Guardian: Why has the Nintendo DS become the biggest selling console in UK history?

Guardian writes: "The news that the Nintendo DS has sold over 10 million units and so beating the PS2 to become the highest selling console in the UK ever – yes, it has even sold more than the Dreamcast – was not entirely unexpected. After all, this is the console that has really broken down those gamer/non gamer barriers. The stylus interface, sleek design (not including the plastic monstrosity that was the first iteration of course) and celeb-friendly marketing have all helped. Less happily for Nintendo piracy and the widespread use of R4 storage cards has also contributed. But it has been the software, as usual, that has really driven the DS' success. Brain Training and its sequels alone have probably accounted for half of those 10 million sales. Along with Sudoku, crosswords and puzzle titles – Professor Layton in particular – the DS has become the handheld games console for everyone. Well, nearly everyone."

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