Insomniac Games Podcast - Drake's Fortune &Ratchet & Clank info

On the first and third Thursdays of each month, Insomniac Games' "Full Moon Show" gives gamers the opportunity to hear about making videogames from an insider's perspective.

The latest Insomniac games podcast has info on uncharted Drake's Fortune,
all the latest updates on Resistance: Fall of Man as well as the latest Ratchet & Clank game info. Download it now and give a listen

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Rybnik4743d ago

Tnx Kingboy, I already posted this 17 hours before you...GGRRR

Rybnik4742d ago

Sorry King..I didn't realize that this is more about Drake's. I just saw the link and assumed that it was just teh podcast..oops

SF49er4084742d ago

this game (drakes fortune) is made by insomniac? if it is then its a sure thing. they said like gears and resident evil and persia all in one. hell yea.