Radical working on new Crash Bandicoot game?

CC: We've been keeping an eye on the job listings popping up from Radical Entertainment in the last few weeks, and we now believe that the Prototype developers are working on their fourth Crash Bandicoot title.

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gunnerforlife3626d ago

oh boi i just hope its as good as the ones i played in PS1
if it is then ill snap it up in a heart beat:)
but i wont hold my breath:(
why did naughty have to sell the IP
i loved the originals:D

ruleroftekken3626d ago

The first one was spectacular for it's time. So was the PS1.

_insane_gamer_3626d ago

There's a version of the original on PSN!

dpdvxkpizbnwg3626d ago

They need to do it properly and don't rush it, then i'll buy it.

hitthegspot3626d ago

If they rush this game they will ruin it...

TheDeadMetalhead3626d ago

Crash and Spyro got ruined after ND/Insomniac lost them. I'll never forget my disbelief when I bought the first PS2 Spyro game for $50.

My point is, Crash and Spyro should just die peacefully, because they have gone the way of Sonic, Tony Hawk, and Leisure Suit Larry. I'm certain that this game will fail just like all the others.

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Jammy22113626d ago

Why do you think Prototype 2 is going to be a Wii exclusive? 0_o.

Would the Wii listing not be this Crash game - as well, all the recent Crash games have been on Wii? :/. Leaving their open world dev team people to do Prototype 2 on the HD consoles (You know, the ones which the original was on...).

I assume the Radical making huge openworld spiderman game rumour thing is dead now?

mjolliffe3626d ago

Um... it doesn;t say Prototype 2 will be a Wii exclusive :S

Jammy22113625d ago

They edited it, no biggie.

Smacktard3626d ago

Who cares? There hasn't been a good Crash game since Crash Bandicoot 3. And it was developed by Naughty Dog.

dkblackhawk503626d ago

I want naughty dog...not radical lol.

kevco333626d ago

Please: No. Stop the madness now.

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