Dream Club could come to PS3

There are apparently some PlayStation 3 owners out there who don't realize just how shitty Dream Club is and want to see the Xbox 360 hostess club sim appear on their system.

That misguided desire could be fulfilled. As detailed today at Hachimaki, Dream Club producer Nobuyuki Okajima, who should be sent to the North Pole for having made such a terrible game, recently said in an interview, "By the way, there many who want Dream Club to appear on the PS format. I'd like to satisfy those demands at some point."

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Snoogins3628d ago

<goes to get a glass of milk>

redsquad3628d ago

Holy clap!
When the picture on the box is better than the game itself, you have to wonder...

W-k3628d ago

what the hell is this game about..seems stupid and pointless yet some how i want to play it for the boobs.

Sangria3628d ago

From what I've seen, the game is a virtual reproduction of Host Clubs. In Japan, you can go in a classy pub, Host Clubs, where you can talk and drink with women working for the club.
So basically instead of going to a Host Club, you can play Dream Club and discuss and drink with virtual hostess. Apparently, if you do your job correctly, the hostess will dance and sing for you.

And as a simple information, the game is not region-free, so you'll have to get a japanese Xbox 360 in order to play Dream Club.

devilhunterx3628d ago

Doesn't the XB2 have any game worth stealing?