Setting Up Your Forza Motorsport 2 Triple-Screen Display

What do you get when you play Forza Motorsport 2 over a network of up to five Xbox 360 game consoles with just as many monitors, and combine the view with an incredible VRX-style (see photo) racing cockpit? The result is one of the most immersive racing simulations available anywhere, as well as your own personal Forza 2 garage of more than 300 cars to test drive. When we set out to develop Forza 2, we wanted to reward the niche group of players out there who would go the extra six-thousand dollar mile to have ultimate rig for that over-the-top experience. Which is why we also understand that an article like this can not only serve as a useful guide for those who are hardcore enough to attempt a cockpit like this, but it's also good for all the rubberneckers out there who want a glimpse at lifestyles of a diehard Forza fan.

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duckman24704745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

"What do you get when you play Forza Motorsport 2 over a network of up to five Xbox 360 game consoles with just as many monitors?"

Thats simple, You would get SUNBURN and a mild case of Epilepsy from all the xbox 360's 3-red lights falshing at the same time..... lol

Your right because the PS3 dont overheat so its impossiable to die from it, HOWEVER chances are you will burn down your house when you wrap your 360 in a towel trying to fix the 3-red lights.. Dooohhh dats gotta hurt...:)

Lyberator4745d ago

At least I wont die when my ps3 sets my house on fire.

Caxtus7504745d ago

it was funny up until the red light could have a fine sense of humor my young padwan...stay away from the fanbo..i mean Dark side.

anyway can someone explain. DOes Forza support extra monitors or what? thanks :)

Lyberator4745d ago

Relax son I was joking too.

Grown Folks Talk4745d ago

you would need a 360 and a copy of the game for each tv.

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PS360PCROCKS4745d ago

Damn this would be so awesome to be able to do...if only my Samsung was different from my friends...sad day why same monitor and brand turn 10?! WHY?! I wanna try this just to say I tried it.

ITR4745d ago

Wal-Mart had a full version running at 720p on a 42in plasma.

I can say for a fact the game controls better then GT demo and looks better.

I only wish they would've tweaked the graphics a bit more and made the hood view uniform (it's on most models but not all).

I ended up playing for 3 hrs at Wal-Mart.
Very addictive.

duckman24704744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

gotta love it, some of you MS fanboys just cant accept the fact that the 360 is total junk and will continually get screwed by MS. If anyone says anything bad and truthful about the CrapBox you try to shut them very immature and pathetic, but then again what else can anyone expect from a MS fanboy. Really Some of them are even to dumb to realize a lemon when it flashes 3-red lights in there face, instead they go out and buy