Fanboy Worship: Bayonetta

Why is Bayonetta so deserving of our appreciation? Well, look at her. See that skintight leather? That's really her hair. Yes, really. Her hair is magical and alive and things. And thus, she does what any sane woman would, and uses it to conjure herself a skintight leather outfit with just a hint of cleavage. Obviously.

GameShard spends a little time appreciating the latest game girl to grab our attention.

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Darkfiber3625d ago

Because the average gamer is a 13 year old virgin fapping in their parents basement who apparently haven't heard of the word PORN.

I don't see what's so appealing about a computer generated, clothed, ugly chick with stupid glasses made out of polygons, compared to a hot piece of ass getting her holes stuffed. Seriously kids, watch porn, it actually has real people in it, and they're actually naked! Imagine that.

Better yet, get a real girlfriend and stop admitting to yourself and accepting that you're a pathetic failure of a human being.

andron3625d ago

Most reviews and gamers opinion I have seen about Bayonetta praises the crazy action gameplay.

But you and your girlfriend have discovered porn, good for you...

nycredude3625d ago


I understand about every raving about gameplay but who is talking about story and presentation? Last I checked it was important for a game to have a good story. If i wanted just a fighter I would have bought tekken 6. Plus I hope the action gets 100 x better than the demo cause that thing was generic and boring and cheesy.

andron3625d ago

I'm from the old school of gaming, so I can be happy if a game only has cool graphics and lots of intense action. I gather some don't like the looks of this game and thinks it's a simple action game, but that's what I like about it.

Some are very vocal about their dislike of this game and I just wonder why.

Not that I don't like games with stories too, but this game is a button mashing action fest. And there is a little bit of story in there too if you look hard according to some reviews...

W-k3625d ago

my friend really liked the game she played the demo twice and shes not really a gamer she plays the odd mmo and wanted to buy the game she liked the hair monster rofl.i would hope people buy the game for fun and not to look at a computer generated chick although its a nice change from playing a mindless brute all the time not that that's bad though.Bayonetta really doesn't reveal that much anyway she a tease xD i thought the game was cool i might rent it.

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