IncGamers Preview - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

IncGamers' Tim McDonald uses his telekinetic powers for evil in this preview of the forthcoming Crystal Chronicles title for the Wii.

From the article: "It's not the plot that shows off how different this is, though, but the first playable scene. Layle has been hired to escort an airship, which rapidly comes under attack by flying dragon-like monsters – at which point Layle grabs a gun and leaps off of his own aircraft, and the game becomes a rail-shooter. That's right: the first playable section of this Final Fantasy game is you using the Wiimote to shoot monsters out of the sky."

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thetamer3628d ago

Not convinced by this, although it is a cute game.

Leord3628d ago

Love shooting monsters out of the sky! What a coincidence! :D

Dorjan3628d ago

The combat does look really simple...

Maticus3628d ago

I'm only used to seeing FFXI, so this was a surprise to me. Looks cool though.

CherryLu-Chan3628d ago

reminds me of Typhoon, one of my favourite coin-ops from back in the day.

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