Nintendo Confident About Xmas

Nintendo of America president, Reginald 'Reggie' Fils-Aime, is sounding bullish - albeit business bullish - about the holiday season for his company.

This may offend Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who believes that November was the Xbox's best ever, and that Microsoft outsold everybody else's 'eco-systems'.

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eagle214738d ago

They have plenty of games I want as a traditional Nintendo fan in 2010. And they always prove the haters wrong.

Maddens Raiders4738d ago

maybe this is the Christmas to get one.

gtamike1234737d ago

If you want one the best price for UK is £150 from HMV (black wii).
I got it cause of the zombie games/rail shooters :D

gtamike1234737d ago

resident evil the darkside chronicles and resident evil the umbrella chronicles :D