Sony: November NPD numbers exceeded our expectations

VGArabia: Now with NPD numbers for November are up, each of the console manufacturers will reply in accordance to these numbers sooner or later. Jack Tretton, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America has responded in accordance to November NPD numbers and expressed his excitement for the next year.

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ultimolu3624d ago

And we're still pumping out some amazing first party games, unlike the competition. They have to rely on multiplatform games and so-called exclusives that can be also found on a PC.


The Killer3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

year 2008
month November

360 sales PS3 sales
836,000 378,000

year 2009
month November

360 sales PS3 sales
819k 710K

The Killer3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

year 2008
month November

360 sales PS3 sales
836k 378k

year 2009
month November

360 sales PS3 sales
819k 710K

so as u can see the 360 sales decreased from last year's november 17K while the ps3 increased by 332k

lets put it in other words so the bot understand it

in november 2008 the difference was 458K in 360's favor and now the difference is 109k in favor of 360 see?? from 458k lead over ps3 to only 109k!!

this means 360 is losing ground very fast in its last foothold which remains in favor of 360! the entire world already in ps3 hands!!

Arnon3624d ago

Yes, yes we know. Both consoles did good, but I guarantee you that Sony probably expected to outsell the 360. There's no way they thought that their numbers would shrink the closer they got to the holidays. I mean... there's just no way rofl.

PlayStation X3624d ago

ps3 probably outsold 360 worldwide tho =/

360 = 819k
ps3 = 710K

ps3 47K
360 3K

so the gaps 60K and the 360 is dying in europe so...

you do the maths =/

Beast_Master3624d ago

I just want to thank all the x-bots for destroying gaming! By choosing to buy an unreliable, non HD, pay to play system, next generation that will be the standard. Crappy consoles and pay-to-play online for everyone!! HOW can 800K+ People be so F**ing dumb!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3624d ago

HAHA But but teh slim... bubbles bro that was funny.

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belal3624d ago

they where only 100k behind the 360, and thats on a microsoft area.

sony is doing great in all territories. just wait and see, by the end of next year ps3 install base will be like 45- 50 50 million :) the 360 is doing ok i guess, but it still struggles in japan and europe wich is ps3 area.

Xeoset3624d ago

The UK is the second largest territory in the world when it comes to gaming.
The UK is part of Europe.
The UK are all over the Xbox 360.

This alone evens out the Dutch, Swedish and Spanish charts. The rest is give and take for both.

Sales charts do not lie :)

lociefer3624d ago

take note GreenTurd, thats how you adress your console's success

Pennywise3624d ago

UK is only a part of EU. PS3 outsold the 360 WW by over 400k units. How can you spin that? You can't.

OmarJA-N4G3624d ago

Agree with Belal, good job Sony keep the momentum... :)

Bubbles to lociefer LOL!

ultimolu3624d ago

Yep, I agree.

Wow, good going Xeoset. You're the first 360 fan in a PS3 article!

ozps33624d ago

has every one forgotten the million xb360 that were banned just after cod mw2 was released? I wonder how much that boosted 360 sales??

Pennywise3624d ago

ozps3, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHH. Let them bask in their false victory.

You know what cracks me up... No one has mentioned that the 1mil consoles banned are getting a healthy % of those users re-purchasing, but it knocked 1 million consoles off of the 360's small lead.

DasBunker3624d ago


Stop making sense guys... not funny..

good thing now that the NPD numbers are here we can forget about how the PS3 has the best games on metacritic this year and focus on how much sony sucks on teh zales!..

Rampant3624d ago

Tired of waiting now...

The Happy Baby3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Those are some low expectations. I would have expected to move ATLEAST 1 million. They werent bad numbers---but this as a pretty important shopping month, and black friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. I guess December will be the month PS3 comes out on top, right?

@locifer: Being that this is a "war" between the the 360 and PS3, I don't think it would be fitting for the LOSING console to tell the WINNING console how to celebrate its success.

@pennywise: I seriously doubt there were 1 mil banned consoles. But in the event that there were, do you guys not remember all the BS sony fanboy articles that talked about switching to the PS3 b/c MS banned thier console or erased their gamerscore? You really think those people would have gone back to a 360, when they could start fresh with a "does everything" PS3? If so, that just shows you how strong the 360 really is.

The excuses have got to stop somewhere. Next Month, the 360 will beat the PS3 in sales. And you know what? I'd like to hear a different excuse this time. Forget that there was 1mil consoles banned. Forget that "bots" only care about sales. Forget that MW2 boosted sales. Forget that RRoD caused people to buy a new 360. Lets hear something new.

Panthers3624d ago

If people could stop comparing and see that the PS3 sold 700K in one month, they would see that is great. The 360 did great too.

raztad3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Funny stuff, Vgarabia seems MS PR guy, look at this closing comment

"For the record, there were 710,400 PS3s sold in November compared to 819,500 Xbox 360s. Also, Uncharted 2 wasn’t one of the top ten sellers of November. Nevertheless, it was one of the best months for Sony’s PS3."

They needed to do Greenberg's work spining the whole positive fashion with uncalled information.

Pennywise3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Happy Baby, I guess ignorance is bliss.

If I altered my console where I had a huge game collection and a big friends list, I would want to have that same console in my house if I got banned.

And BTW... The PS3 beat the 360 worldwide.

KingME3624d ago

You PS3 fanboys are a trip. When Sony boasted about their 440k sold on black friday, you guys were talking more sh!t than a toilet. Now the NPD numbers are out and I think every possible spin available has been used; from banned consoles to geographic regions, and when you don't feel that this is working you revert to name calling like greenturd, etc. And that's just to go along with you constant bashing and the 360 and it's fans. (I know that goes both ways, but you guys are 5 times worse.)

You guys are an angry bunch, if amazing that you even get to have fun on your PS3, you seem to spend more time worrying about who sold the most consoles. I guess the most annoying thing is your inability to give credit when it's due coupled with you inability to concede a loss every now and then.

Lastly, I personally could tolerate you guys much better (Not that you give a sh!t) if you could just shut up sometimes and be graceful when you do come out on top. Here is how you appear to me, when you win you won't shut up about it, when you lose all you do is point fingers and make excuses. And you simple take bubbles from people to prevent then from debating with you.

Just a bit annoying, but I don't expect you to see it.

JokesOnYou3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

All the sony extremists are screaming the ps3 outsold 360 worldwide, didn't they all scream the same thing all November about the US, lol I guess they must still be going off of Sept or Oct #'s right after the redesign ps3 slim was launched with a price cut? What about November?, yeah ps3 has Japan, thats it, but 360 numbers have always outdone ps3 numbers over the holidays in the UK= (part of Europe) loves 360 and its the biggest territory in Europe, we don't have any Nov sales data from Europe, 360 is most likely selling alot better in the UK than ps3 and at least close in most other parts of Europe so overall its easily possible 360 sold more WW, either way these sony extremmists dont have a clue what worldwide sales are, they all make up shiii as they go....NO links with creditable data to support their hot wind.

"I wouldn't expect MW2 to sell better on the PS3 though. Killzone 2 is a much better offering, and the 360 install base is higher in North America." -DJ

lmfao, uh and MW2 also sold better on the ps3 than KZ2 did, and UC2 and every other ps3 game, so your logic doesn't make any sense, lol yeah 360 install base is always higher in NA when ps3 can't match 360's software sales, but when 360 hardware sales are discussed the same fanboys say there aren't that many working 360's.

Here let me try this new random trick:

360 outsold ps3 worldwide by 543,210 consoles. Thats a fact, I have proof but I'm not going to reveal my sources.


Lifendz3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

1: MS' numbers. They didn't outsell Sony 3-1 or 2-1, but they did move more units. Very surprising only because you'd expect a company with guys like Aaron Greenberg speaking for it to boast about that. Especially since they've done nothing but boast about numbers and disparage the competition almost every time they have a mic in front of them. And not to spin the news but shouldn't MS always move more units than Sony when MS has a sku that's 100 bucks cheaper?

2: Uncharted 2 falling out of the software top 10. I hate when people use themselves as a barometer for sales, but literally everyone I know that owns a PS3 owns that game. I know the game is doing well, but I was expecting a bonafide blockbuster. Especially the way they were pushing it. I guess the U.S. is 360 territory. I'm sure world wide it'll do exactly what Naughty Dog is expecting.

3: Assassin's Creed was marketed for PS3 ala MOW2 was marketed for 360 and still moved almost double on 360. I guess the generation is set and certain games are now associated with certain platforms.

What didn't surprise me was MOW2's success. I'm having a blast with it. That game has really hit home with the 360 base. Great great numbers. Kudos to Wii owners for picking up New Super Mario Bros. Played it last night with 2 buds and it was laugh out loud funny.

Again, glad to see all three companies do well. Competition amongst them can only be a good thing for the consumer. Happy Holidays!

Ju3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

"The UK is the second largest territory in the world when it comes to gaming. "

And yet, it only accounts for about 20% of European game sales (which is still big for one country).

BTW: Even in the UK PS3 beats the 360, now.

I am still wondering about the NPD numbers, though. The general consensus is/was the PS3 outsold the 360 over the Black Friday weekend by about 100k-190k (give or take), and yet, the NPD reports November results with the 360 outselling the PS3 by 100K. So, outside the Blackfriday the 360 caught up more then 200K ??? When did that happen ? In the one day with the MW2 bundle or what? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds fishy ? (especially, because the number for the remaining 3 week must have been above 500K). Maybe I am just paranoid.

vhero3624d ago

They got their sales without bannings too.

Darkshader3624d ago

I totally agree that SONY did very well this november. And their selling their SKU system for $300 compared to their competitor who are giving away $100 discounts and 6 bundle games at BEST BUY on thanksgiving day. I would not brag about a 100K lead if i know that MS selling their SKU at the cheapest price.

And peple who says that why should we discussed the 1Million banned XBOX owners. Hello! Common sense ... i'll do the math for you. Lets not think about millions .. lets do it by a small numbers for example 10. You have 10 friends who got banned. Do you think out of those 10 people they won't purchase another XBOX 360 and missed playing Modern Warfare 2? Don't kid your self. Atleast 3 people in my OPIONION would purchase an XBOX 360 for it.

The Happy Baby3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

More excuses? Seriously? I dont think this ARTICLE was about worldwide sales. This article was talking about sales in North America. And if you want to play the excuses game, the Wii is beating BOTH the 360 and PS3 to date---but its beating the PS3 harder. See how that works?

And my point in switching to PS3, you obviously didnt get. A huge library of games and a bunch of friends?Well, it seems like the console that "does everything" is having a hard time topping that. I mean think about it, the PS3 has all these advantages, way more "lots of games and a big friends list"--and yet?
Like I said, lets hear some new excuses. Ive heard this all before.

@silva(below): be a good boy and be quiet, okay kiddo? The adults are talking.

silvacrest3624d ago

unless you work for sony and no there business plan stfu

MrJack3624d ago

I live in the UK, and I can tell you that is going to change fast.

The slim has had an immense effect, everyone I know has been waiting for the PS3 drop in price and now it's affordable they are flooding off the shelves.

In the last few months probably about 10 friends have bought PS3's, two have bought 360's, and one of them was because he was banned from live.

Don't be shocked if the PS3 begins to dominate the 360 in the UK soon.

Perjoss3624d ago

so lets see, what did we learn, both consoles doing really well? very good, carry on.

raztad3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


I know. However no one was asking for them and while they are at it why not to publish Nintendo numbers, or the whole NPD?. That is an article about Sonys take on NPD and how many xbox were sold is totally irrelevant for Sony as business.

zeeshan3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

So basically, now Arabian video game websites are going to talk about US? Why? I mean, really, if anything, they should be telling us how well PS3/X360/Wii are doing in Middle East!? Though, there is nothing wrong with that but i'd like to know how other the big 3 are doing in other parts of the world. I am glad to see all three companies posting some fantastic numbers!

beardpapa3624d ago

so YOU are telling me that IF YOU owned 10+ games on the 360, and IF I were MS and I banned you for being a bad bad baby ... you wouldn't want to get a new 360 to play your 10+ games and be a good baby to enjoy a hit game like MW2 with your friends on Live?

sorry buddy but that's some crazy spin of your's and sadly people were calling fanboys idiots for thinking those 1 mil users will switch to PS3, and now with the NPD sales coming out you're supporting those same idiots.

And if you seriously doubt those 1 mil were banned, go read the news.

raztad3624d ago


If you read previuos threads here in N4G (when the banning actually happened) you'll see xfans arguing how those banned gamers would, most probably, end up getting another xbox. Live, game collection or just diehard fans of the xbox. Whatever the reason there was no so much hope on they migrating to the PS3.

Obviously at least some got a PS3, but in any case that million is on another console already so you cant expect any more sales increase due to them.

Gothdom3624d ago

What I think they mean by exceeding expectations is that they sold alot more than Nov 08.

This year 710,400 minus 08's 378,000 = an increase of 332,400.

I think it's great. As for MS, they might have sold less from 08, but not by that much (-16,500). They're maintaining their numbers.

Happy baby: as much as you don't want to, the PS3 is here to stay.

The Happy Baby3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

If the PS3 has EVERYTHING and does EVERYTHING, and the multiplats looks BETTER on it and the exclusives ARE THE BEST LOOKING GAMES TO DATE-----why wouldnt someone switch from an inferior console?

The people who were banned were prolly banned for modded console, meaning they didnt pay for those games and prolly liked to cheat/glitch in thier online gameplay(meaning they prolly didnt have alot of friends who wanted to play with them anyways). Also, they would have had to buy a new live subscription(at best 50$ for the year). Why spend the money on a new console, and buying all your fave games legitamately and having to pay for online gaming--when you can get a superior console that makes the games better(exclusive or not) and has free online play?

Either way its a loss for Sony. You have 2 answers: The 360 is just that strong of a force, that people will go back to it. OR There were more new people that wanted a 360 than a ps3.

POINT: Its doesnt matter what the answer is, its still not in Sonys favor. Getting beat in anything, no matter what company you are, is never a good thing. Stop trying to spin it, like it is. Enough with the excuses.

You guys make Happy Baby, unhappy with all the run-around.

sikbeta3624d ago

xboyz really feel the need to get so defensive, they're ruling this entire site because xbox 360 sold more on November, they for some reason understood that a Sony PR said they won something on November but no one was claiming anything

alaa3624d ago

It was not my intention to bash Sony, but when you report a story like this, you have to put numbers in order to let the readers understand what is going on. Also, I don't have to add Nintendo numbers, because of two reasons: 1. Nintendo is out of calculations
2. The real sales battle is between the HD consoles the PS3 and Xbox 360.

MNicholas3624d ago

Since the PS3's price cut, it has sold 2 Million more than the 360. That's a difference of 2 Million more in just 3.5 months!

beardpapa3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

A lot of people in the nub-modding community don't just tell themselves "Hey.. I think I'll go buy a 360 and mod it since I hear my friends do it."

Chances are they'll brick it. There's a higher probability that people who mod their system probably already had a 360 to begin with, had the games to play, had Live, and decided to one day mod their system or get a new one to mod to start playing new games on it. Besides ... there was a mod to allow the system to play on Live. But more or less it stopped working whenever we got a system update.

With more than 28 million sold and only 1 million banned, that's a small niche market of naughty 360 owners. It's unreasonable to think that a majority of those 1 million started off on the 360 with zero legitimate games, and went on a whim to spend $299 to potentially brick their new baby.

You can also put into perspective that if they

When I first got a Core as a gift and then a Premium as my second 360, i treated them both with care. Even when I had games like Rumbling Roses, I didn't think to mod my 360 because I knew I would either brick it or be caught one day. I learned that the hard way w/ a modded PS2 slim. Thought it'd be as easy as the DC.

But hey, I don't really care who wins. Nintendo is looking fine up there and I don't like them one bit. Games are great but accessories. You gotta get rid of a kidney to get the ultimate experience. $60 for a wiimote + nunchuks? I know my gf was hesitant getting her nephew Mario Party & Mario Kart + 3 other controllers and wheels for Xmas. If MS wins great. If Sony wins that's fine too. I just hope they don't bend us over later and give it to us hard when they start getting a bigger market share of things. Afterall, we're their blind ignorant supporters.

rockleex3623d ago

I agree with you.

I was expecting Sony to move AT LEAST 50 million in November alone.

Epic fail by Sony. *shakes head*


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3624d ago
alaa3624d ago

It was a stellar month for both.

Panthers3624d ago

LOL at your disagrees. Fanboys are funny.

ravinash3624d ago

Yeah, Sony and MS both had a terrible month.

alaa3624d ago

Yes, I don't know why the users of N4G disagrees with me regarding this comment.

dale13624d ago

well 9 million sold in the usa and 27 million sold to date of last press comment,thats 18 million between the rest of europe and asia putting it well ahead of the 360 in those countrys.usa is still there toughest challange but the eu and japan are seeing a big gap growing where the ps3 is concerned.10 million microsoft said they sold total last month for europe which we all know they include asia and just about every country as there data.son,ys catching up 100,000 units difference between 360 and ps3 for november isn,t much when you add just the japanese sales of the last two weeks.if sony starts winning more months of sales on the 360 in america like the two months before its going to be hard for ms to come back.