NPD results for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition

Find out how the Call of Duty 4 Wii port has performed in its first month of release.

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Valay3631d ago

It's unfortunate that we don't have an exact number, but I'll guess that it's around 80,000. And I can't really say that's awful knowing how little Activision had been supporting the game. I mean, they didn't even release an official trailer when the game came out.

knox3631d ago

sold like crap when you think about mw2 lol

Valay3631d ago

Well, of course. Activision didn't even really seem to care about Reflex Edition until the game was released. No official trailer, a few poor screenshots, small amount of advertising. And World at War only sold something like 100,000 units between the Wii and DS, so things could be worse.

EvilTwin3631d ago

Yep, Valay is on the money. Activision did NOTHING for this game.

They sandbagged it by releasing no promotional copies for early reviews, no gameplay clips in advance, no screenshots (except for some ugly pre-Alpha pics), no advertising push and released it alongside a bigger new game that would overshadow it.

Yet it's still selling about as well as [email protected] did on Wii, and that title went to sell over a million copies.

Hisiru3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

If vgchartz is correct ( ) this game is selling very well for a 2 years later port with zero advertising.

Elven63631d ago

Valay: The purpose of the game is to give a 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' experience to Wii owners. I'm sure Activision is banking that parents were going to pick this up for the Wii when looking for Modern Warfare 2.

"Do you have Modern Warfare for the Wii?" (Not everyone will use the entire name of course)

"Yes we do!"

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user39158003631d ago

Under 90,000 copies in its first month, PS3 1.8 Million, 360 4 million and thats not counting the bundles which by Ms counts the Cod sold 600,000 of them. Can you see the denials coming? I see it, the wii its for kiddies, the PS3 are for fandroids and the 360 its for real gamers. Nothing else matter and the only choices are wii for kiddies, ps3 to play blu ray and 360 for true gamers, anything else deserves a STFU.

Smacktard3631d ago

I love how fanboys will only quote numbers, and won't take into consideration the facts that:
-The Wii version was released the same time as Modern Warfare 2 was
-The Wii version is a watered-down port from ages ago
-There was literally almost NO media revealed for the game prior to release
-The Wii version was reviewed terribly

toaster3631d ago

Twighlight Princess, MP Corruption, Madworld, any of those ring a bell?

Yep. Those games are DEFINITELY for kiddies. That makes me a kid again? Awesome.

Baka-akaB3631d ago

But why would you want them to heavily promote it ? Those titles like psp/ds version of some titles are done to ride on the back of popular titles .

The nice granma buying mw because it's all the rage for her grandson wont be asking herself in she got it on the right platform , she is just getting cod as promised ...

The wii version had the biggest ad campaign possible : cod mw1 on ps3/360/pc .

Why the hell would anyone run to show instead that the version is gimped and inferior not matter how much they worked upon it ?

EvilTwin3631d ago

You're assuming the only people who will be buying the game are grannies. And if you'd like for people to even know a game exists, you should probably do something to let them know (that's why it was stupid for EA to moan about Dead Space: Extraction's sales; they did NO marketing for it).

As for the game being "gimped," it undeniably has worse graphics. It also has far better controls than dual analog, and didn't cut out any of the online modes or maps.

asdr3wsfas3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"The nice granma buying mw because it's all the rage for her grandson wont be asking herself in she got it on the right platform , she is just getting cod as promised ..."

As far as I'm concerned any platform with dual analog is the wrong one for FPS. Wii hit boxes are smaller than Xbox and ps3 ones in this game because you can actually aim with the wiimote. That's why I have this and not MW2 for my ps3.

Roper3163631d ago

I don't know about you but 80,000 out of 50,000,000 consoles is horrible and just confirms that core games & 3rd party games are a waste of time and effort on the Wii.

What sells on the Wii is kids games & exercise games for the seniors / housewives.

EvilTwin3631d ago

They are first-month sales for a two-year old port with no marketing.

And the install base talking point is bunk. By that metric, any game that didn't put up GTA-like numbers on the PS2 was a flop.

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The story is too old to be commented.