Wii Phone Rumor?

A Wii Phone from Nintendo? C'mon; this seems a little far fetched, or is it? Recently we've seen the iPhone, rumors of a Zune Phone and now this.

According to T3 there is a distinct possibility that Nintendo may be coming out with some type of phone combined with the console remote. There had been some rumors last year about adding a microphone to the controller, and Nintendo has been taking advantage of internet based services with the Wii console, lately. This combination could possibly lend itself nicely to some type of VoIP service.

T3 found this information via the patent office showing plans of a Wii remote looking device with gaming keys and what looks like a dialing keypad. I wonder what kind of damage someone could do with this? We'll keep watching…

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Bill Gates4746d ago

I could see this happening.

Oh my badness, I'm getting F*ing ready to explode with excitement over the upcoming E3....................NAT!

ChickeyCantor4746d ago

/Kill all bubbles
Unknown command

Dude everyone is w8ting for the E3!!!!!!!

Lumbo4746d ago

lol, its a patent filed 2001 ... and its looking like a phone from 2001 + some gameboy keys .. not like a wiimote

so the right name would be Wii-fake, not Wii-phone

sadiq4746d ago

my question is... (look at image)

smallways4746d ago

They are, or at least appear, to be exactly the same as the bottom of the standard wiimote. They are lights which indicate which controller number you are using. Similar to the lights around the xbox button (whatever its called) or the top side of a 6axis.

unsunghero284746d ago

If it was then maybe the B button would be where it belongs, but nope, there it is on the front taking up the space that God almighty intended the A button to use...

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