Preview: Tom Clancy's EndWar

It's not a stealth game. It's not an over-the-shoulder urban shooter or a squad-based FPS. Despite what many are saying, it's not even a real-time strategy game -- at least, not as they're commonly known. Built for console play by the team that developed Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Tom Clancy's EndWar is something special: a strategy title that breaks away from the mold of the RTS genre and its stereotypical platform. It's still an RTS, to the admitted bewilderment of many fans of the Tom Clancy franchise. It just happens to be completely different from every other strategy game on the market.

Case in point: Arbitrary resource management has been thrown out the window. In EndWar, your only resources are your troops and the vehicles they guide. Likewise, the routine of building structures and developing technology trees has been left to other games; here, the only constructing you'll be doing is of tactical maneuvers and synchronized operations.


This game will also be on PS3 and PC.

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