Motley Fool tells MS to get its act together

Adding himself to the ever-growing pool of Xbox 360 failure coverage, Seth Jayson of The Motley Fool is warning investors that the Xbox 360's failure rates could hurt its future growth. After receiving the dreaded Ring of Death himself (and some faulty Zunes), Jayson has some fighting words for Microsoft. Of particular note, is the statement that the actual failure rates aren't as important as the perceived failure rates. In other words, the stories of multiple failed Xbox 360s are much louder than Microsoft's claims that failure rates are within the acceptable standard. Jayson admits that, when functional, the Xbox 360 is a topnotch game player and an excellent media hub to boot, but if the public perceives it as faulty, then Microsoft stands the chance of "alienating potential customers and crimping future growth." In conclusion, Jayson notes that Microsoft must address these basic hardware issues before it can effectively execute its plans for new-gen dominance.

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Bill Gates4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Some of you hardcore M$ fans really need to get M$'s nuts out of your mouth, and speak out about this issue. The more hardcore loyal fans that speak all at once, the more M$ will be willing to listen. But as long as there are 360 fanwhores that are on their 3rd, and 4th 360 that don't mind paying out of their ass, then M$ wont give a sh!t.

I'm sure M$ is going to get drilled with questions come E3-07. I wonder what they're going to have to say for themselves. I hope it's not another ...."well things break ya'know".

Also Known As4744d ago

This rings of death issue must be happening in some special part of the country cause here in miami no one has that problem. My 360 has given me no problems and neither has it to any of my friends who have it, what gives?

eLiNeS4744d ago

Good thing I bought it at Costco and get a free life time warranty. The only problem is my XBLA games won't work offline or under another gamer tag. M$ needs to fix this problem. Hopefully everyone signs this petition: http://www.petitiononline.c...

We need everyone to sign it, pass the word on.

razer4744d ago

"It's the users fault"

haha! So I can already hear their "It's the users fault" excuse for the 3 red lights.

or Peter Moores ninja like response. It's not that they break, it's the service you recieve after they break thats important. WTF!

I love the 360.. But MS do need to stop this snowballing public relations problem regarding their reliabilty. Neither of mine have had any problems at all.. But if it does I won't be back.

dantesparda4744d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Mines broke this past May 30th, and now a im without my 360 cuz i am not going to pay MS sh!t to fix it, i have paid them enough, and it was only for a year and a half's worth of gaming, thats bull! And mind you that was my 2nd 360 that died! the first one lasted only 80-something days and the second one, 1-yr and 3 months. So just 1-yr & 6 months worth of gameplay for $420 plus another $100 of 2 yrs of Live. They've gotten enough of me, no more. Fvck you, MS!

And Bill Gates is right, as long as you fanboys defend this sh!t, then MS will continue to get away with it. So fvck you's too! Just wait til it happens to you's and you's are out of warranty, then you's will see what its like. And i know that all these 360s are gonna start breaking down, its just a matter of time. Mark my words! My system was barely even used, and the sh!t still broke down! twice! fvcking disgusting!

Damn Im starting to miss the piece of sh!t (my 360, oh well, life goes on)

ThaTeflonDon4743d ago

Our area must have recieved a lot of the messed up systems. I know 5 people in this area who's 360 has died (small town). Plus mine died last week after owning it over 1 - 1/2 half yrs and my friends died after 3 to 6 months. That right there stopped me from buying another one. I sold everything I owned for my 360 and used that money to buy a PS3. I love Xbox but they really need to do something to promise consumers they won't be [email protected] like I was. Cause I don't have the money to waste on another bummed unit!

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Boon Tarkas4744d ago

And this is one of those situations. I'm not an M$ hack either.
Out of 42 poeple on my frinds list only 3 of them had had problems.

I'v4e never had problems. Albeit there are some poor folks that have gone through 3-6 but what the hell are they doing to their systems.

Want a an accurate picture? Poll GamesStop, and EB Games,and other gaming specialist stores and see what there returns are like.

Is the 360 return rate higher than industry? I bet it is, but it is
nowhere even close to what is being bantied about, typically by people whose agendas aren't as pure and blameless as just being concerned consumer advocates.

dale14744d ago

microsoft will have to answer to the european commisioner about xbox failures and disc scratching at the end of the week, they might not care but europe will unless they sort this issue out ,well you might see
alot of very bad press again

ThaTeflonDon4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

I've never mistreated my 360 and it was always in a well ventilated area. So whats the next excuse!

EDIT: I see they are only talking about scratched disc. But what about failing systems. Whats their excuse for that??

nobizlikesnowbiz4744d ago

As much as I hate to say it, you've got a point. M$ seriously has some issues. But it's not all true. My 360 is a launch 360, with the crappy Toshiba drive. Guess what, I've never had a single problem with my 360. I mean, I think quite a bit of the failures are a result of poor console placement. I mean a lot of people place their consoles stacked with others, or cable boxes, DVD players, etc. I'm not saying that it isn't M$'s fault for having shoddy build quality. I mean if it was quality built then there wouldn't be such high failure rates as a result of heat.

Come E3-07 M$ will have some tough questions. But I garantee they will put out the same response as always.

tehcellownu4744d ago

what will microsoft do? well continue to screw consumers ..

razer4744d ago

Fanboy comment by someone who doesn't even own a 360.. Give it a rest and go watch some Blu-ray movies.

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