models that have just a different HDD size and release 2 models.

One with all the cool stuff for the $399
and one with the stripped hardware for $299.

That's how to satisfy everyone. Simply removing everything then releasing the same models with different HDD sizes makes it seem like Sony thinks the customer is stupid. Not everyone likes the newer stripped models so there should be room for BC models.

BTW:I do have 2 60gb PS3 models. the first one I sent it has already be replaced 3 times. Other Second is still kicking.

NEW Bought new $599 at Walmart.
1st Returned $150 out of warranty YLOD.
2nd Returned under 90 day warranty shut off randomly.
3rd Returned under 2nd 90 day warranty after power was removed system lost time and date settings.

So, I'm not to happy with Sony ATM. All this to keep my BC 60 gig. If they launced a slim with BC it'd dump the 60 GB's.

Saaking3632d ago

Yea man, but like I said, you buy a PS3 and a 360 to play current gen games. I know it's more efficient to have everything in one package, but if you're still playing a lot of Ps2 games you might as well just keep you Ps2 hooked up with your PS3. It doesn't take that much space.

Besides, if Sony released a 399 consoles with BC, there would STILL be complaining. People are never satisfied and I find that pathetic.

Sarick3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I have my PS2 hooked up. In fact I have 2 of them there are 4 ps2's in this house alive and kicking. 2 of which are launch models that have over 10,000 hours of game time on them. The PS3 is hooked up so I can duel box.

(But that's another story.)

The problem is the new PS2's don't support the online game I play and I refuse to use a 360 (360 Locks the account my gamer tag) or PC (a bunch of BS to setup and maintain). I Know the systems aren't going to last forever the ps3 is a good fallback.

sikbeta3632d ago

Sorry but Sony gave that option with the Full BC Fatty PS3 but people didn't want to pay for the whole package

So 3 years later and now with the $300 PS3 slim + $99 PS2 slim and they still asking for this feature, you had the opportunity...

WildArmed3632d ago

while B/C is good, it is not a reason why I wouldn't buy a next-gen console
if i still wanted to play my SNES or Dreamcast games, I'll play em on that console -.-
I guess I'm in the low % of gamers.. even though I do have a launch 60gb, I had no intention of using the BC when i bought it. That was the last thing i had in mind when it came to buy a ps3.

AKNAA3632d ago

"People are never satisfied and I find that pathetic."

Lol! yeah, like my EX-GF...
On my day off work, I cleaned the house, washed all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, fixed the dinner table, set up the christmas tree, set up the wall unit,did most of the laundry, mopped the floor, cooked dinner.... when she came back from work, she looked around the house for a second then said..

" OMG! do you have to be careless and leave your shoes infront of the door like that! so inconsiderate!"

So I was like..." are you serious?! I done all this sh1t and your giving me attitude because my shoes were not placed accordingly with the others?!?!

colonel1793632d ago

I don't get why people still complaining about this non-issue. I must admit, I have a launch PS3, and thanks to backwards compatibility I got to know GOW, Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Hearts, since there weren't any games for the PS3 at a time, and I used to have an Xbox last gen.

But now, in 2009, there is no need for PS2 compatibility at all. There are so many games out this year and many many more coming just Q1 2010 that who would want to play their PS2 games?!

I used to be very worried that my 60Gb would die, because of the backwards compatibility, but if it got broken today (hopefully not) I wouldn't care to buy the slim, since I don't play PS2 games at all.

mikeslemonade3632d ago

I rather have no BC. Actually I have BC on old 20gb model PS3 and I never use it that's why I forgot haha.

Sarick3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

If that was true then the 60gb models would still be selling in stores.

You can't find those new unless your willing to part with a large chunk of cash. You suggest solving the problem on using the general populations interest. It doesn't mean that everyone thinks the same or they deserve no compromise. Forcing a one sided option on others isn't going to change anything.

The truth is there is an alternative option that would satisfy everyone. Why ignore it?

Hisiru3632d ago

You buy a ps3 for ps3 games, not ps2 or ps1 games. Ps2 or ps1 on the ps3 is just a "plus", if it doesn't have backwards compatibility it's not Sony's fault, ps3 is a next gen console, not last gen. Do you want ps2 games? Go buy a ps2, it's very cheap.

Homicide3632d ago

"Backwards compatibility, as you know from PlayStation One and PlayStation 2, is a core value of what we believe we should offer. And access to the library of content people have created, bought for themselves, and accumulated over the years is necessary to create a format. PlayStation is a format meaning that it transcends many devices -- PSOne, PS2, and now PS3"

So much for core value. My 360 and Wii can play last gen game. Sometimes, I feel like playing one of the many PS2 games I own like MGS3 or Persona 3. Sad stuff that the PS3 can't play them.

stb3632d ago

@ 1.17

LOL, i would sooo contently fire her.

and for the guy above...dud just hook ur ps2 again...or did u bought all these ps2 game this generation...guess no so. there u go.UuU

Darkstorn3632d ago

Those of you who do not need b/c don't need to use it. Those of us who would appreciate the restoration of b/c can agree that it would do more good than bad to re-implement it.

NecrumSlavery3632d ago

I haven't heard of a single person asking about BC in the last year and a half. Just stop with these flamebait articles. People now care about PS3 games, and the future. There are a few REMAKE HOPINGS floating about since FFVII rumors and the GOW Collection, but no one is walking out on Sony cuz they don't care about BC.

SilentNegotiator3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

While it would be a nice thing to have, "Journalists" are just using this as their next reason to hate on the PS3, as their other reasons become invalid (Price/Supposed Lack of Games/Online/etc).

When you have to start hating a console for not playing OLD games...well, then you know the media has reached desperation. And the only reason they feel safe is because of the sales "Victory" (Selling more in NA [NPD], and to them NA is the world) over the PS3 in November.

bruddahmanmatt3632d ago

IMO backwards compatibility is only useful during the beginning of a new console's lifespan when it's just getting started and has a small and limited library. Everyone knows that launch titles are baby steps in a console's life and as such the games will generally not be as epic as later titles to come. That being said, it makes sense to be able to play some of your old favorites while you wait for new titles to get off the ground. Three to four years in however...seriously, if you're having trouble finding quality games for the PS3 in December of 2009 then you have issues. To go out of your way to nag about backwards compatibility at this stage in the PS3's life shows how hopeless you are. If you're that attached to the PS2 library then go and buy one. It's not like a PS2 ain't cheap. I think these whiny articles stem from folks who have just picked up their first PS3 with a slim and don't know what to get. Do some homework.

FWIW, Sony tried B/C with the PS3 and it's been generally agreed upon that the money saved by removing PS2 B/C was a better move from a sales standpoint versus being able to play last gen games. For all the folks who continue to whine about B/C, $300 for a PS3 Slim + $100 for a PS2 Slim = $400...or cheaper than it originally cost for a B/C PS3. Stop pretending like you don't have room in your TV stand for both.

darthv723632d ago

I can see them doing the GoW treatment to other games/series. By bringing back BC will take away money they would get from selling these remakes again. The bonus stuff of trophies and better gfx are a selling point for the ps2 classics "remixed" editions.

Christopher3632d ago

It's a never ending gripe, honestly. If the PS3 got PS2 BC people would just demand something else. Where are the polls demanding reasonably priced non-proprietary accessories for the 360? How about built-in wi-fi? How about a BD add-on?

Honestly, this week has been a b!tch fest on the PS3 and it really just is getting sickening.

Raz3632d ago

I find it odd that the majority of PS3s are B/C-free, yet the Playstation Store still sells PS2&1 classics.

And what's the deal with the firmware allowing you to create virtual memory cards for the PS1 & 2 when you can't actually play the games?

I'm just sayin'...

rockleex3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Just read all the comments on N4G back in 2007 as proof.

But now that new PS3s no longer has BC, it has become the "holy grail" of what a current-gen console needs.

Anyone can still buy 20GB, 60GB, or 80GB backwards compatible PS3s online if they wanted to.

Even for a month after the PS3 slim launched, Amazon was still selling used 60GB PS3s for $249.

That's even cheaper than a slim!!

If those people TRULY TRULY wanted a BC PS3, they would have found the means to do it.

lordgodalming3632d ago

If backwards compatibility is such an issue for you, well, Sony lowered the price of the PS3 by $100. A new PS2 costs $100.

PopEmUp3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

there a lot of pathetic people here, so many whining and b1tching about not having to able to play their Ps2 games on their belove Ps3. Well too bad, and I feel you need to lighten thing up.

First You a buy a ps3 to play ps3 games not ps2 games.

Second It suck playing ps2 games on Ps3 (trust me on this, it look terrible and doesn't feel like what you were playing on ps2).

Third the reason Sony took the Ps2 Backwards Compatibility out of the Ps3, is to lower the ps3 price down.

P.s. Good luck whining Cause you're gonna be missing a lot of great Ps3 games these coming years (months) :D

mastiffchild3632d ago

Well, 32% isn't a majority for a start ANDwe don't know whether anyone who replied to the survey even owns a PS3 as, with a list of moans, those most likely to reply are those with axes to grind/those wishing to make another console look better. Obviously SOME PS3 owners would like BC to return(IDK, really, how I feel as I've got a 60gig and while I do use it for SoTC every month or so(for a refresh)I don't play much else on it these days and even played Persona4 on my old PS2 on the old SDTV in the bedroom as it's no kind of looker despite being a great game and it's a long session game so I like to play in bed!).

What is REALLY amazing to me, though, is that PS3 gamers would prefer BC(and remember these are supposedly folk who ALREADY bought a PS3 if they're owners as the heady suggests)to getting the prices of NEW games(i.e games made FOR the system to look and play amazingly well on the system rather than games to upscale from SD PS2 DVDs!)cut by $10! That makes this 32% seem very bogus to me-I don't see why anyone would go with BC over a cut in the price of the games they alreafy bought a console to play-if playing PS2 games is more important to them than [playing new games why don't they just buy a PS2? Honestly I don't believe the results are very accurate at all.

I bought a launch 60 well after launch(didn't want to get one while Sony were being tossers about extra jobs and the "we say when this gen starts" and all that rubbish)but even then I'd have taken a price cut in PS3 games before BC EVERY day of the week. With a PS2 new costing $99(and you can pick a second hand one up for £20 in the UK)are these results suggesting those who bought a PS3 don't ever envisage buying ten games for their PS3 and still think ten bucks off new games is less appealing than BC would be? Jeez, you can pick up PS2s fior $30 so you could save that much in one month! Seriously, there's something funny going on if they expect me to think this is any kind of accurate representation of real PS3 owners-who would take BC over a price cut for games or even hardware when the PS2 is cheap new and even cheaper second hand and most of us have one already!

That said I do love my 60gig as the extra ports and card readers DO come in very handy since upgrading my HDD but the BC is what I use the least(apart, I guess, from me not installing another OS!)of these features anyway. No, I know some people would still LIKE it but to prefer it to another price drop for the console or the obviously beter cut in game prices it shouldn't figure so highly and I suspect a lot of 360 gans with no intent of getting a PS3 now or ever are responsible for this getting into the 30%s.

Honestly, and I can't get my head round this, PS3 OWNERS(IE already bought one)would prefer BC was brought back rather than gha,es costing less for their new system? Why would anyone with a PS3 not want the games cheaper above anything else? Unless they bought a non BC compatible PS3 to play PS2 games on even though it's much dearer than just getting a PS2? Madness.

raztad3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I was tempted to get a PS2 considering how cheap (and good) its games are but with so many games to play on my PS3 another console wouldnt make any sense, time is an issue. Still if you ask me to choose one out of all those options, I would have picked Backwards Compatibility as well. BC is a nice bonus and the better if it comes for free.

Adding Cross Gaming Chat or Cross Gaming Invites to that list would make for a far more interesting pool.

Closing remark, I find highly unlikely that someone having a big PS2 games library doesnt own a PS2, but if thats the case it's still possible to get one before they run out of production.

badz1493632d ago

there's no PS2 classic being sold on PSN, only PS1.

after the latest NPD, PS3 bashing season started again it seems ha? why aren't we having articles about 360 not natively backward compatible? I have the launch PS3 with BC but honestly never once use the feature. why you ask? I have a PS2 for god sake! that's why I have those PS2 games to begin with! and why the hell would I buy a PS3 if in the end, the biggest gripe will be the BC to play last gen games?? nitpicking much?

Raz3632d ago

Mastiff, did I miss something? Is Sony offering $10 off all games as a substitute for B/C? I don't recall getting that memo, so I don't think anyone's being given such a choice.

I'd rather have a Ferrari than B/C; but that doesn't mean Sony's going to give me one.

roguewarrior3632d ago

my 60gb(500gb) PS3 has backwards compatibility. used it a couple times, don't have the ps2 memory card reader, to transfer saves. wasn't about to start GT4 over again. best $600 Ive spent in years.

inveni03632d ago

Grammatically incorrect article title is FAIL article.

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dp2774073633d ago

I must be in one of the other percentage groups cause i dont want it back

danthegardner3633d ago

Game prices decreased by ten 10 dollars.

WildArmed3632d ago

same here. It's the price of games that are really biting me in the ass over anything else.

mastiffchild3632d ago

So, imo, wold anyone who al;ready bought a PS3 and even those who were thinking about it would surely prefer the new games to be cheaper when a second hand PS2 costs next to nothing wouldn't they?

I just don't believe the survey is accurate at all and a lot of mischief has been going on here with a lot of people with little interest in Sony or the PS3 doing well giving their 2 cents. Even preferring the BC over another 100 dollars off the slim is unbelievable for those thinking about a PS3 isn't it? Most gamers HAVE a PS2 and they're cheap as chips preowned anyway-much less than you'd save with either the games reduction OR just buying a used PS2!Again, mad results that make no sense whatsoever.

chase1673633d ago

yall should have picked it up at launch or when metal gear bundle was released
other wise stop crying

Jsynn73633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Sounds about right to me. + bub to one of the few who actual knew what he was getting when he paid the high price tag.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3633d ago

I payed the high price for BC but it went Ylod... Now I want another PS3 with BC but not a fixed one from Sony because those break even faster.

kaveti66163633d ago

Sony didn't say, "We're going to remove backwards compatibility eventually so buy it now if you want that feature."

This typical garbage statement that Sony defenders use is retarded. I had no idea that Sony was going to remove backwards compatibility from their console. And as you all eagerly point out, the PS3 was selling out in many places with long lines of people standing for hours to get the launch consoles. I thought I was being smart by waiting for the price to drop a little and for the situation to calm down. Little did I know that Sony was going to remove BC to reduce price.

blackpanther253633d ago

I bought my 60gb right when the new 40gb consoles came out and It was a really big deal that the new ones didn't have BC. I still spent the extra $100 bucks at bestbuy to buy the 60gb instead of the 40gb. Each and every single one of my friends choose to buy the 60gb at that time or even used later for the BC.

I don't know about you but before i bought my ps3 i did my homework (already made the mistake with the xbox 360 and i wasn't going to make it again)

-EvoAnubis-3633d ago

That's because you didn't pay attention. Sony made it quite clear that the newer models would not have the feature; it's not as if they released them and then people were shocked that their PS3s wouldn't play PS2 games.

If you didn't know, that sounds like a personal problem.

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