No God of War Will Keep Dante's Inferno From Greatness: GamingBolt

GB writes: "When talking about 2010 there are a few titles that immediately come to mind. Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, and especially God of War III rank among the most anticipated. Having now played Dante's Inferno I can say without a doubt that it not only deserves to rank up there next to God of War III, but it has to potential to surpass it. A bold statement I know, but play the demo and you will understand."

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Ninji3630d ago

I stopped reading at

"Having now played Dante's Inferno I can say without a doubt that it not only deserves to rank up there next to God of War III, but it has to potential to surpass it."

I'm going to assume he hasn't played the GoW3 demo (because it's better than just assuming he's stupid).

DasBunker3630d ago

i liked DI altough graphics were sh** but it played very smooth which was nice..

dante doesnt feel as bada$$ as kratos and neither his finishing moves.. i liked the whole holy and unholy powers upgrading techniques.. but some aspects of the story were not that well implemented (at least in the demo).. and the pacing is weird..

H&S <3

Darkeyes3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

More GOW3 bashing.. Wow. Having played DI, I must say it's a good game and I intend to buy it when the final version comes out, but comparing it to GOW3 is unfair on DI.... The graphics aren't even close to GOW3 Demo and judging by what HHG said about the new vids, GOW3 seems to take the graphics again a notch further (I know it's HHG, but to give him some credit, he does gets stuff right sometime).... The combat felt like GOW only a little bit sluggish in dodging, but overall a nice game...

Sadly, once the media picks up a topic, they go on bashing it regardless of the fact the even the devs are keeping mum.

Again the only feeling I couldn't shrug off was that it felt like GOW, which is a good thing, but still you expect them to do at least something new (they even copied the Cyclopes ride from GOW3).

Double073630d ago

Did I play a different demo of Dante's Inferno than the author or what?

I thought it was pretty good sure and copied a ton of stuff from GOW but to say its up there with it and might surpass it is just ludicrous as far as Im concerned. And yes I have played the GOW3 demo, many times in fact.

Microsoft Xbox 3603630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Everyone is hyping DI and Bayonetta to counter the beast known as God of War 3. I say, keep it coming. It takes more than those two games to slay the greatness of Kratos.

Besides that, it seems like every game in each genre has always been compared to PS3 exclusives. I'm guessing PS3 exclusives are the benchmark of gaming.

NOOBKILLA3630d ago

After playing the Dante's Inferno demo I agree with everybody when they say it is a GOW 3 clone. Since the demo was so short it is hard to determine if it is better than a game. Comparing both demos (Dante and GOW 3) I think they are about even.

I think the only thing Dante has up on GOW 3 is the total shock value when playing the game. Playing through Dante's Inferno you will see some sick, weird, disturbing sh*t (however not in the demo)!!!!!!! The gameplay with both games in my opinion will be the same but that shock value should give Dante's Inferno the edge.

Either way I'm getting both GOW 3 and Dante's Inferno so I could care less what the media is saying is better!!! LOL

Karsghul3630d ago

The demo was fun and i'm interested in knowing how the story ends but 'tis not in the same league as GoW3. The presentation and sound is weak. The only thing i liked over GoW is dodging...that's it.

ABizzel13630d ago

Am I the only one who thought Dante's Inferno was just decent.

I loved the cut scenes (hated the animated one), the 60 fps fast action, the Boss and Dante's character design, the upgrade system, and the speed of combat (it's fast almost too fast).

But graphically its OK, lesser enemies look so bland, animations are stiff, the game is built on trail and error (don't move in time boom you're dead), and it's a complete ripoff of God of War.

Dante's Inferno is a great game, if it were a launch title, after playing God of War 3 and Bayonetta's demos Dante's Inferno just doesn't hold up to those 2 games. I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's just not on par with God of War 3 at all.

Quick review of the demos

Bayonetta- B+ (88/100)
God of War 3- A- (91/100)
Dante's Inferno- B- (81/100)

raztad3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Wow, is GamingBolt making such a claim based on the demo? LMAO. I guess those guys never played GoW1&2. They should give the Collection a shoot to understand how stupid they look.

hobokiller3630d ago

Not if Kratos has anything to say about it.

DelbertGrady3630d ago

My daddy is stronger than your daddy.

Waaaaahhh!!! Waaaaaaaaaahh!!!

lightningsax3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I thought the DI demo was pretty weird. The CG cutscenes were awesome, but when it cut to the actual game, the graphics did not hold up. That would be fine if the game's mechanics were on par with something like Bayonetta or Batman: AA, but they weren't - it was the same old combo-grind that would have been acceptable in the days of GOW1, but not now.

The fights so far were pretty badly designed - here's a bland arena, here's a bunch of enemies, kill them and proceed. Here's a couple of platforms that fall down into a much more fire-y place. If you think you'll ride them to Hell, which is reasonable, tough - you just die and get a book quote that isn't related to where you are at the time. The first real boss fight in there was pretty awesome in concept, though, and the voice acting is pretty good.

I can't wait for either GOWIII or Bayonetta after experiencing those demos, but this one made me want to play GOW II again. Seriously, to me, any stage in that game holds up better than Dante's Inferno so far.

marinelife93630d ago

Dante's Inferno is aight. It's a rental.

lightningsax3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

@MarineLife - Yeah, what he said. I wish I could say that much content in two sentences!

nycredude3630d ago

Although I disagree with the author, he isn't saying anything wrong. EVERY game has the potential to surpass another game, but trying to surpass GOW 3 will be a monumental task, and judging from the Demo that I played.. oh who the f*&k am I kidding this dude is a freaking fool.

I will bet my left nut Dante's Inferno will not surpass GOW 3. I challenge this fool to the same bet nut for nut!

FYI and BTW I have played both demos.

And for all you fools who keeps saying let's wait until they both release, dude the demo doesn't even match GOW 1 and 2 epicness let alone 3. Let's get real here have you guys even played any GOW games before?

SilentNegotiator3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

"No article will change the fact that Dante's Inferno is just a decent Knock-off"?

It’s like God of War with a horrid untight camera, attack mechanic issues (Scythe swing, creature’s fire, etc), lackluster graphics, and an utter lack of original ideas.

finbars753630d ago

I understand where your coming from but GOW3 will not be beaten by Dantes Inferno.Although I have to say I was very impressed by the dantes inferno.It plays good and looks awsome but playing the GOW3 demo again right after Theres just no way.GOW3 played alot smoother and Graphics are much more detailed and beautiful.But Im going to give EA alot of credit for bringing some stiff competition to the GOW series.What it truely comes down to is that We will have 2 great games to play next year.Bring the pain.

wxer3630d ago

wait wait

i thought the media was all about Bayonetta is better that God of war
so why not comparing Bayonetta to Dante's Inferno ????


F*ck all haters
this right here shows that GOW ass rape's all the other games out there
and thats a FACT

Chubear3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

LOL, seems like the author has never played any GoW games cause he/she would have known DI is a big copy n' paste of GoW1,2, CoO and dabs of elements of GoW3 that were shown behind closed doors in the past 2yrs.

How the hell does an original fear a blatant imitation? You think Prada and Gucci are scared of Pradah and Gucchi?

sikbeta3630d ago

"Lets join to the PS3 bashing bandwagon... again"

Enough with this crap, what the hell are this assumptions about a demo of a game that is not even out

callahan093630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I thought the demo was very good, but it's clearly not better than God of War 3. The level design isn't as interesting, there weren't as many varieties of enemy, there weren't as many moves, combos, and abilities, there was not as much brutality, and the graphics and animation don't hold a candle. And I'm purely comparing demo to demo here. Dante's Inferno is nice, though, and I plan to buy it. But the demo really isn't as visceral or as diverse or as well-designed as God of War 3's demo. At least the God of War demo gave us a taste of some puzzles and interesting platforming and diversity like the vertical shaft you fly up through. And it gives you a sense of the epic scale you're in store for. The Dante's Inferno demo just lets you kill some bad guys in a stylish fashion, but it doesn't offer all that other stuff, so I'm not sure why people are already saying it's surpassing God of War. It's just more stirring up controversy for hits, I suspect.

travelguy2k3630d ago

Where do i find the GOD OF WAR 3 demo?

FACTUAL evidence3630d ago

Enough with the "PLZ let teh god Of WaR fail, tis game will surpass it!" articles. I played this demo yesterday, it's a rip of GOW! And for those who disagree go play GOW, then play your DI demo. Anyways DI was pretty cool, but this game couldn't even come close to GOW1's epicness..i'm outtie.

NightmareCV3630d ago

I have played it actually and I stand by my statement in the preview.

Monkey5213630d ago

I pre-ordered the game from Amazon. So try pre-ordering it somewhere.

pixelsword3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

...I don't understand.

*Reality time for a sec*

Okay, I would assume that everyone's played Bayonetta's demo and saw what a weak comparison that was to GoW, and now that this game's demo is out, I knew that the rest of the boneheads would make this comparison and say that this game would be better. All of you so-called reporters really need to quit saying what till be better until at least the games come out; all you are doing is giving a "game killer" status to a game that never asked for it. Not to mention looking foolish.

*okay, back to the demo*

Don't get me wrong, Dante's Inferno was pretty great overall; I liked it a lot. The very first opening scene was very well done, but from there, the style they chose to use made the quality of the game slide downhill a few steps for me; but the action is solid... but you want to know why? Dante's Inferno shamelessly ripped-off GoW in just about everything and Heavenly Sword's countering (countering... Hey, GoWII had countering, didn't it? Bah, I can't remember). But still, I loved it as a game to take Castlevania's place for now.

Virgil's look and feel matches Eric Lecarde from Castlevania Bloodlines more than anything, and therefore it felt more like a Castlevania game than a GoW game. That, and the Middle-Aged Pseudo-Christian characters they use puts this game squarely in the Castlevania/Ghouls and Ghosts category.

The only things i didn't like is

- It has too many different types of media for the cut scenes; you have In-engine, In-game-engine, Middle-age stelae and animation; so it feels half-done and all over the place instead of cohesive.

- The story's dialogue and actions by the characters are fairly weak, taking away the strength of the characters. When Virgil died the dialogue from him was entirely feeble, but the Death Caller (to save the spoiler) was the best-looking I've seen in a game... just to have him act like a punk in the end.

The enemies felt more like Castlevania as well so I think this is worth at least a rent, if you really like it, buy it if you don't have a PS3 or are sick of waiting for a Castlevania game to come out this gen; because although still a shadow of GoW in comparison, this is probably the closest I've seen a game get to it thus far.

ABizzel13630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

There's a difference between borrowing elements, and completely ripping someone off, and DI ripped off GOW and didn't do as good of a job as GOW so it doesn't deserve praise, instead it deserve ridicule so no one else will dare rip someone off as much as this game has.

beardpapa3630d ago

It surpasses GoW3 ? But it's a freakin clone! You know what DI reminds me? Those cheap B-movies that get released at Blockbuster when a big Hollywood movie comes out. You know? Like The Day the Earth Stood Still (hollywood) vs blockbuster exclusive b-movie The Day The Earth Stopped. Or hollywood 2012 vs netflix 2012: Dooms Day. And do you guys remember when Armageddon came out back in 1998, what other movie with a similar theme was out competing against it? That's right! Deep Impact with Morgan Freeman.

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Fishy Fingers3630d ago

First Bayonetta, now Dante. Personally I'll withhold judgement, but my prediction is these comparison junkies are going to look foolish come March (or January when the new footage releases).

DelbertGrady3630d ago

Silly comparisons and baseless speculation. That's sadly what's become of gaming journalism.

Chubear3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Well there's a reason the gaming media and PR groups are pushing the hell out of DI, Darksiders and bayonetta real hard in the Q1 2010 before GoW3 comes out.

There's a reason these games are being pushed for launch before GoW3 comes out. I'll just leave it at that.

evilmonkey5013630d ago

but I'll probably get all 3 of those eventually.

beardpapa3630d ago

And how come we don't get stupid articles like Bayonetta vs DMC? Heck it's a ripoff of DMC with big T&A instead. I'd be furious if a developer came with a complete clone of Half-Life and the media starts praising it like it's better than HL.

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SilverSlug3630d ago

is at least its own game. I just finished playing the Dante's Inferno demo and it just reminded me wayyyy too much of God of War. First of all, the dodge, same as God of War. The plot premise, about the same, they take your love ones and you go out for revenge (obviously not word for word the same).

What about the life fountains? They have the same color as God of War and even have R1 to open them. ... QTEs feel the same for brutal moves.

Wish the developers tried to make it their own instead of making a game that God of War fans will feel easy playing. If I wanted to play God of War, I'll play God of War Collections till 3 is out.

KillaManiac3630d ago

Ya it was so much GoW rip it wasn't funny.
Like you when I saw the life fountain and the moment I pressed the square square square combo and its a big circle combo swing (same as GoW)it was just TOO alike.

I think the game is fun and worth playing 100%, but it IS 99.9% trying to be GoW.

Now when it comes out everyone (360) will say its better....since they cant get the other game (ex: Infamous vs Prototype).

This is only the start of this garbage.

ThaGeNeCySt3630d ago

I'm glad its a 1 to 1 rip, we've seen what happened when they try to knock of god of war with their own ideas (Conan, Beowulf, etc)

nycredude3630d ago

Hey I liked Conan and still have it. That game is what you would call inspired by GOW. Dante's Inferno is a 100% carbon copy, albeit a decent one, but a copy nonetheless. In the world of literature it is called plagerism, and is illegal.

Jamescagney3630d ago

What are you going on about you complete numpty? Pretty much every game out now copies a style or feature of another game out there. Look at UC2, take a second or two to think of the games that UC2 takes a bite out off. Does it matter? No, because UC2 takes those ideas and uses them to make the game a better experience.

Every game since the day of PONG has used previous games as a stepping stone. There are very few games now that are innovative, hardly any. You can't knock a game when it is similar to another, you can criticise it if it is a crap game, but not for being similar.

Gothdom3630d ago

DI is just a 95% copy, but it's still plagiarism. I mean, DI is not only a copy of God of War, but it has the same elements. Like when you get your first magic by the big door... exactly like god of war. And the refils are the same.

I felt the environment effects were interesting, but the character models are "meh" and when you copy a game that much... it just feels lame. I had great expectations for the game, as I love the theme, but having played the demo, I'm not even gonna bother.

pixelsword3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

That's the problem; DI ISN'T bringing you a better experience, it's bringing you a somewhat LESSENED experience and ripping-off just about everything from the GoW series to do it.

It' like how Street Fighter came out and then you get 1,000 games with two guys wearing red and white Gi's. Sure, games like Tekken pulled it off, but Dante's Inferno is like that one Street Fighter clone with the characters that have names like "Ben" and "Ryo".

And what makes it more of a joke is when boneheads turn around and say that that game is better than Street Fighter.

beardpapa3630d ago

"Now when it comes out everyone (360) will say its better....since they cant get the other game (ex: Infamous vs Prototype).

This is only the start of this garbage."

Shoot. Come to think of it. That's pretty smart of the gaming industry. Make a copy cat game of the other console's exclusive and sell it as a multiplat so the other console's userbase gets a taste of the action. AND since it's multiplat, it'll sell more than if it was exclusive! Genius!

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Raoh3630d ago

it's infamous vs prototype all over again..

exnihilonihilfit3630d ago

Infamous Vs. Prototype was a decent comparison especially since they're both new IPs. Dante's Inferno is a carbon copy of GOW 1&2, but it's still quite obvious that it doesn't come close to GOW3. When you play the GOW3 demo you feel like there has been an improvement over GOW1&2, when you play the DI demo you feel like you're playing a great re-make of GOW1&2. That's not meant to take away from DI, I'd say it's better than GOW1&2, but only as much as it should be because it's in the next generation of console games, whereas GOW3 feels like a real leap forward. To be honest, and though I never agree with the guy, HHG put it best: compared to other games this generation, GOW3 feels like a PS4 game, not just PS3.

ultimolu3630d ago

...*slowly c*cks head on a side*



Okay, you know what I should really get to my Bayonetta disc. I mean, the demo was great, I liked it a lot and I may get the game when I have the money or it's cheaper but seriously...STOP COMPARING IT TO GOWIII. First it was Bayonetta and now Dante's Inferno?

Jsynn73630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The gaming media has been real funny with GOW3 lately. They keep making these comparison to DI and Bayonetta and some have gone as far as to say they're better. I think it's an exclusive thing. I think they're trying to say "Don't be glum non-PS3 owners! You can get something like GOW3 that even better on the 360/Wii!". It was the same thing with Infamous/Prototype. If GOW3 was a multi-console title, GOW3/DI/Bayonetta would be on the same level. I lol at these "gaming journalists". Just nothing better to do than to say bizarre and untrue things.

nefertis3630d ago

It will never end ultimolu, it seems like some journalist want sony to fail if that happen sony fans will start riots. I will quit gaming if sony stop supporting the us.