RARE Reaffirm Perfect Dark Xbox LIVE Arcade Release Date

The forthcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade adaptation of Perfect Dark is undoubtedly riding high on the digital distribution service's most wanted list. Alongside the conversion of SEGA's Mega-Drive classic, Toejam & Earl, few of the proposed updates to games of yesteryear could claim to have demanded so much attention. With that of course, comes the constant need for reaffirmation of the eager fanbase, a service which RARE Ltd., developer of the original Nintendo 64 release, happily oblige with.

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Cheeseknight283624d ago

As soon as Nintendo, Microsoft, Rare, and ActiBlizz (Who own the Bond lisense currently) make an agreement, let me know.

Hint: My guess is that it'll release sometime around never.

UltimateSin3625d ago

That would be the best title to see for an official post 'Affirmed Goldeneye XBLA Release'.

mjolliffe3625d ago

Looks interesting. Have to look forward to this :)

divideby03624d ago

next year especially early is so stocked up with games..this one will go by the wayside..and its still played on our n64

Cheeseknight283624d ago

Well maybe for some people, but two of my most eagerly anticipated 2010 games are Cave Story and this.

I thought I was going to get an amazing arcade title for each of my consoles this year, but it looks like only Pixeljunk made the established release date.

Alan Wake3624d ago

we have now best games on console and arcade games

Shadow CompleX and PDZ

Only on x360

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The story is too old to be commented.