Halo 3 Map Editor on Game Disc 2?

Spreading around the web is an image of the official limited edition Halo 3 box with three DVDs.

From the image, you can see the disks titled 'Game Disc 1', 'Game Disc 2' and 'Bonus Features'. What's this mystery 'Game Disc 2' you ask? Well, some seem to think it could merely be two parts of the game, or maybe, one for single player and another for multiplayer.

However, TalkXbox is going to add a twist to these rumors by pointing towards the possibility of a map editor being included on the second DVD. Now before you start writing this assumption off, it isn't too far fetched since code relating to a map editor has been found in the Halo 3 Beta source

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Honeal2g4738d ago

Bring on the content ..hell the more the better...wat would be sick is if one disk was all single player and one was multiplayer!! that would own...and i have no problem switchin disks wont make me enjoy savaging people online....although i doubt that would ever happen too farfetched

toughNAME4738d ago

map editor isnt a big deal to me

there is such a thing as TOO MANY options :P

Kyur4ThePain4737d ago

I think having a map editor could be quite fun.

However, if everyone is creating maps (and I'm assuming these are for online play), how would you ever get to play together?
It might end up being that online matches are only played between small groups of friends.

Anyway, let's see what's up.

Xi4737d ago

you'd probably have to host your custom map.

Arkham4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

A map editor would be fantastic, esp. coupled with XBL distribution of fan-maps. The Timesplitters map editor(s) were fantastic, and some really great maps could be achieved even via a console interface.

Though what worries me is that MS might want to control maps and levels too tightly (eg. $$$) and not allow user-created maps. Who knows. I would have guessed that if a map-editor was going to be released--and it's not a last-minute addition--that we would have heard about it before now.

Expy4737d ago

GAME DISC 2 .... GAME, not EXTRAS or MAP EDITOR... GAME.... Are they blind?

The BS Police4737d ago

It would be a pain having to download new maps every single day jsut to play custom games.

Bungie may clear this whole mess up tonight.

omansteveo4737d ago

It work really well in timesplitters 3

tehcellownu4737d ago

they goin to announce that disk 2 is really halo 2..and disk 1 is halo 1.. and combine together will make halo 3..

Caxtus7504737d ago

yes!.....guys! we've cracked it!......??

eques judicii4737d ago

what would be cool is if you could play through halo1 and 2 on disc 2 but revamped with the halo 3 engine!

man, that would be worth the extra 10 bucks for the collectors.

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The story is too old to be commented.