Mortal Kombat II on PS3 Store

Digital Eclipse's PS3 port of Mortal Kombat II has finally arrived in Europe, as you may have read earlier in this week's highly offensive new-releases column. It's available to buy on the PS3 Store for EUR 2.99 during an introductory period.

As well as letting you play the infamous 2D beat-'em-up against the CPU or a friend as one of the game's 12 iconic characters (you know, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, etc.), the PS3 port of MKII allows you to go online and beat people up there, too, with stat-tracking and leaderboards so you can keep an eye on exactly how good you are.

Alternatively, you can go on GameFAQs, download a fatality guide and just watch the funny animations all weekend, which is what we did with the SNES version. Seems like a waste of money now.

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SmokeyMcBear4746d ago

**throws bone to Europe**... there ya go guys, have fun.

uHuRu4746d ago

we europeans support Sony more than any other continent, yet they treat us like crap. we still dont have the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo, no Calling All Cars, etc. US Store had MKII for some time now.

I will always support Sony no matter what, but at least they should return the favour.

beast4746d ago

Make, a U.S account ,dude how hard is it. I have folklore from japan account. I dont understand why people make such a fuss about this.

CrazzyMan4746d ago

usa - 1 language.
japan - 1 language.
europe - more then 20 languages.

uHuRu4746d ago

dude, I have a UK, US, JPN and Hong Kong account. the point is, for example, I cant purchase games like Calling All Cars from the US store. I can only get free stuffs.

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The story is too old to be commented.