GDN: Tales of Monkey Island Ep. 5: Rise of the Pirate God Review

GDN writes: "It's only half-way in to the episode that any major problems come up, and these aren't in the form of excessively clever puzzles... but rather bad design choices and sometimes outright missing clues. Some puzzles revolving around a dog come to mind; the dog will do what you expect, but the visual cues you're given make it look like he's still in the area you used him. It turns out this isn't true on both occasions, as the dog has instead moved to other islands. Not realizing this, I wasted several minutes pixel hunting and believing he had instead run to a part of the room I couldn't see properly. Similar problems come up with non-obvious important items during the next to last puzzle, and a few room exits as well. These are not crippling problems, but nonetheless sad to see in the season finale."

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