Do people play your PS3 without permission? Lock up that Sixaxis

Lock the Sixaxis. No, no, the controller itself doesn't have any sort of fancy locking feature, but a new, mostly worthless, peripheral has been showcased at Taiwan's Computex Taipei 2007 event for hardware and peripherals. This peripheral looks like a gigantic ... uh ... white leech and locks your Sixaxis or DualShock by its analog sticks.

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skynidas4807d ago

Dont want my little brother touching the ps3

Raiyel4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

this is the dumbest thing ever, just put a password on the ps3 so he can't start it up... no ps3 = not ps3 to play....

unless by "play" you mean him rotating the sixaxis joysticks while staring at the wall... in that case you'll need this peripheral

FordGTGuy4807d ago

Is just going to break it trying to get it to work right? Just put it in a cabinet and lock it or tell your brother his not allowed to play it.

level 3604807d ago

There's nothing relevant about this issue.

Lumbo4807d ago

lemme guess, a 3 digit number "lock" .. takes about 10 minutes to "hack" by simply testing all 999 settings

yes, what a great piece of security ...

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