What Square Enix Looks for In Candidates

Square Enix has had a Los Angeles-based studio since late 2008. What does it take to get hired there? Studio head and longtime Square Enix employee Fumiaki Shiraishi here offers up exactly what the studio is looking for in applicants. While this info won't apply to every studio out there, it gives you a valuable insight into how those on the other end of the hiring process think.

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MajestieBeast3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Required skill to make same game 10x with little change from the original. The only talent they have left is the creator of kh and twewy.

Proxy3628d ago

You and all the other failed applicants can get together and make your own game. :)

Might turn out better than what Square Enix produces.

Syaz13629d ago

since pandemic's staff got laid off, wonder if se is gonna take in their scraps to work for them.

SuperStrokey11233628d ago

A willingness to sellout and create subpar games that use the name of previous good games to milk a franchise?

3595d ago