Sinful impressions of Dante's Inferno -

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

EA just launched a playable demo of their upcoming title Dante's Inferno yesterday, a beefy 1 GB download, featuring the first level of the game, 'Gates of Hell'. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Kratos is flushed blood red right now.

My big takeaway from the demo was a really shocking lack of personality.

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JustCallMeMarcus3624d ago

Figures the Sony faithful are quick to bash this game.

Pennywise3624d ago

Figures the 360 fans will blindly embrace this game even though the PS3 loyalists you speak of are the only ones to play it so far.

I haven't played it yet. I have it installed ready to play tonight. I will judge it based on I like the genre... not compared to GOW3. Regardless, I will be playing Bayonetta, DI, and GOW3.

Farmhand3624d ago

and I was shocked at how much fun I had with this demo last night. yes it is a GOW clone, but, damn, it was fun.

DasBunker3624d ago

hype this game all you want like you did with prototype.. how fast did you guys forget about that "incident".. we know how that one turned out..

after playing the demo i can tell the game is gonna be great.. altough some aspects were lacking.. 7.5-9 reviews..

gaffyh3624d ago

This is definitely a good demo, better than most actually, but there are definite pacing and voice acting issues with the game. GOW3 will be better than Dante's Inferno, but doesn't mean Dante's Inferno is a bad game.

jalen2473624d ago

Dante's Inferno will be an excellent game, just not as good as GOW III. Its a better clone than Saints Row is to GTA but its not touching GOW III. I assure you that people aren't saying this because one game is a PS3 exclusive and the other is multiplatform. Play the demos yourself and judge for yourself. The only aspect that I like better in DI demo was the beast riding mechanic and only because it gave you more option than the beast riding mechanic in GOW III demo.

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gauntletpython3624d ago

Honestly, I think Bayonetta will be more innovative than either of them.

calis3624d ago

If by innovative you mean DMC clone then yes it will be.

gaffyh3624d ago

The combo system in Bayonetta is surprisingly in-depth though, more so than any of the other hack n slash games.

STICKzophrenic3624d ago

Dual console owner, and I've never played a God of War game (missed last generation entirely, sadly), so my first GoW experience was with the GoW3 demo, and it was pretty cool.

I just finished playing Dante's Inferno demo and I must say I enjoyed it more than the GoW3 demo.

That's not to say DI will be better than GoW3, I just enjoyed the demo more.

gauntletpython3624d ago

I think the other thing to remember is that the GOW3 demo is from an old build, while the DI demo is pretty much from the retail build of the game.

KYU21303624d ago

thats my only complaint. After playing the demo of DI and Bayonetta i will be getting both. Q1 2010 is shaping up to be and expensive one for me.

This demo was enjoyable and i am eager see how the developers vision of the story unfolds. Everyone is crying foul over the game play style of this game in comparison to GOW3. Fine if you want to complain about that and miss out on a good game with storyline steeped in real literature then so be it. I am not discrediting GOW3 for what it is ( A very good game and franchise). I just feel people are missing out on the fact that DI is created from a piece of literary genius.

Now if the game misrepresents the book to a severe degree then i will be the first to scream foul. But in all honesty stop bashing the game and give it a chance to come out.