Mad Catz Wireless Gaming Adapter - Xbox Evolved Review

XE writes:

"Mad Catz has finally stepped it up to lead the way for a cheaper alternative to some of Microsoft's outrageously priced accessories. Like the notoriously known wireless adapter from Microsoft, theirs retails for $99.99. Unlike the Microsoft Wireless-N adapter that uses the rear USB port on the back of the Xbox 360, the Mad Catz device is an N wireless bridge-type device that plugs into the regular wired Ethernet port on the back on your console, giving it Wireless-N connectivity using the new device. The great thing about Mad Catz's device is that it also supports B/G signals for those who may not have an N router just yet. "

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dgroundwater3621d ago

79.99 is a step in the right direction.

Blaze9293621d ago

Yeah. Hopefully Datel wins that lawsuit they are doing against Microsoft. If that happens, can see a lot of third party companies making accessories for the 360 at prices where they should be.

AridSpider3621d ago

49.99 would be alot better. But then again, this is a N-draft adapter. Nice to use with my N router. By the sounds of the review, can even hook it up to my PS3 which is great becuase it doesn't support Wireless-N

Blaze9293621d ago

oh yeah that's right. Can hook it up to anything that has a Ethernet port if the wireless inside of it doesnt support Wireless-N. Pretty nice

ProA0073621d ago

iiiiiiiiiii dunno...never really trusted anything made by MadCatz....

Coded-Dude3621d ago

price is still a little steep, but i think they kept it that high because they knew they could.