PS3: It Only Does No Backwards Compatibility

DualShockers writes:

"Recenlty, whilst watching the most recent yearly console "prize fight" on CNET I began to think about one very important topic that wasn't really discussed. Something that definitely would have made the most recent match up a much more even fight, and might have even swayed it in the 360's favor. Its something that Sony fans have been accustomed to for quite sometime and at the same time Xbox fans are experiencing for the first time this generation. That little something is a lovely feature called backwards compatibility..."

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Pennywise3628d ago

Lovely feature to play outdated, old games. I have BC and I never use it.

taz80803628d ago

I have the first gen PS3 with backwards comp and I used it for GTA and God of War. It isn't a huge thing but it is a nice to have. My friend has a slim and she was interested in getting Parappa the Rapa and has to DL it.

Mr_Bun3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I'm pretty sure this article should be relegated to the comment section of the "Tips on being a fanboy" article

Especially with lines like this:
"What’s most bizarre is how some people are pointing fingers at CNET for being biased towards the 360, yet the PS3 still won the contest in the end."

How can you think CNET isn't biased?

JoelT3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I praise the PS2 in the article, you have to try actually READING it. That usually helps. By reading the title and the first paragraph only, you're not getting the whole idea.

Mr_Bun3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Your pic is exactly what I imagine when I think of people who ASSUME.

What the article is actually doing is claiming that the 360 is on par with the PS3 because none of the new PS3's have PS2 backwards compatibility. The author basically says that sure "you can break out your PS2 but...." that is where it should end.

If you are that upset that you can't play a PS2 game, join the many millions of people who happily own a PS2 and are still buying them up. You can buy a PS3 and a PS2 for a lot less than those who picked up the original B/C PS3s. Hell for 100$, you can buy the "most successful console of all time" for the same price you are buying a wifi adapter for the 360.

Time to move on folks.

Edit: I didn't realize you were the your defensiveness makes sense

DelbertGrady3628d ago

It's not tolerated to criticize the PS3 in any way on N4G. No matter how legit legit the critique may be.

And also note that Pennywise speaks for ALL PS3 owners out there. Just like him they have no interest in playing outdated PS2 games like God of War 1 & 2. Must be why Sony re-released them for the PS3...

Pennywise3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Hang it up JoelT... Bun just smacked you into retirement.

Soda - You should hang it up too. GoW collection was remastered and they added trophies. I am sure they did this for marketing hype for the new game in March. Soda, seems you are the only one to disagree so far...

Its not that you cant criticize the PS3... It's when you use some tired old argument from 2008. Give it a rest already. I can see this being an issue 3 years ago when the PS3 was lacking in games according to the haters... but we are long past that nonsense.

andron3628d ago

You can't play PS2 games on PS3 slim, but you can play PSone games via PSN. So there is some backwards compatibility.

And hopefully there will be an official emulator available later...

Polluted3628d ago

@taz8080: If I'm not mistaken, Parappa was a PS1 game. Your friend's PS3 will play it just fine if she finds it on a disc. Not that she's likely to save any money that way, but it's good to know, I guess.

Maddens Raiders3628d ago

"Recenlty, whilst watching the most recent yearly console "prize fight" on CNET I began to think about one very important topic that wasn't really discussed. Something that definitely would have made the most recent match up a much more even fight, and might have even swayed it in the 360's favor..."

it's C|Net. How much more "in favor" of the 360 do you want things to get....?

Anon19743628d ago

Didn't use it on the 360. Didn't use it on the PS2. Didn't use it on the PS3 (although I bought a 60GB model, just in case).

I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games. I'm sure BC is a nice feature to some, but obviously it's not a deal breaker, otherwise the PS3 wouldn't have outsold the 360 since the PS3 launched worldwide, despite being almost double the price for almost the entire time.

Clearly consumers have spoken with their wallets. You can let this debate die now.

jkoz3628d ago

I’ve seen plenty rants and I understand them to a point. But seriously, this is insane. I have a 60GB Backwards Compatible PS3. I have the memory card transfer hardware. Yet I find myself still gaming my PS2 games on my… PS2. Why? I don’t really find it a big deal to play PS2 on my PS3. The upconversion to 1080p isn’t handled very gracefully and I’d much rather see a smaller screen with crisper graphics than my PS3 playing a PS2 game at 50″ and making it look… not super.

If you want to play PS2 games and it’s really a bother to switch to “Video 3″ from “Video 2″ then I guess nobody can help you. But what are you supposed to do when your PS2 bites the dust you ask? BUY A NEW PS2. They’re $99, first off. A new PS3 game is $59. It’s not going to break the bank. New systems are still being made. And if this happens in ten years, there will be a solution to play your PS2 games somehow. Sony isn’t going to abandon the PS2 library if everything you mentioned was true about it (which it is).

badz1493628d ago

and people are still complaining about BC? what the hell? if you wanna play PS2 games THAT much, PS2s are now $99 or less! why buy a PS3 in the 1st place if you wanna play PS2 games??

Mr_Bun3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Don't be ignorant...Would it be nice if all PS3s could play PS2 games?...Sure...I would love it if the PS3 could play PSP games...I would also like my PS3 to drive me to work, fly me to Hawaii and spit out money like a pez dispenser.

I would hardly classify the PS3 as being perfect, but there are more important things I want Sony to improve/add.

Focusing on adding PS2 functionality to a PS3 when you can still buy a PS2, doesn't make any sense to me.

Edit: Joel
I have a 360. I pay my 50$/year XBL fee. I also don't complain about it. Having a 360 without Live would be like owning a car without tires. Guess I can refer to my "ASSUME" remark here as well

JoelT3628d ago

Sorry but something is not making any sense to me. Gamers were jumping down 360 gamer's throats (and rightfully so) for justifying an Xbox Live price increase or paying for it at all. And you're saying it's ok to spend $100 to go and buy another PS2 to play it's games. Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?

Insomnia_843628d ago

Only [email protected] M&*^$#$%s who didn't buy the full package PS3s are complaining and those of us who bought it don't even use it lol they will always find a way to bash the PS3.

Timesplitter143628d ago

That's a really, REALLY stupid thing to say.

God damn are there any intelligent non-fanboy people left on N4G?

Megaton3628d ago

Had a BC PS3 for 2 years, used it once for MGS3.

Pennywise3628d ago

Joel anyone with PS2 games to play most likely OWN A PS2.

Your argument is ridiculous.

IdleLeeSiuLung3628d ago

That is one of my biggest wishes for the PS3, backwards compatibility without paying through the nose. I still laugh at how Sony pointed out the importance of BC only to go back on their word.

As the article pointed out, BC will never come back and instead we will have to re-buy the "improved" games. The way, I see it. If Sony can outsource two games to be remade with upgraded graphics in only 4 months, there is no way they couldn't create a software only emulator for BC after all these years. In fact, they probably just integrated into the game!

Fact is, Sony found a way to make more money and they will continue to do this. It is fair game though, because that is what all companies do. They look to maximize their profits!

wildcat3628d ago

It's interesting that at the start of this gen, when PS3s had FULL backwards compatibility, everyone was FOR it. Now that it's not there anymore everyone is AGAINST it.

And stop saying "go buy a ps2." The whole point of BC is it adds a TON of value for the money and the PS2 library is riddled with so many awesome games.

My question is how about the PS4? If BC is so "last gen" should Sony not even bother with the feature anymore and have people miss out on so many PS3 games?

GrandTheftZamboni3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Yes, it does. My 60GB does BC. So, this claim is FALSE.

Nicaragua3628d ago

SNES wasnt backwards compatible with NES - wasnt a problem
N64 wasnt backwards compatible with SNES - wasnt a problem
Gamecube wasnt backwards compatible with N64 - wasnt a problem

Backwards compatability isnt the be all and end all. At best its a nice bonus feature but the gaming industry has survived over decades without it.

anh_duong3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

actually i do think sony should add BC.. people won't use it but i think they won't know it until they actually buy a ps3..

BC is like a security blanket for would-be ps3 buyers.. it gives them comfort in their purchasing decision..

there are tens of millions of ps2 owners who haven't made the switch to next generation.. if BC was available then i am pretty sure 90% of them would buy a ps3 - regardless of whether they use BC or not..

it is all to do with the pyschology of the second round of ps3 buyers.. sony needs to understand that continuity is very strong in influencing purchasing decisions..

i know that BC can be done (on a piece meal basis) so it is a shame why sony doesn't introduce it..

TheBand1t3628d ago

All I'm gonna say is...

Sony sure as hell better have BC for PS3 games on the PS4.

ultimolu3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

You're kidding me, right? What part of Sony had to lower the cost of the PS3 did you not understand? They will probably bring it back in software. I don't know about you but I'd rather have a cheaper console than BC and a console that cost two arms and a leg. I paid good money for my 60gig but if the 360 was more reliable, I would have bought that first and wait for the PS3 to come down in price. You people didn't buy it when BC was available, now you're crying that it's gone.

Too bad.

And low carb...gotta love you. You are so clueless as to what's going on in the article.

Mr_Bun3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

You are absolutely right...I had my chance for a B/C PS3 machine along with EVERYONE ELSE, but thought it was tooooo expensive. They dropped the price dropped the feature and I picked up a PS3.

Was having b/c worth double the price of the slim?...Not to me and apparently not to the author. Too late for tears now.

trancefreak3628d ago

ya bandit totally agree i have a huge ps3 collection and i dont want 2 playstations to play it.

lowcarb3628d ago

What is it with PS3 fanboys on N4G. There's like an excuse for everything here lately. This is something you guys should be fighting with Sony over not us.

duplissi3628d ago


actually your friend doesnt need to dl parappa, unless she cant find it in a store or pawn shop. all ps3s still play ps1 games on disk.

ozps33628d ago

JoeIT you have been owned by Mr Bun. lol

Redempteur3628d ago

i find this title funny considering that EVERY PS3 play PS1 games and that the PS2 sales are still strong ...

making the "need" for BC useless or null ...

FACTUAL evidence3628d ago

B/C is good, but ps3 owners just don't give a f#ck about it anymore....besides the most wanted ps2 game is playable on the ps3, and remastered. Not only that, but it's waaay too many games coming out to even worry about B/C....BTW i have B/C, and when i think about using it, it never happens.

Microsoft Xbox 3603628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I gave up my 60gb in favor of the Slim. BC is not that important people.

Joel Taveras, you fail to see why Sony did such a thing as removing the PS2 BC feature. It was a move to establish a bigger PS3 install base. Of course with more consoles sold, the more studios get interested in developing games for the system. More exclusives and more former exclusive 3rd party games/studios jumping ship to the PS3. It was the most logical move at the time.

nycredude3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Give it up already. Everyone has an idea that dualshockers are fanb0y website who hates on the Ps3 alot. The more you comment the more you are confirming it.

Fact is The Ps2 is the same price as a wireless adapter on the 360 and is cheaper than a HDD on the 360! How many games can you have access to on the Ps2 ($100)?

Edit: BTW also the last I check my ps3 DOES do backward compatibility. Don't feel butthurt you didn't buy the 60gb version.

You should rename your website

ikkokucrisis3628d ago

I have YET to see a negative article written about the 360!!
Am I wrong?! Posts links with your proof!!

Daver3628d ago

Get over it already... If you still want to play ps2 games then buy a ps2.. It would be useless to put it in the ps3 now

callahan093628d ago

Well that article was filled with a lot of finger-pointing and ranting for absolutely no reason whatsoever considering two things:

1) The PS3's lack of backwards compatibility clearly WAS mentioned!
2) The PS3 can play PSone games, which is a huge library filled with quality games, but it wasn't mentioned in the prize fight, and in fact it was implied that it cannot play PSone games because the actual comment in the prize fight was "The PS3 has no backwards compatibility," which is false.

jut4203628d ago

JoeIT I haven't commented here in a while but I had to say I hope you never submit one of you lame articles again because you are an idiot. MS charging to play games online is the same as PS3 not being able to play PS2 games?

1) You want to play online on Xbox you have to pay no matter what. People already pay for internet, why pay for online twice?
2) You want BC on your PS3 you should have been an early adapter. If you have PS2 games, you at one point had a PS2 so I don't see why your PS3 would need to have BC. I have BC and I used it for the first 6 months or so and haven't used it since. Too many good games out to keep playing last gen games all the time.

P.S. Xbox360 does not play all original Xbox games.

You praise the PS2 in your article? I don’t think stating facts is actually praising especially when you feel the need to add things like (arguably) the best gaming library. Nothing else you said could be denied by anyone. Number show it was the most successful console and had a ton of games. You didn’t actually do any praising at all, just stated facts that no one can deny. Do you think listing PS2 accomplishments we will forget about the hostile tone you have against PS3 owners in your article. You claim every PS3 owner is a rabid fanboy and make it seem as if 360 fans just sit back and do nothing. Give me a break both sides have good people both sides have crazy fanboys. Don’t point fingers at just one side.
You’re complaining about re-releasing GOW 1 and 2 in HD with trophies for $40 and yet I searched your site and didn’t find a single article about ODST being sold for $60 with all the multiplayer maps having already been made for Halo 3 being put into that game. 5 Hour campaign and Firefight mode for $60 is cool? It’s better than 2 standard def (Epic) games being remade in HD with trophies for $20 less, where both games campaigns can last between 12-15 hours each.

Give me a break, anyone can see you’re biased.

Noctis Aftermath3628d ago

I guess i am just imagining Gran Turismo 2 working fine in my slim then.....

Mu5afir3628d ago

FACT - Sony did provide a console with backward compatibility, but people like you and CNET b----ed and cried that it was too expensive. I have the ORIGINAL 60gb.. and as far as I see it.. if BC was so important to YOU or anyone else.. they would have coughed up the money to buy the original console at $599. Taking in the "price" of the PS2 at the time at "199) meaning the console was $299 + BC (aka PS2 for $199) not to mention all the other stuff that was packed into that machine.

Homicide3628d ago

When I had a 60GB, I used BC all the time. The PS3 didn't have any games that kept me interested for about 2 years.

Pennywise3628d ago

Point taken homicide... but lets fast forward 3 year to today. BC is not a big deal.

Mr_Bun3628d ago

Assuming you're not full of s**t, you have nothing to complain about since you have a b/c machine...In fact you only further the point that you have put more effort into your 2 sentences than Joel did in his entire article.

Darkstorn3628d ago

I realize that not many people play PS2 games anymore if they don't have to, but it's also true that many gamers want to be able to play older games on their systems.
I for one never had a PS2, so I would love to see B/C implemented in the future. Still, I can live with Sony releasing 'Collections' of old PS2 games that have better graphics and frame rates, like GoW: Collection.

Christopher3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

The sad thing is that the people still complaining about the lack of BC are the same people who didn't realize what it cost to have that to begin with and led Sony to remove it since the thing people were most interested in was the price of the console.

In this case, you can't have your cake and eat it as well. You either got the price point we have now or BC. Surprisingly the cost of keeping BC was the same as it is to just buy a new PS2. So, in the end, the result is that those who care about PS2 games can still play them, albeit with an additional cost of $99 for the PS2 or their old one, while those who don't care about it aren't forced to pay an extra $99 for the technology.

Yeah, the PS3 would be the best deal on the market if it was priced at $299 w/everything it has and BC. But, regardless of it software emulation ever comes along that actually works to make all your games playable on all PS3s, you know what will happen then? The next complaint will start about what else the PS3 is missing. Am I missing something or when did the Xbox 360 get a built-in Blu-ray drive, internal wi-fi, bluetooth support, and a non-proprietary and much cheaper HDD system that doesn't abandon third-party hardware developers?

Edit at guy below: I know 80GB had partial BC, I own two MGS4 bundle PS3s with it. This was also when they still cost $500 a pop as well. With the removal of the emulation, which was run on its own board in the system and not directly off the firmware/motherboard of the PS3 (note: Sony has worked on full software emulation and has not been able to get it to work in a way that the games couldn't be easily pirated). So, there was still a cost in the additional internal hardware that had to be integrated with the PS3 hardware. This increased the cost of the PS3 at an amount almost equal to just buying a new PS3 at $99.

I think we can all agree that it would be awesome if the PS3 had full BC, but at the same time I am completely fine without it knowing that the cost for it would be the same as just owning a PS2. I think we can also all agree that with the explosion in sales that the PS3 has seen since its new design and reduced price that price really was a determining factor for people looking to get a PS3.

Solidus187-SCMilk3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I got a ps3 slim in AUG. and would have liked it to have bc. I got rid of my ps2 back in 2005 so dont really care much to play ps2 games. But even so, you cant tell me that having access to the largest gaming library of any system ever would be a negative for the ps3 or that you wouldnt like to have it in your ps3 now just in case you felt like playing an old favorite or a game you missed. Too many saying they wouldnt want it anyways just because its not there i think.

If anything it is a great selling point for ps3 to have ps2 BC. For some people 300$ is still alot and being able to play their ps2 games on ps3 while they buy more ps3 games would be a big plus for some. Not to mention people who might pay the extra 200$ for a ps3 that can play ps2 games instead of buying a ps2 for 100$. PS2 sold something like 200K in november 2009 npd and im guessing some of those people would have gotten a ps3 instead if they were aware that the ps3 could play ps2 games(if it could).

Like a father who wants a bluray player and a ps2 for his kid, he might buy a ps3 if it had BC with ps2.

While I in no way NEED PS2 BC, I would be glad if my ps3 had it.

edit-- Actually guy above I beleive the 80gb ps3 had software BC. And while not perfect It sure is better than no BC at all. Im pretty sure they could release the SW emulation for little or no cost.

vhero3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

You can still play PS2 games on PS3 using 60gb versions.. So now they nearly all died 360 better? Yet when they were freely available 360 fanboys said the fact ps3 had 90% backwards compatibility was no big deal. Now PS3 doesn't have it freely its a big deal?? Talk about picking and choosing your battles.

Homicide3628d ago

My 60GB model broke down (YLOD). I refuse to pay or buy another one of those older models. I would love BC on my slim; kind of bored with my PS3 games already.

SilentNegotiator3628d ago

Dualshocker here to spread more anti-Ps3 FUD? What a "Shocker"! ....not.

The Great Melon3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Wow, I seem to be one of the few that actually uses the backwards compatibility often. I have played through several ps2 games on my 60 Gb ps3. It is nice to not have to lug several systems to my dorm.

If I were to buy another ps3 I would hope they add backwards comparability in the future, because I still have a huge back catalog of ps2 games I still want to play. Also, I have run out of room on all of my memory cards for the ps2.

FamilyGuy3628d ago

Why the f*** do you have so many agrees? Tell your friend that Parappa tha rappa was a PS1 game and that ALL PS3s can play PS1 games.

I have a 80GB B/C model and NEVER play PS2 games since there are a plethora of good PS3 games to play.

beardpapa3628d ago

i wonder what % of people with BC-enabled PS3s actually use the BC feature and for how many hours a week compared to playing PS3 games.

WildArmed3628d ago

lol. I got a 60gb and never use BC on it =/
It's almost a waste to use that beauty to run ps2 games.
Plus, I have my day 1 launch ps2 alive n kicking for that.
When I'm in my room, I play ps2 on SDTV.. other times i play ps3 on my HDTV in the living room.

way to make a big deal about a feature that has been missing for quite some time now.

JD_Shadow3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

BC won't be around as long as Sony keeps refusing to retire the PS2. The second they do that, I can guarantee you that we will see BC return. That's why you don't see the BC returning: people are still buying the PS2, so why cut off that source of income if they are still gettting a lot out of it?

@Soda: Wow, how that is not true. If that was, then why in the hell am I down to two bubbles when I haven't made that many comments lately? How long will it be until I'm down to one bubble? If Sony fanboys overpopulate this site (and many of the things I've said could very well be pleasing for them to read), then I would be at 9 bubbles by now. But I'm not. I wonder why that is for me and many of the other so-called "SDF" members you keep wanting to call out every time you troll a topic to claim that you can't make any comment that isn't to the "SDF"'s liking.

Yes, we all know what is going on on this site right now with the "bubble war" that a few people have waged on this site now. Pathetic that someone has felt the need to do such a thing.

IronChefWong3628d ago

I can't say I've ever put a PS2 disc in there. I have enough great games on PS3. The only game I might be tempted to go back and play would be if I got MGS3: Subsistence. Oh well I have MGS4.

BC is seriously overated, and if your wanna play play your old PS2 games, that probably means you own a PS2 and can use that. Don't be lazy, just hook it up.

execution173627d ago

best way to put it, the only reason why the PS3 doesn't have BC is because the people complaining about the price when it launched, wish i still had mine but it YLOD 10 months ago may it rest in peace, so yeah if they want BC they shouldn't of been big babies 3 years ago

MEsoJD3627d ago

its nice to have the premium even if you use some features more than

others. I Play my ps2 games every now and then.

littletad3627d ago

It's a "luxury" feature or it's "not something needed", it's still something that should have never been removed. Period. The ps2 collection of games is a staggering list of quality games. "Keeping" your old ps2 just doesn't cut it. The virtual memory cards, the upscaling, and the worry-free feeling of having backward compatibility is something every ps3 owner should have had. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a launch ps3, but I also feel that Sony removing the feature was the worse slap in the face to it's loyal fanbase.

Sarcasm3627d ago

WTF, it's been damn near 2 years since there is no B/C models and they're acting as if it's so damn new.

lovestruck063627d ago

when the ps3 had b/c everyone was whining about how expensive the ps3 was. anyone know how a company lowers a price of a console. by reducing the manufacturing costs of the console. whats more important b/c or wifi or b/c or blu ray. like come on some of the gamers on this site arent thinking straight. atleast sony is still making ps2 games unlike the xbox 1 , which is extinct along with the hd dvd addon. stop being so cheap and wanting everything handed to you on a fin platter. im so tired of hearing the same old complaints about the ps3. a bunch of whiners, who are never happy with the playstation 3 always wanting more grow up. u want a price cut sony gives it to you, but unfortunately to give you that price cut they have to cut b/c. so what it all comes down too stop being a cheap and maybe you would be playing ps2 and ps1 games on your ps3 right now. i have a 60gig shes a beauty but b/c to me is pointless never used it.

dont cry to sony cuz u wouldnt pay for the superior launch ps3. you cry babies are the reason backwards compatibility is no more. irony is a b*tch.

moral of the story you cant always have your cake and eat it too.....maybe if all you cheap gamers went out and bought the ps3 at launch sony would have kept b/c but cuz u didnt they had to cut it to please you cheap gamers. yet it wasnt enough i seee. you can never win with some people. ohhhh welll back to call of duty 6 gots to get my double shottys back and my m16 ( i prestiged).

T3L3PROOF3627d ago

Does the xbox have backward compatibility?

TheBlackSmoke3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Man this joeit is a joke, yeah compare buying a PS2 to play PS2 games to paying to play online on xbox 360 and then spin that as a therefore "teh PS3 iz inferiorz"

Also figure in the fact that the PS2 actually still exists at retail, would it not be pointless to make both your consoles compete with eachother...but i guess he didnt think of that, journalism ftl.

At least if i wanted to buy a ps2 i can still do that unlike another console i know.

Shepherd 2143627d ago

So the 360 using multiple discs is outdated, last gen tech according to many of you, but the PS3 having no backwards compatibility isnt? So having to swap between discs every now and then is a huge issue, but not being able to play your beloved older games on your shiny new console is no biggie right?

Ive fallen madly in love with this site.

Foliage3627d ago

"Gamers were jumping down 360 gamer's throats (and rightfully so) for justifying an Xbox Live price increase or paying for it at all. And you're saying it's ok to spend $100 to go and buy another PS2 to play it's games. Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?"

First sign a "writer" doesn't know what he is talking about, he generalizes at the first sign of someone disagreeing with him.

Well seeing as the xLive fee to stop the 360 from restricting the internet service you already pay for, is a yearly fee. This might seem hard for you to imagine, seeing as the average lifespan of the 360 is well below 2 years, but those 50 dollars a year are well above a single 100 dollar pricetag.

Besides, it isn't like the 360 can play PS2 games (obviously), and the limited BC it has for a library that lacked any noteworthy games isn't really something to write home about.

Nice attempt at hits, writing a decent article is obviously too much work for you. Go back to your blog, and stop submitting your own work. It's pathetic, use the response system like the rest of us.

mal_tez923627d ago

I've used it only a handful of times for MGS2 & 3 when I was playing through the series

madpuppy3627d ago

I thought that the PS2 games looked like crap, this is the first console generation that the games rival the PC to a relative degree.

backwards compatibility? I don't need that useless cruft that adds more complexity to already complex hardware for no good reason.

vickers5003627d ago

Wow, seems the extremist sony fanboys are here today. Seriously fanboys, why do you feel so strongly about wanting people to spend 100 bucks on something that should be free (don't bring up the 360 here, I am making no comparisons to other consoles, bc should be in every released system)?

It's one thing that you guys "never use it", but it's another to say that it's not important and people should not ask sony for it, and that they should fork over 100 bucks for it. I bought a launch console, and I certainly use BC a lot. There were quite a few great games I discovered since then, because back then I was only a casual player. I sold my ps2 a long time ago, which I kind of regret, but whatever. I bought Shadow of the Colossus, Dragon Quest 8, Final Fantasy 10, 12, God of War 1 & 2 (should have waited on that one since the collection came out, they need to announce sh*t like that earlier), and I plan on buying a few others once I have the ps3 games I want.

It's an important feature, while not deal breaking in the slightest, is a fundamental feature that needs to be there regardless of whether you n4g fanboys use it or not. I now realize though, why you don't want people to have it and why you are telling people that it's useless and they won't enjoy it. You lowly sacks of scum just want to deprive people of their money and joy. Well that's fine, but at least be honest about it instead of giving fake, bullsh*t, made up excuses about how people should fork over 100 bucks or just stop whining.

Also, to the fool who sold his ps3 60gb for a slim, what is wrong with you?

jadenkorri3627d ago

everyone said BC was not needed as EVERYONE HAD PS2'S.... So stfu, those of you who invested in a BC PS3, I say good for you, I personally gave my ps2 to my nephew after purchasing my ps3, but have 100s of ps2 games, not going to give those up and of course needed BC. People demanded the removal of the BC to lower the price, well sony listened and did it. SO here we are now begging for it back, well guess what it may or may not happen, but have yourselves to blame. If sony sees people buying god collection and makes a decent amount of money, well that's only your fault. If BC had stayed, I'm sure god collection prob wouldn't exist.