AceGamez: Men of War: Red Tide Review

AceGamez writes: "This game is a tough one. Tough in a sense that victory is something Red Tide makes sure you work your backside off for, it's akin to being handed a slingshot and small rock and then asked to stop a tank barreling towards you that has the intent of turning you into a human pancake. It's refreshing, and annoying in equal measure, because there's a part of me that would like nothing more than to score Men of War: Red Tide down for the numerous occasions where it has forced me into impossible situations and seen me die, restart and swear at my computer monitor more than any other game has this year, and yet there's another part of me who loves the challenges it provides, a part of me who thrives on the thrill of trying a new tactic, and part of me who screams like a little girl when the whole thing eventually works."

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