G4TV: Game of the Year 2009 Nominees Discussion

Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb and Blair Herter discuss the nominees for Game of the Year 2009 including what games were selected, why they were chosen and which one might come out on top. Was your favorite game nominated? Find out.

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belal3624d ago

infamous !!!! got nominated! that game is awesome, and good that uncharted 2 allso is there( as expected lol)

nix3624d ago

wow.. Uncharted 2 should and must win. if we want games like Uncharted 2 then we as a gamers must support it. otherwise, get ready for MW3.

stonecold13624d ago

and infamous both are my favourite games this generation shame killzone2 was not there on g4tv award killzone2 should have deserves to be up there since it the best fps this gen

nix3624d ago

i still haven't finished Infamous. it took me so long to finish one city that i'm feeling as if i finished any regular game. i don't think i'll be touching it for now though... am busy with Demon's Souls. have already put in 25.5 hours but have only killed three bosses from three chapters. i wonder when will i finish it...? the game is freaking addicting though.

roybatty3624d ago

It's a great game, but not goty imo. You watch though, it will clean up everywhere on goty awards. These sites are terrified to not choose the big seller.